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My first Sports logo


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hey guys, new to the forums. thought id share my work. im a graphic designer by trade down in Australia, my focus is generally on brand identity, logo and symbol design. recently i got commissioned to do a logo for a local cricket team, this is my first foray into this type of work and i think im going to get into a bit more. Huge nhl fan so maybe ill start messing around with some rebrands. the brief was basically "we want a shield and muscular wolf, in black and gold"

although the design has already been submitted critique is always welcome

EDIT: id really like to try a nice wordmark or something to go along with it, but they just call themselves c.s.c.c. If anyone has a cool team name to suggest that fits with the logo pls let me know

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Yeah, the teeth need to be adjusted. The biggest thing with sports logos is simplicity. I try to stick to the "could a 10 year old fan of the team draw this on his school notebooks?" rule.

I'm 24 and can't draw any of my favorite teams logos on my notebooks.

Even the wordmarks. LOL- but that is a good rule, and this is a cool design. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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