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Sixers and Spurs

Lights Out

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These are heavily based on their old red alternates, as I really liked the striping pattern on them. Aside from that, I went with simpler scripts and numbers based on their font.




One of my favorite parts of the Spurs' identity throughout the years is the fiesta colors, and I wanted to work those in. I added blocks of the fiesta colors to the Spurs' simple striping pattern. Other than that, I added a San Antonio script to the road, chose a number font that matched better with the scripts, and brought back the silver home uniforms of the early '70s.


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I am REALLY digging the Spurs unis. Would the silver unis just be a pale grey, or more shiny/metallic?

I don't understand what's going on with the shape of the red bit at the bottom of the Sixers shorts, it seems almost amorphous.




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The Sixers look good. I'm with Whittier on the pants "shape" though. I would try and make it mirror the jersey a little more. Also, I was never a huge fan of the Times New Roman-ish for the Sixers. I might prefer a block font more, like they have now.

There are several things wrong with the Spurs IMO. First off, the San Antonio script has gotta go. I like the thought of it, but it just didn't turn out that great. I'm also not too keen on the NOB font. I'd just go with standard block. Lastly, I would put the stirrup logo in the pants stripe to liven them up a little. I DO kinda like the fiesta stripes, though.

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These are not bad at all. The sixers look great. The shape at the bottom looks really odd though, if you smoothed it out, made it more organic like the jersey, it would look real nice. The spurs set is interesting, but I do like it. I think they, as a team, ditched the 'fiesta sunrise' look a while ago, but this is nice, and subtle. The colors dont actually look out of place


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The Sixers look great... even though I'm pretty sure it's not exactly the same font as the logo, the wordmark and numbers seem to fit right in with it.

I also love the way you put the fiesta colors on the Spurs... it reminds me of the Bucks Irish Rainbows in a good way. But I think San Antonio looks a little clunky the way you stacked it up, although I might feel differently if you took the logo out of it, which looks forced. It also may help to use a number font that's a little less rounded and maybe a bit more "western-y."

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Both look awesome, Lights! the spurs one is just amazing. can i see a neon alt?

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