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  1. As an Oakland native, I have been spoiled with great uniforms (Raiders/A's/Sharks), but I did pick up two favorite teams based on uniforms alone: 1: Chicago White Sox. So much has been written about the White Sox cap's legacy in rap, but aside from that hat I loved their black/grey look as a Raiders fan (obviously, the Raiders are equally as influential in rap). Ironically I ended up moving to Chicago for college and the White Sox will always remain my #2 behind the A's. 2: Carolina Panthers. The black and electric blue was SO damn cool to me in high school. I had a Panthers jersey and everything. I gave it away in college because I thought "no way in hell I'll ever end up in North Carolina..." and because fate has a sense of humor, I ended up in Raleigh for a few years.
  2. I live in Roanoke (Salem is right next door). This is not a craft brewing hub by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, one of the big stories this week was Deschutes essentially pulling the plug on building their East Coast headquarters here.
  3. How have we gone this long without mentioning the painfully generic Miami Sharks from Any Given Sunday? Sidenote: is it me, or are all black uniforms for a Miami team a REALLY bad idea?
  4. This is less about a designer getting screwed and more about a league (I'm using that word lightly) being shady as hell. For the past year a new arena league, the National Gridiron League, has been hyping everyone here in Roanoke up for some football. The league still hasn't started (it was supposed to this month), and if you look at the logos these teams are using, I have a feeling they never will (click the link, the rundown is near the end of the video.) https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/roanoke/new-roanoke-arena-football-league-tells-city-leaders-league-is-still-on-track EVERY SINGLE TEAM LOGO looks stolen. Even the league logo is a direct thievery of the old UFL logo!
  5. Might as well use that color scheme since the San Diego Padres are abandoning it soon.
  6. That's clearly the New England Patriots logo's grandfather.
  7. I have no idea why I started thinking about the mid-2000's Spurs today, but here are two good ones: Before he perfected his karate kicks with Coach Pop, Bruce Bowen played in the hell that was the Rick Pitino-era Celtics. And former #1 overall pick Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson (how he went #1 over Jason Kidd and Grant Hill, I will never understand) spent his last year coming off of the bench and getting a ring with the '05 Spurs.
  8. I get the 45 at the bottom, but...what exactly do the five stars mean up top? A star for every letter in Trump and/or Pence? A reference to being a "five-star President?" Trump Tower's Yelp rating? *exhales* I should probably step outside and stop over-analyzing the world, shouldn't I?
  9. Glad to see Rothbart got another job after The Swan Princess stopped being financially viable enough for sequels.
  10. Ohhhhhhhhhh I don't know about this one. Strangely, I'm not sentimental about most logos, but as a kid growing up in California, Round Table was a big part of my childhood. The wordmark is great for a baseball jersey, but I'm not feeling the monochrome at ALL. That rT is way too messy too. Then again, this could all be sentimentality, so take my opinion with a grain of garlic salt.
  11. That flag is so bad, even the eel looks like it wants out.
  12. It must be a new thing, the Target in my town (yes, we only have one) now has the lower-case wordmark front and center after its renovation. I'm not a fan, to be honest.
  13. If only the Bell System stayed broken up instead of merging back into AT&T, Pacific Bell Park was one of the best corporate names out there.
  14. I have a feeling we're going to analyze this look to death...but since we're here, I might as well add my insignificant opinion to the fray. Compare the black Marlins jersey to the Heat's black Vice jerseys (let's be honest, this comparison will be made a LOT.) The Heat's jersey didn't go black-on-black; they made the text/number colors bright and vibrant. Imagine how hard it's going to be for people in the cheap seats to see the Marlins' names and numbers! (Then again it is the Marlins, technically behind the plate counts as the cheap seats.) All the Marlins have to do is make the scripts on the black jerseys/hats white or blue and this look would improve 1000%.
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