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  1. 2017 NHL Offseason

    The weirdness for me was when Atlanta had a hockey team again.
  2. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    This is an interesting proposal. One significant issue is why the need to place all the Canadian teams in their own Divisions within the respective Conferences? The odds would significantly increase against any Canadian teams winning the Cup if maintaining a 16-team playoff format compromising of 4 Canadian teams and 12 US teams in the playoffs each season. Another major issue with the 2-team per Division playoff format is that fans would wonder why a third place team in an opposite Division wouldn’t qualify even if they had more points than the second place team in another Division. For example, in the Western Conference, let us say that the teams thein Northwest Division finished with Calgary in first (100 points), Vancouver in second (95 points), Edmonton in third (91 points), and Winnipeg in fourth (80 points). Conversely, the teams in the Southwest Division finished with Minnesota in first (99 points), Dallas in second (89 points), Colorado in third (84 points), and Las Vegas in fourth (65 points). Under this scenario, why should Dallas make the playoffs while Edmonton – who had a better season – miss out? As far as REEL A LINE MINT, there is an opportunity missed to keep the budding Jets – Wild – Blackhawks rivalry intact in order to bring back Columbus to the Western Conference. Is there a reason for moving Columbus back to the West? In addition, the Atlantic and the Metro Divisions are a little confusing especially with breaking-up the NYR-NYI-NJD rivalry, unless this is intentional. Therefore, the idea of balancing out the two Conferences with 4 Divisions of 4 teams each is certainly a challenge and there is much promise here, but a few things need to be tweaked in order to achieve that balance.
  3. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

  4. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Reminds me of the Army "A" from 2006 - 2014.
  5. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    I find it strange that the closest team to Charlotte is in Hershey, which is 489 miles away!
  6. I'm glad to see minor league basketball return close to my hometown. I hope that the new D-League team lasts longer than the Wildfire, Kings, Stallions and Golden Apples of the defunct USBL.
  7. NASCAR 2014: Cars

    Ryan Newman will drive the No. 31 Catepillar for RCR:
  8. NBA logos made Soccer crests

    I agree with you regarding Memphis and Denver. Miami and Atlanta's crest doesn't look too bad either. The rest of the crests are all over place.
  9. Comic Book Covers

    Best story arc I ever read. The Infinity War and Infinity Crusade weren't too bad either.
  10. http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2014/01/02/san-jose-earthquakes-set-reveal-new-logo-uniforms-40th-anniversary-bash
  11. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    Caps to make major announcement on Saturday, September 21. I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement is that the Caps are hosting the 2015 Winter Classic, next year's All-Star Game or NHL Draft; or they are introducing a new or modified jersey set for next season (I'm just throwing the uniform scenario out there).
  12. Detroit in MLS?

    I would be shocked, stunned, and baffled if Detroit gets an MLS franchise before Orlando, Miami, or Atlanta.
  13. Washington, DC 2024, anyone?

    That and the never-ending issues the Metrorail system has. The transit agency is terrible and insanely expensive. One of the most expensive in the country. As a rider of the Metrorail, I agree with you fully. It's almost came to a point where its cheaper to drive into DC than to take Metrorail. Almost?!?! Driving into and out of DC during the morning and evening rush hour is quite the norm over here in Northern Virginia. Agreed. VRE is currently a joke since it only has two lines: one operating from DC to Manassas and the other from DC to Fredericksburg. I've taken the VRE line from DC to Fredericksburg numerous times, in which it usually takes two hours to get from point A to point B. However, one can drive from Fredericksburg to DC in almost half that time, provided 95 isn't slammed by traffic. Metro is in the process of creating the Silver Line to Dulles Airport under the name of "Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project". In hindsight, they should have linked all the local airports (Dulles and BWI) decades ago, but that seems to be the running story when reflecting on "expanding the Metro" in the first place. Phase I of this expansion is nearly completed. The Silver Line will run from East Falls Church to Wiehle Avenue/Reston Avenue. Phase II, from Wiehle Avenue - Reston Station to Dulles Airport should be completed by 2019 (I'm estimating here); provided there's enough funding for it. I can't comment on the MARC liness, streetcar and light rail items since I don't know their system or how they operate. As for the local bus systems, I'm sure they're useful, but I would be more comfortable taking the Metro rail from Point A to Point B than being on a bus since I've witnessed some questionable driving from the Metro bus drivers, and other bus system drivers, in my time taking them throughout DC.
  14. MLB Predictions

    I hope he eats his words, man. This kind of thing tends to backfire more often then ya think, Mindless. I'll be happy if the M's win 75 games this season. With the Angels (still) stockpiling talent and both the Rangers and A's still playing good ball, it'll be very hard to say 4th is the best place for Seattle... Thank god for the hapless Astros, eh? I agree completely that this could comeback to haunt the Nats. That's why my expectations level is low for them this year. I think they will finish third in the NL East this year; however, since the Nats are the hometown team, I need to be a bit optimistic, right? Third?? Just based on our D and pitching I gotta disagree with that. And I'm expecting good things out of the lineup with Span and a second year of Harper. (I could see Desmond and LaRoche regressing a bit though, they had pretty outstanding years last season.) And yeah man, nothing the owner says will affect the play on the field. That's not going to comeback and haunt the Nats, if we finish third its because ATL and Philly played well and we didn't... not because of something Lerner said. C'mon, third place finish! It's within your grasp, Nats!