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Discrim's Australian Football Concepts


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Like my boy Lil Rob, I was gone for a little while but I'll always be back...a few more SoO starting with Rhode Island...


The Rhode Island Red is a chicken. Said poultry's plumage is a rather dark red. And in the interests of me being a bit lazy (or if you'd believe my BSing, being green), I recycled a 40s Blackhawks-style striping pattern I'd used for a Providence Reds concept. End result, three-tone red hoops is the home. The clash is based on Freo's old jumper, anchor and all; instead of the port & starbird chest panels, I decided to take a page out of something I'd tried with a Clippers concept a few years ago, and use signal flags to spell "RI" on the front, and "HOPE" above the numbers (for those who don't know, Hope is Rhode Island's motto)

Second, Pennsylvania


On the east side of the Keystone State is Philly. On the west side is Pittsburgh. Philly's flag is light blue and gold. The Steel City's flag, like nearly everything else there, is black and gold. The home is a straight St. Kilda tricolor, substituting gold and blue for white and red, respectively. The clash, I figured may as well keep the theme going, though the gold panel is modified to look like a keystone.

Finally for SoO, New York


New York the state, more often than not, is overshadowed by New York the city. That won't be changing anytime soon, but here we go, I wanted to avoid NYC-centric imagery, though the apple emblem might seem like one at first glance. Turns out the apple is NY's state fruit...moving on, seeing as many apples are red, I chose that as the home color, and a number of other apples range from light green to yellow, I decided to go with the former as my clash. The "chainlink" striping, dark green on the home, red on the clash, is inspired by the sterotypical depiction of beavers' tails, as the dam-building rodent is also one of New York's state symbols.

And now for something a bit different: City of Origin, starting with one of my personal favorites revisited, reimagined and such: Amsterdam


The triple X's have served as one of Amsterdam's symbols well before...well, you know. The first time I did City of Origin, I think Amsterdam was the only one I actually posted, I had Barcelona ready to go but never released it. Anyways, that first time, I used a penguin stripe, this time I went with a sash, as well as slimmer X's. The black jumper is basically a big X, and the third has shadow X's all over it, as well as a nod to laceup jumpers.

Finally, the town that apparently should not make salsa...NOO YOAK CITEE!!!


I wanted to use an NY. But, obviously not the ones either the Yankees or Mets use. Anyways, home is based on the NYC flag, clash uses pinstripes as a nod to the aforementioned baseballers, and the third uses the third design of Amsterdam, with a few tweaks...cus even old New York was once New Amsterdam...

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I really don't know anything about Aussie football or its uniforms, although from looking around at some concepts I have seen on these boards I am beginning to get an idea of what a good uniform looks like, and as a proud New Yorker, that NYC home jersey is awesome. Really solid job on all of these man.

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Great looking jumpers!

Rhode Island: Well-executed and looks good. I can't say it blows me away, but I don't think it really needs to. While this thread in general seems to be more about the jumpers themselves, though, I do have to say that I'm a really big fan of the "RI" logo you created.

Pennsylvania: I like the reasoning and explanation behind your color scheme, and the clash is a very creatively done complement to the traditional-looking home.

New York (state): The crosshatch pattern is both unique and looks really good, but I'm not sold on the use of green in the clash, or at the very least that particular shade of green. Also for the clash, I wonder if the number might benefit from being a third color, like how you used white on the home jumper.

Amsterdam: Home and clash are absolute brilliance. Hot damn. I would buy one of those clash jumpers in a heartbeat, incredibly well-done. The third looks a little weird to me, though, I can't say I'm as big of a fan. The sublimated X's seem like X-overkill, and I just can't picture the faux-tie-down in action on the field, it just seems strange-looking to my eye. (Same goes for its use on NYC's third, though I do think it looks a little better there.)

Speaking of NYC: Looks really, really good, definitely in agreement with cohenj on this one. As a Rangers fan, I suppose I have to begrudgingly admit that blue, orange, and white is a more unique and recognizable color scheme. I don't know where powder blue came from for the third, though (and I still think the faux-tie-down is funky), but it doesn't look too bad overall.

