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NCAA Football Concepts


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The Concepts I Have Finished and Included So Far Are:

  • Ole Miss
  • LSU
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Texas A&M (Edited)
  • Auburn
  • Oregon (Page )
  • Ohio State (Page 3)
  • Georgia
  • Virginia Tech
  • Notre Dame
  • Pitt
  • Florida State
  • Mississippi State
  • Rice
  • Tulane
  • SMU
  • ULL
  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Oregon State
  • UCLA

I will continue to update this list on the first page as I go so people who visit can know whats on here without having to look through all of the posts.


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I've been working on multiple concepts for a while now, and decided to share. I'll continue to add more if reception is good as they finish.

First up, Ole Miss.


Home Sets


Away Sets

Ole Miss is one of those teams that I felt already has a pretty strong visual identity, where you can see them playing and say, "That's Ole Miss." without seeing the name on the scoreboard like the shoulder stripes and the Grey pants, which are the main choice for all sets. So instead of drastic changes which I don't think are needed, just small tweaks here and there to improve the look.

  • Adding the script "Rebels" to the home jerseys.
  • Giving the Navy pants the consistency of the jersey stripes instead of the awful text they have now.
  • Plain white pants with the "M" logo to throw in here and there.
  • Added a Powder Blue "Throwback" helmet from the Archie Manning Era.
  • Bring back the University Grey Jersey.


Field to match the scripts on the jerseys. Bring back Colonel too.


And an Eli Era Throwback Jersey for fun.


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A step back to the McFadden Era, but still keeping some modern day details.

  • Outlines now around Razorback on both Helmets to match sleeves.
  • Used new Red color that the whole Arkansas identity is moving to next year.
  • New Grey tone added to color scheme. (Sort of like Seattle's Wolf Grey.)
  • Kept modern number font, added light Grey and Old Arkansas Red inner outlines.)


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All colors used can be official school colors in some capacity.


Home Set


Away Set

  • All logos and numbers are outlined in either Limestone or Torch, making them pop.
  • Font to match the "T"
  • Subtle Checkered pattern in Helmet Stripes.
  • New Limestone Jersey.
  • My take on fixing the Smokey Jersey.


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Not many changes here, like I said, some teams have distinct identities already that shouldn't be messed with.

  • Add consistency to all striping.
  • Added new Auburn Orange Jersey and Pants.
  • New Retro/Throwback Helmet.


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Sorry for not knowing much about ole' miss, but doesn't the retro seem very out of place without a retro uni to go with it, unless the retro unis do indeed look like that and are navy blue without any powder

The Retro Powder Helmet was actually a helmet worn back in the day without powder blue ever being on any of the uniform. This was due to a mishap in the painting of the helmets at the time, but instead of getting them repainted, they wore them anyways.


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And finally, all I have left for now are Oregon and Ohio State one-offs that I did. They are inspired by their new basketball retro's that they wore.



Ohio State.


Sorry for the bombardment of concepts, C&C please. Thanks for looking!


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Fix the pant stripe on the oregon uniform to where the green lines that intercept the thick black lines are parallel. Also I would make the black stripe run all the way down the leg and get rid of the logo or put the logo on the hip and start the stripe further down. My last critique would be to make the yellow a brighter, less greenish yellow.




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I love all of these. Some obviously I can see on field more than others, but that's the whole premise behind these things.

As far as my Auburn Tigers go, I appreciate you not changing much. Many people are behind the stripes matching (I'm not) and I like that here. I'm not a big fan of orange jerseys for AU, but I like this one. Would suggest making the wider stripe on the orange tops blue with smaller white ones on the outside. The socks are great, and wish they would wear those on the field. Under Armour came out with a pair for the basketball teams that looks amazing. Hope to see it this fall.

The alternate helmet is a little...bleh. The grey facemask is a nice touch, but I'd go with orange. And the sailor caped Aubie logo, as I call it, has been retired by the school, so it could work here. But I'd love to see maybe just the block A like what the baseball team wore.

"I believe in Auburn and love it!"



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