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Heisman Trophy Concepts (vote!)


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Hello everyone, I'm having a little lack of creativity in my NFL Redesign thread, and I needed something to take my mind off of that. (http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98633-okc-outlaws-vote-2014-nfl-concept-expansion-series/) & also I just turned in my World Cup concept for @raysox's thread, so I had some time on my hands.

Normally I wouldn't post this on here, but I've seen a couple threads with art like this recently, and I thought why not?

So this is something I just thought of, a Johnny Manziel Heisman trophy. I'm thinking about doing this for other winners, recent & old, but at the requests of you guys.

I think it came out pretty decent, but I would love some C&C from you guys on how I could improve this before I start some other ones.

Without further-a-do, Johnny Football:

Origianal pic - http://cdn.spundge.com/stories/11143/embedded/



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I think that you should erase all the team logos/uniform design to try and make the trophy a little more generic.

He's trying to make it more personal, so that would defeat the purpose.

Yes @Clintau24 is right, I'm trying to make it personal for the players. Like I'm working on an RGIII one right now, for his own trophy.

Yeah, it sounds like each player gets a unique silhouette of themselves? Cool.

Does Archie Griffin get the same pose twice?

ya, I just thought it was a pretty cool idea. The problem with this though is that the voting would have to have ended a couple months before so they have time to make the trophy. I haven't thought about Archie Griffin lol, I guess we'll have to see

If it wasn't for the awesome pose and tradition, that would be sweet if the actual trophy was of the person.

I was thinking the same, but maybe they could get the legit Heisman trophy, and this one?

I think it's a pretty fun project. Adds a ton of personality of each player to it. Surprised you didn't go with Johnny's money-sign though...

thank you. I thought about that, but in the end I settled for something that would portray him more as a football player, and I thought the trophy would look cooler with an action shot.

I have 1 problem though...as I was saving the Johnny file, my GIMP closed and didn't save anything. So I don't really remeber how I did it. But I'm working, and Robert Griffin III is up next

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Great idea. I'd love to see the Auburn winners, Bo Jackson, Cam Newton, and Pat Sullivan. Here are the statues Auburn has put up in honor of each:

Bo Jackson

Cam Newton

Pat Sullivan

I'm gonna do Bo Jackson / Cam Newton soon. Maybe Pat Sullivan, but I don't know. Those statues are awesome though

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