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I figure it's time for a return to the college ranks, seeing as in a few weeks millions of folks will be hitting campuses across the country. First up, I revisit the Tulsa Golden Hurricane


The last time I did Tulsa, blue had been the first choice. This time, I figured, they're the GOLDEN Hurricane, right? Thus, gold primary, blue clash. Yep, that would be hurricane flags on the front. The third is basically as alternate as you can get: it's red, and before yall get on me about how come I used a regular number plate here when I stated I hate it on Hawthorn, I'm mimicking a hurricane flag (granted, it's only a hurricane flag if there's two of em, just one's a tropical storm, but you get the idea). The Rangers-style HURRICANE was a holdover from the older concept (cus hey, hockey's pretty damn fast too, and I liked the idea), and yeah, I ripped the hem striping from Carolina. The weirdly cut-off horizontal pinstripes seemed like a good headscratcher to throw in. The flags on the shorts seemed like a good idea to me, jury's out on whether you do. Maybe it's an epic fail like that stupid helmet they trotted out against Rice last year, eh well.

And now some new ish...Hawaii Rainbow Warriors


The home and away are based on the old football unis, which had that diamond pattern around not only the left sleeve of the jersey, but wrapping around the left leg, one of my favorite uses of assymetry, even if they almost never wore the green jerseys (much like my old school frequently seems to forget their main color's purple, not black). The right side seemed to need some love, so I gave it a side pattern like the football helmet's stripe. The vintage jumper is based on all those rainbow striped unis Hawaii used to wear before football decided they were too cool to be Rainbows anymore.

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Two more great-looking sets, Discrim. The hurricane flag mini-sash is a winner for Tulsa, as is the use of gold. The third is good, as well, but the combination of the hem stripe and the "Tulsa" script make the back a little too busy for me; I think it would be cleaner if you dropped one or the other. And for the record, I vote "yes" on the hurricane flags on the shorts! A couple "proofreading"-type notes: The collar and arm holes are a different color blue on the back of the third, and maybe this actually was intentional on your part, but I think it'd look better if the horizontal lines on the "E" (and maybe the "N" as well, I can't tell) wrap around to the back so that they're the same length on every letter.

LOVE Hawaii. The asymmetry of the home and clash works great, and the rainbow sash is a simple idea that looks both "vintage" and modern. I really don't have a whole lot else to say about it, other than that I think it's fantastic. Great stuff!

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Tulsa was tweaked, as the different blue was unintentional...anyways, here goes some more SoO: Indiana


Granted, this might've been better off as an Indianapolis CoO, but eh. This was the best idea that came to me. Checkered flag as home jumper, green clash with checkered V. In the words of Bobbito...Peeeeeeeoooooow....

Recently entered this here in a little Big Footy contest...Crows


The contest rules: we're doing Adelaide, the colors remain navy, gold and red, but you couldn't post anything resembling what the Crows have worn IRL...especially not barberpole hoops or giant birds/bird heads. Cue my birds-on-stripe from earlier in this thread, but to be safe I removed the barberpole stripes from both the crows and the stripe. Figured I may as well show it off here.

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Maybe I will, maybe I won't...what I am sure of is here goes Alabama


Home is based on the plumage of the Northern flicker, known in Alabama as the yellowhammer. Away uses the saltire in the state flag in a manner similar to one of England's old change shirts (that red one with the crosses on the shoulers)

...and Maine


Home is based on the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse livery, away uses a pine tree design, in reference to the state's nickname of the "Pine Tree State." The word above the numbers is Dirigo, Latin for I Guide, Maine's state motto.

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Indiana: Count me as a fan! The checkered guernsey works really well if you ask me; I'm guessing the only reason I've never seen one before is because Indiana has never had a footy jumper before. The clash might be even better, though, it's not quite as overbearing.

Crows: The home looks great, no complaints from me there. The pinstripes-plus-logo on the clash is playing tricks on my eyes and giving me a little bit of a headache if I look at it too long, though. Maybe it's just because it's on a computer and it'd look just fine in real life, but I also think that a mainly yellow version of the same template as the home would look pretty great. (A yellow base worked really well with that logo on your original Crows concept on page 1 of the thread.)

Alabama: Those colors on the home are fantastic; very unusual and very good-looking! The clash is simple, but the little flair of the crosses on the shoulders are a really nice touch and are enough to make it recognizable.

Maine: Looks really good, although I like the clash more than the home! The home is very classic and old-fashioned-looking, which works great, but even though you've based it off the lighthouse, the color scheme of the clash is so great that I wonder what the home might look like if you took a few liberties and kept the design, but found a way to incorporate one or both shades of green.

