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Virginia Cavalry FC Concept


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I just learned that the NASL's newest team, located in Loudoun County, Virginia, will be called the Cavalry. They also released a placeholder logo (I hope it's a placeholder,) which can be viewed at the mothership.

Ironically, the placeholder was my main inspiration for this concept, with a horse rampant as the main element.

The home kit:


Their colors are chocolate and cream, which would give them a unique look in the NASL, and would be appropriate enough for a team called Cavalry. Mars Inc. is headquartered in NoVa, and I knew a candy logo would look great on an already delicious-looking jersey, so I chose M&M's as VCFC's sponsor.

The change kit:


Same as the home but the colors are switched around.

The third kit:


This one is based on Loudoun County's coat of arms, which provides another unique color scheme of red and teal-ish green. The back of the neck shows the county's motto: "I byde my tyme."

So what do you guys think? C&C, please and thank you.

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I really like the third. Quite unique looking!

That said, if the current logo set holds as the "permanent" logo (and since they're selling merch with it, I think it might be)...I don't think it's particularly bad.

They're already selling merch? Do these guys even have uniforms? Or players to wear them???

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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