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Hey Guys, I recently made this template, which has all the uniform cuts I could easily find, and I couldn't wait to use it so I began doing all the FBS team's home and road jersey with their primary helmet (I may add extra helmets when needed) Big thanks to Thomas Hatfield for making the helmet template.

Without further adu, here is the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. I already have some teams done, but don't be shy to request teams, as that makes it easier on me on which teams to do. Thanks for your time,



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Just to be clear, I'll release the template in a while because right now the line's are pretty sloppy, this is not a concept, and when i said requests, i meant requesting like the iowa hawkweyes uniforms, not throwbacks (I'll do yours griffinmarlins since it was before i clarified). also, the template is russell's, ill be changing the template for the manufacturer.

anyway, here's mississippi state


I'll do Utah State and Miami probably later tonight

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Ok how about you do oregon.... *waits for the world to implode*

Oregon will be after Miami if anybody know where I can find the shoulder feathers in a flat form

anyway, here's cincinnati and their new homes.


What font is that? I'm thinking of doing a Cincy concept, and need a font similar to what they use.

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Your helmet decals are all crooked, which is a problem with that template. The template illustrated the helmet as it would sit flat on a table. On someone's head, however, the helmet would be sitting so the crossbar on the facemask is parallel to the ground. In turn, your logo placement should be tilted a few degrees counter-clockwise.

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