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NHL football jersey concept


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I tried to simplify it, what do you think

They are simply bad, they are small so it makes it hard to see everything. on your predators one the logo on the helmet is backwards. Everything is very pixilated and needs to be cleaned up.

And these are just unpleasant to look at

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Are you shrinking all the logos in MS Paint or some other bad software? If so, you're always going to have crappy looking concepts.

Your 2nd concept (Preds) is a bit better than the your first.

The Canadiens one looks strange with that awkward stripe across the chest. Football jerseys don't have that.

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Try out GIMP. It's free to download and you can use any photoshop template that is linked to on this site.

It may take time to get used to but watch a few youtube tutorials or search from some on google. You'll get the hang of it and get much better results as you will have a lot more control over what you can do.


Like some others have said, the small pics make it hard to make out everything. The ideas are definitely creative though.

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