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Clemson paw tilt- when did it start on the helmet?


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I guess it's always supposed to have had that slight tilt to it, but when I was growing up, I don't recall it appearing tilted on the helmets and uniforms.

It was straight as I remember. This seems like something from the last few years.





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Not sure when this started, but the paw tilt looks great on the helmet when it is facing forward. But what I have noticed is that the paw print is always tilted to the right when looking at it. If you notice the Clemson helmet, on one side, the paw is facing the facemask, on the other side its facing the back of the helmet.

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Just did a quick search on Getty Images. 2003 looks to be the first year the decals were tilted. Also in 2003, the decal decreased in size pretty noticeably.

The weird thing is the logos on the shoulders and pants have been tilted (by design, as noted above) for a couple decades.

It looks like Dabo brought the large decals back to the helmets in 2009.

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