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NFL Concepts by fouhy12


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Hello! I have decided to do a redesign of the NFL. I started with the Patriots, my favorite team. These are my first football concepts.

1. New England Patriots- The Pats could greatly benefit from the removal of silver from their color scheme, and this was the first step I made in their redesign. I also simplified their uniforms to a much more traditional look.



Road 1

Road 2


Road Alt

C&C please!

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I have two new teams today: The Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins. The Rro Combat/ Primetime game uniform is the last set.

Carolina Panthers: I only made a couple changes to their set. Carolina Blue is now the primary color, I removed silver, I changed the striping, and I'm using a modified version of the older logo.7077448615_b465f40e31.jpg7077448775_5b723f7642.jpg6931369228_c6c0490ded.jpg6931369270_351bcf22d7.jpg7077448827_febe077199.jpg

Miami Dolphins: Blue is used more in this set, and I am using a different logo. The only other major change is having the helmet logo reflect what the Dolphin is wearing in the logo.


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take away the navy jersey for the phins. everything else look nice but why is it blurry? also, where are the stripes??????

In the last game against Detroit, the time from ten minutes left to one minute left was probably the longest nine minutes of my life. But from one to zero was probably the greatest time I've ever had. I didn't want the clock to run out. It was such a great feeling: people crying in the stands, people jumping up and down, people cheering. Guys couldn't even sit up on the bench. It was probably the best minute of my life.

Ah, the "I'm kidding" - the universal internet excuse for saying something that others perceived as dumb.

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