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Tampa Bay Lightning Fauxback (Florida added, fair warning)


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Back in a time when electricity was a newfangled technology (maybe not quite that far back), there was a hockey club in the land of sun, who established themselves as the Tampa Bay Lightning.

But in all seriousness, here is my interpretation of the Lightning fauxback if there were such a thing.

Thanks to Tim O'Brien for the template!

C&C encouraged and appreciated!


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Aren't the Lightning already doing this :P. In all seriousness though, it's a solid concept that achieves the fauxback look far more effectively than what the team wears now. This would make a great alternate to a set that honours the cup winning look. Nice work :)

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If there were ever to be a clueless team as far as how to design a hockey sweater in the early days of the NHL, it would be the Florida Panthers.

Founded as the Miami Panthers, the team went with what they believed to be a solid Ronald McDonald meets Hershey Chocolate uniform combination, and took to the ice wearing this gem.


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