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Making a Redskins Fauxback Concept Helmet


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I'm starting the process of making a new helmet. I have a decent size helmet collection and I've made/reconditioned most the helmets in my collection myself. For my next helmet, I'm making a Redskins "fauxback" helmet using the colors and logo that the team used on their throwback uniform from the past two season.

I typically start by making a quick photoshop of what I envision the helmet to eventually look like. I'm pretty settled on the logo and the striping, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the facemask. My natural inclination to go with a gray mask, but that seems typical and boring for this fauxback. I've also toyed with gold and burgundy masks.

Which mask do you think would like best?....




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Instead of the current stripe you have, I might even dare to make the helmet like the one from the early 60's. This one: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/1060/Washington_Redskins/1959/Helmet_Logo.

I have made one before, and it was a royal pain in the a**. I did think about getting a smaller feather stripe to use with this design, but thought it would be too cluttered.


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I finished this project this past spring, but never posted pics....



I decided to reverse the stripe colors, with the white on the outside, mainly as a nod to the team's current helmet stripes. I almost wish that I had gone with a single gold stripe.

I recently made a second "Alfred Morris" style helmet and went with the single stripe look....


Which do you like more?

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