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iPhone Wallpaper ? Nike MLB Local T-Shirt Designs


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Since the MLB season is under way I thought I would offer up MLB versions of my iPhone Lock/Home screen Wallpaper Nike NCAA Local T-Shirt Designs. To view that thread along with instructions go here.

Here are some examples:

Red Sox

th_Untitled-1.jpg th_Untitled-3.jpg th_Untitled-2.jpg

th_Untitled-4.jpg th_Untitled-5.jpg


th_Untitled-6.jpg th_Untitled-7.jpg


th_Untitled-8.jpg th_Untitled-9.jpg

So if you want your favorite team please post your requests here. Enjoy!

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Sweet! However, the green on the Green Monster one should be darker. A Fenway Park 100 Years one could be cool!(Dark green background, red text w/ blue outline, Red Sox font, the one used on the second set of Sox ones)

I updated the green on the Green Monster version...


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