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OK I decided to revive and reboot the jerseys. I made a new template that makes it a lot easier and started using photoshop with illustrator which opens my options quite abit. Im only doing the jerseys not the shorts, courts, or eliminators but I pretty happy with what I've done so far. I tried to keep what worked and fix what didn't They have more of a soccer/ rugby to them and now have local sponsors. I've done the first four teams and will do the others in groups like such to cut down on posts until I catch up with the logos and then I'll release the jersey with the team. The jerseys feature numbers and names of famous athletes popular in that area. That said here are the first 4!

Indianapolis Trotters:


Boise Noise:


New Orleans Harlequins:


Charlotte Firebirds:


Minnesota Archers:


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I do like your new jerseys and that you received them. I can't say I'm crazy about putting sponsors on the jerseys, but again, hey, It's you series. They do look really nice, It's just that Dodgeball is one of those sports that don't really traditionally have jerseys, so you can really do anything you want with 'em and call them normal. This would be unlike, for example, making soccer jerseys, where you would pretty much have to put a sponsor on the jerseys. So, I guess you can really do anything you want with these. Great to see so far!

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I agree about the sponsors. It's okay to have them, just maybe take the opportunity to do something out of the box with them instead of just exactly the way soccer does it. Maybe the logos can be bigger and sublimated on the back behind the numbers. Or put them on the back of the shorts, like girls have the word "juicy" printed. (Okay, maybe not that last one)

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Aight ill do away with sponsors. I thought it was a cool way to tie the team to the community. That being said: any c&c on the jersey themself?

EDIT: Took the sponsors off and added Minnesota since I had it done.

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I love every font except for Minnesota's. I really don't have any complaints of the jerseys other than that. I can't really pick a weak link out at this point. Great work! Can't wait to see some of the teams that never had jerseys done for them!

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I just don't really think that the font as a whole looks very professional on a jersey. That isn't the same the same font that reads "Minnesota Archers' under the primary logo, is it? If not, maybe change it to that...

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OK, got 5 more done. This template works so much better. I now have all the ones done that I had done before so I'll be starting on somewhat new material next.

Arizona Vipers:


Memphis Rhythm:


Brooklyn Blackout:


Toronto Skyliners:


Vancouver Seawolves:


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