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I might roll out a more green Maine as a bonus set...anyways, I bring you the state that keeps it rockin


Hey, when it's a no brainer, it's a no brainer.

And what would likely be termed "Commonwealth of Origin"


Didn't feel like making an actual crest, so I went through my old English fonts until I found a K I liked. Anyways, the home is based on the silks of the legendary Man o' War, considered perhaps the greatest thoroughbred to ever live (but who, oddly enough, never raced the Kentucky Derby). The checkers on the clash are taken from another legend, Triple Crown winner Secretariat, though I'm open to redoing it, as if you follow college basketball at all, you can take a wild guess who it smacks way too much of.

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Aint been all that active around here for a few weeks, largely I simply needed to step away for a bit. Anyways, I bring you a Dixie two step: Tennessee and Georgia. First, the place where you're the only 10 I see :rolleyes:


The main jumper is rather basic, aside from the racing stripe, which mimics the state flag. The clash combines the racing stripe with a red penguin stripe to keep the whole thing coherent.

And now the Peach State


Decided peach would be the perfect base color here...cus to quote W.B. Mason, who but Georgia? Green simply felt like a good complementary color, so after a bit of thought, I decided on the Eagles' shade.

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Very Nice work! Love the AFL!!!!!! Portland has a team the Steelheads!

State of Origin:

Oregon vertical sections (L to R) Blue (ocean) Green (Valley) Wheat (eastern)

Portland based on the Portland Flag

Cascadia- based on Flag instead of tree just a vertical black stripe!

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So in order: State of Origin, City of Origin, and Region of Origin...as Oregon was among the states I hadn't yet had any ideas for, thanks, now I do :D And Region of Origin is an idea I might be able to get behind (though that would likely wind up rather Euro-heavy in practice)

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I love how you predicted the Sydney/Hawthorn Grand Final in June haha. Anyway, maybe you can do a Washington State concept using a pattern like the waves on Seattle's flag? Also, I'm getting a strong Carlton vibe from the NY jersey, which is good.

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I've had this one on the backburner cus :censored: kept coming up, but here goes DC


The DC Flag, which itself is based off of George Washington's family crest, serves as the muse of this set. Home is white with navy collar and cuffs, and red stars and stripes. The clash is buff and blue, after the military uniform Washington wore during the Revolution and continued to don as President.

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"...I wanna fourscore a deal with yooou...who's your founding father?...I see you Abey"

Stupid sexy G-Dub.

Anyways, Origin is still on, but here go a couple new college sets: Wichita State...


all wheat everything (though the home is based on Wichita's city flag)

...and the Zags...


all zigzag everything

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Heh, I kinda forgot to make most of my draft picks this year...eh well, here goes the 2013 edition of the Milwaukee Robins


Tried a red back last year, I decided to go back to a blue back this year. The clash and third, your mileage may vary...for the former, I had thoughts of the Sabres' fauxbacks for the striping...for the third, maybe it's okay, maybe it sucks...eh well, hoops are as necessary for the Robs as the wings are.

In a couple days at most: a few St. Patrick's day specials: Hawthorn and Essendon. Those are basically done, I just need to slap their ads on.

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early St. Patrick's day...Essendon


Played with the Bombers' traditional sash a bit, as the pinstripes on one side are meant to mimic an Irish harp. The number is also mint green rather than white.



remember that preseason jumper earlier in the thread? Yeh, the same but with a few shadows...and in green...and with a little HFC over the number.

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St. Patty's day for real now...fittingly, I unleash the Irish upon you


Rather basic home jumper...though it's possible ND would be willing to go somewhat more avant garde for the first choice, if you look beyond football...anyways, the clash is beige, rather than white, a Digger Phelps shoutout (I'd read on Uni Watch one time that in the late 70s, somebody'd told him the Irish's home whites didn't look good on TV, so for a few years ND's homes were pale green, and then beige after that before returning to white). The striping is modified from one of the shirts the Columbus Crew wore right before they adopted the all-piss I so despise. The green uses gold and blue braces, a striping style I feel is somewhat underused in sports. Of course, "suspenders" is kind of a lame word, which is why I'm using the British/Aussie terminology.

And now...the same thing, but with mint green clash


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