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Discrim's Australian Football Concepts


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Apparently a certain team is going going...back back...to Cali Cali...in any event, I knew they were coming, but you will never obliterate Scrim, because Scrim is unobli...unobilite...unoblit...you can't kill me.:P

first, Arkansas


Decided to go with something relatively simple, yet it ended up as something I don't think I've seen IRL.

looking like a letter jacket, Canisius


I figured I could make something of this ilk work. I believe I have.

In the Valley of the Sun...


I know one thing: the pitchfork is a fine logo. Its main problem, though, is that it isn't Sparky.

In Arizona...we like to party...whenever Discrim's in the ho-o-o-ouse...


The alternating hoops are admittedly a horizontal version of soccer club Willem II's home shirt. I may redo it, however, given the clash is...drumroll please...copper fading to white.

got a lot of new stuff, so Part 2 in my next post...

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Cal State-Fullterton


The first choice's stripes are varying widths, and you can see a sunburst on them as well.



Stripes of some sort all the way here for the Bayou Bengals. The vintage set is only really vintage in that thin sashes like what I used there aren't used often anymore.



If you're not familiar with Aussie rules, don't adjust your monitor, yes, both the home and clash have green and gold stripes. Generally, the home team wears colored shorts, while the visitors usually wear white shorts. The AFL has matches like that all the time.



Went with a bone motif and silver shorts, with black alternate shorts.

Part three coming next

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The obscurity sector, starting with Fairfield


basically, the design is very thick hoops with a pocket.

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi


The home's stylized stripes are meant to remind you of a wave. Actually, so's the third. The white's design is merely a design, upon which is a tiki mask.

Lastly, Montana State


Good ol' stripes for the home, chalk stripes for the third, and whatever you'd call it, faux gradient or colorblocking, that's what the clash yoke is.

Feed me designers or feed me beats :P

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Something new, something borrowed, something blue and something or other...first, the other half of the Brawl of the Wild, Montana...decided to go with something basic for the first choice, so a monogram and silver pinstripes it was.  For the clash, half is silver, and half is barcode-like striping.  The harlequin design I used for the third jumper uses both Montana's current (maroon/silver) and former (copper/gold) color schemes.



Next, they of the Sistine Chapel impersonating bench, Monmouth...there's two tone navy going on in the logos, so I figured I'd get in on that for the home jumper (notice how the torso is slightly lighter than the shorts, socks and cuffs), and the clash has shadow chevrons on the torso.  No third this time out.



Third, Eastern Illinois...not sure if they're ditching black, or if the school goes the way of Morris Brown in the near future, but this is what I did.  The tapered, two-tone stripe is basically the eastern portion of a compass rose, and the clash has a black and blue-hooped mid stripe to break up the otherwise all-white affair.  Then I give you a fauxback with the older panther mascot on the shorts, and the jumper based on his sweater.



And last for now, Utah State...dunno about anybody else, but I prefer the bull over the U-State logo, so I mainly used the former.  Home design is a two-stripe V on navy, while the clash is based on the Brisbane Lions, but in USU colors.  Utah State's traditional A adorns the fauxback guernsey.



I don't wanna overstate it, but he's the greatest entertainer to ever LIIIIIIIIIIVE!! :P

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Just one this time, but I think yall gonna like it.  Fight on, Illini



I looked at the somewhat odd I-shield Illinois has and figured it'd be a great starting point for a jumper design, so here we are.  The vintage jumper is a blast from the past, as I'd made a similar jumper around the time I started making Aussie rules concepts.  The front design is the breastplate from the Chief Illiniwek logo.

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Finally!  Discrim...has returned...to his own footy thread<_<

Leading off, Texas State...fun with quarters and abbreviations...as well as combining two different directions of stripes



joining them in the thread, Southeast Missouri State...fun with checkers and feathers



Finally, the Adelaide Crows...in which I give you flying crows in quasi-stripes.


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53 minutes ago, Discrimihater said:

Finally, the Adelaide Crows...in which I give you flying crows in quasi-stripes.


“We’re the Pride of South Australia…”


Seriously, I think I love this for the Crows, which kinda scares me. :P


Hell, you could make a new primary logo out of that flying crow mark and it’d be loads better than the current stuff.

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Had this in reserve for a while, and I'm finally releasing this owl out into the wild...here goes Rice.


Decided to go Carlton-style for the main design, with the big English R front and center.  The third is a silver-to-white faux gradient, a Brisbane style offshoot.


For at least this season, we at the WAFA are basically operating as an outlaw league...so I can still unveil the Milwaukee Robins' 2017 guernseys :D


The robin's been given an addition for this year: a silver medal commemorating our Grand Final appearance last season.  The home jumper also has silver numbers and a silver collar for this year only.  The teal clash has a silver medal for the same reason...the Cup home, however, features a gold medal, commemorating our first trophy of any kind...when we won the midseason Cup final...ah man, the type of game we're almost always a lock to lose, we actually won :trophy:

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Yeh can take my life...but yeh cannae take MY FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!



There can be only one...



Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver, so were Eddie Haskell, Wally and Miss Cleaver




The zipper of my trousers seems to have come undone...please allow me to excuse myself to the lavatory :P


In other words, Fly is open, Let's Go Peay! 

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Been considering phasing out Photobucket for a while now...as you can see, looks like they're phasing me out :D in any event, to celebrate me finding a new host, a little something I haven't had the chance to post until now, given I was largely focused on the paid work that'd stumbled upon me.



...and speaking of that paid work...not sure when they're gonna roll anything out, but they already paid me, so it's storytime.  Last month, I found out that the USAFL site was using an old Port Adelaide concept of mine to represent the Dallas Magpies (and I'm almost positive my old partner in crime is responsible), and apparently at least some of the guys down there liked it enough that they asked me for permission to use that old thing (which IMO is a piece of crap compared to when I improved on it the first time...but at the same time still better than what they had).  I offered to rework it, mainly so it didn't look so obviously made for Port Adelaide (by this, I mean no teal and no lightning), and they offered to pay for the effort, so I threw in some concepts along with the identity.  On the upside, my :censored:load of footy concepts meant there was a stupefying amount of designs I could rework in a relative hurry, I mainly wanted to give them some examples to show what they could do.  The full magpie is the primary, and there's a "Big D" secondary, as well as a winged star.

White back is modified from the Rhode Island home from my old State of Origin series, while the black back is modified from a "braces" design I first used for a Notre Dame concept.



Recolored version of my Arkansas set, basically. 



Black jumper and bottom white are both modified from my Canisius design, while the "vortex" white is a new design.



White back uses a stripes-within-stripes pattern, while the Texas flag black jumper I just did for kicks


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Continued...figured the fellas may want t-shirts, so I sent them a few ideas (though fewer than I'd intended to, as they asked for some extra work to commemorate their recent cup win)...two are relatively basic, two are shirseys



Striping pattern is another stripes-within-stripes look, this time essentially a vertical version of my Boston U design from when I did a Beanpot set a while back.


Faux gradient has been used in at least a couple concepts, striped jumper is a new design


I have no idea whether they'll use any of my jumper ideas, but to modify a certain phrase...to get paid is glorious :D

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Is that the Washington Monument in your shorts or are you just happy to see me? ^_^ 


Seriously, though, I get why the monument is there, but it just dominates the jumper and throws the color balance off. I think you'd be better served to get rid of that element, let the striping pattern shine, and add the bust of Washington to the chest.

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