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Horizon League Yakball


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Thought I'd give the Horizon League some representation in the Yakball scene!

1. Milwaukee Panthers

I ALMOST made this my entry into the Yakball tournament, but remembering Parkside's Division II, I went with them instead. Nonetheless, here it is! You may notice that I used illwauk's LOVELY "M" logo originally from here (with his permission of course) prominently-I just think it works on so many levels and they should REALLY get ahold of him to make it their mark.


For the regular uniform, I was inspired by my favorite OHL team of yesteryear, the St. Michael's Majors. If they can carry a classic look with just the "M" on the chest, why can't the Panthers? For the clash, I simply reversed the logo placements as well as the colors.


All C/C is appreciated. Next up will be the Green Bay Phoenix!


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It's template-y. Actually put a design on it. Also take the time to change the dots from grey.

Might I suggest a Bavarian flag pattern? I've toyed around with that idea as a design element for the Panthers (mainly on soccer kits).


I would also eliminate all the grey since it's not a school color. I know my logo has grey in it, but only because grey has been seeping into our uniforms. The club football team swapped out the grey for white, and frankly, I think it's better that way.

...and thanks for the kind words about my work! :D

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