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wholesaletshirt.us legit?


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Has anyone ever purchased anything from this site?

My girl wants a yellow Rays shirt and a Google shopping search took us to this site...however, I got a funny feeling when

- the shirt was Nike

- under $10

- they offered these shirts in MANY colors for men's and women's

Can anyone vouch for it? She really wants a yellow Rays shirt after seeing the Rays girls wearing them at the game.

http://www.wholesaletshirt.us/tampa-bay-rays-c-510_566 is the page we visited.

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Red flags:

- Nike and $10 in the same universe

- Stock image of a woman with a headset

- Poor grammar and typing

- That Chinese chat bar on the bottom

- "Wholesale"

- No one uses .us other than del.icio.us

the worst helmets design to me is the Jacksonville jaguars hamlets from 1995 to 2012 because you can't see the logo vary wall

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Chinese fly-by-night knock-off site.

Registrant Name: wangda

Registrant Organization: wangda

Registrant Address1: The Xiuyu East Qiao town Tong Village

Registrant City: putian

Registrant State/Province: Fujian

Registrant Postal Code: 351100

Registrant Country: China

Registrant Country Code: CN

Domain Registration Date: Tue Mar 19 10:26:09 GMT 2013

I mean, look at this :censored::


They can't even counterfeit properly.

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