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Lakers Primary Modernization


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Before I get back to my regularly scheduled MLS Gridiron Sport swap, which went on hiatus due to the file getting corrupted, I do have one take on the Lakers' primary after going through the "Success Influences Logo" thread. The Lakers have a solid jersey wordmark and secondary, I just wondered what would happen if elements from both were combined.


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I like tje broken lines in the L actually. You could choose a thicker font and carry that throughout each letter

But thats not a big deal. I do suggest making the key stroke all the same thickness. Its thinner around the letters than the ball. And there are some kerning issues. Its a hard font to work with but i think you should try to get the serifs to not crash into each other. Its really odd because theres extra space around the R and the S dosent touch anything either. Just get those letters all cleaned up a bit

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