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CAPSL A-League (Simulation Soccer League)


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I run an Xpert Eleven (http://www.xperteleven.com/) league with a group of people with whom I've been playing simulation sports for years. I've always been interested in team aesthetics, and have long since lurked these forums. I just recently (within the last year or so) have been trying to branch out on my own and do some design of my own, and the top division of this league is my first real serious effort to do so. The league has 24 teams in total, most of which have logos, but I've done full page spreads for the teams in the top flight- each team with a crest, two shirts, a 5950 cap (marketing!) and an official scarf.

Here is our official wallpaper, and then I will start with the individual team concepts.


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First up, the Austin Aeros. I had almost total control over this team's aesthetic- they were originally the Waco Whales, but opted to move for the coming season. This is a club who languish near the bottom of the A-League table, but have some of the league's best young talent, indicating they will likely be among the leaders in the near future. We are currently finishing up the 2015 season, and they are in 7th place. Attacking midfielder Narciso Lajes is 21 years old and already among the better players in the league, and is a favourite for this season's Turner Cup, awarded to the best young player in the league.

The Aeros had a very young fanbase in Waco, drawing heavily on the support of students from Baylor. They hope they will be able to tap into a similar market in Texas's biggest college town.


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Next up are the Cleveland Rocks. I was told to come up with a rock with a Chief Wahoo smile, so I tried to do just that. The Rocks are run by the Agra Corporation, who have a recurring storyline. Agra are not unlike the Globex Corporation from the Simpsons, there have been multiple articles about shady business going on in Cleveland. Regardless, the money from Agra has also led to the team being the strongest in the league, including recently signing US Superstar Landon Donovan. (The league mixes real life and fictional players). They've begun a recent marketing campaign as "America's Team", as they are the only team in the top 3 from the US, and they are currently in position to win the 2015 A-League season. They don't have much of a future, though, as all of their star players are old.


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Don't mean to sound like a dick, but throwing a soccer ball and changing the font on the Hamilton Tiger Cats logo doesn't count as a concept logo man. Also, I agree that the rock does need to look a bit more masculine.

I do like that Austin concept, though.

Oh totally- that is what I was asked to do. In both cases, in fact. This isn't a concept league like some of the others- I was given varying levels of recommendation for each.

On the "more masculine" topic- how do you suggest I do that? I was specifically asked to do something like Chief Wahoo (although obviously less overtly racist). What could I do? Is it the width of the smile?

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Next few:

Davidson United play in Nashville and are owned by Cal Turner, who runs Dollar General. They play in a modified public park and the ownership spend as little on the team as possible. They won the first championship, but have been less impressive since then. They are colloquially referred to as "the Daves", and have a small but loyal fanbase. Their star player is Ed Berns, "the Ginger Cruyff", whose fiery red hair helps him stand out. Berns is the league's all time leading goal scorer.


The Fall River Marksmen are a classic team of American soccer. Their owner in CAPSL is a huge Liverpool fan, and thus I sort of merged the two identities. "We'll Try" is the civic motto of Fall River. Their team is perhaps the most mediocre in the league.


I was asked to just repurpose the Tiger-Cats logo for the Hamilton Soccer-Cats, as the owner is a big Ti-Cats fan. Their rivalry with Montréal is the league's best, and they're a solid squad with a few very good players. Their star midfielder Axel Cools is twin brother of Montréal's Jasper Cools.


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I'll just throw the rest out there. Once again, this isn't necessarily a straight concept- these teams are run by other people in an online simulation, so I didn't have 100% control over the aesthetic.

Next up is Hickory Hill FC, a team owned by Memphis Grizzlies star Zach Randolph. They play in Memphis, TN, and was originally made up entirely of ex-college football players, as Randolph misunderstood what he was getting into when he bought the team. Just recently have they figured out what sport they're playing, and the team has invested heavily in youth players, as well as US national teamer Damarcus Beasley.


The New Orleans Dauphins are the craziest team in the league, their "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" tactics are impossible to judge. They are also far and away the league's oldest teams, throwing money at any aging mediocrity that comes into their field of vision. Their owner is an eccentric Cajun man, and they have some of the league's rowdiest and hippest fans. Their team song is "Listening Wind" by Talking Heads, which is referenced on their scarf.


Nicknamed the 'Piques, Olympique Montréal 76 are perhaps the model of professionalism in CAPSL, and are currently in 2nd place. They have the best record all time, but have yet to win any silverware, causing some rival fans to refer to them as the "Arsenal of CAPSL". I run this team, and the logo depicts the Olympic tower, rather than go with the obvious torch/rings concept.


The Tulsa Roughnecks were an NASL team, now brought back to life in CAPSL. They have a heavy First Nations influence in their fanbase, as referenced in their scarf. They are managed by "Big" Sam Allardyce, whose "negative" football has been very succcessful thusfar, as they've been giant slayers all throughout the 2015 season.


Last we have the defending champion Yukon Monsters. They are owned by the Monster energy drink group. The ghost logo was the logo of this person's team in a previous x11 league, and he asked me to add the Monster logo over it. It's definitely not my favourite package in the league, but I enjoy the scarf.


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