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You use paint? If so, I recomend you save them as bitmaps and open in another photo editing program and save them as GIFs. Paint is hell on JPGs and GIFs. I'm not that big of a fan for this design. The Crest is slightly too big and too low. I really like the jerseys they made for this logo.

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I use Paint, too.

Welcome to the clubhouse.

But I use IrfanView to convert my crud to GIF.


As for the unis, I'm not feeling them.

Not liking them.

Besides, you're using the wrong Nords colours.


This is the correct colour scheme, as shown on the uniforms before they moved.

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...i just got teh logo from here...weird

that was meant for the evolution contest though..so its spossed to be sorta new age or something liek that also i liek the colours i have now better...

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Perhaps the best thing that happened to the Quebec franchise was moving before that logo and color set was unleashed on the public. I always disliked it, thinking it was bland and fairly neutral. I like the light blue and red color scheme, and feel it was revved up nicely with the burgundy and darker blue of the Avalanche.

Nice try though.

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What always bugged be was that the wolfhead looks great, but that font... is... awful...

If they had a font that looked better it would look great IMO.

Oh! and BTW nice concept. Would have put fleur de lis on the shoulders though.


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i always mean to put that but i forget...

Forget the Fleur de Lys?

I'm hurt :down:

Speaking of Québec, nobody commented on my concept in the States/Provincial thread?

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If you want them to look nice. Save them as PNG in MS Paint, and save them into Photobucket.com That's what I've been recently doing.

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what the hell is ccslc?



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