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  1. Any other girls on this board?

    :-P cool do you think it's ok that i posted this? i feel kind of weird about it, but i've also never started a topic before... Sure, no harm. Just be aware that the more, er, immature members are going to start going ape now. A couple months ago we had a "member" claiming that "she" was on the Arizona gymnastics team, leading to an infamous marriage proposal-type scenario. Ya know, that's not very nice. Nice to know there are people that don't think I'm myself. Anyway, I come and browse from time to time, not frequently active though.
  2. 2008 Pro Bowl

    The NFL always uses the same design two consecutive years... except back from 1995-97 when they used the same design, which IMO were the best pro bowl jerseys ever.
  3. 2008 NBA All Star Jersey

    Those are gaudy and the back of the East looks white when it's supposed to be silver/gray.
  4. NFL Divisional Round Preview

    You were saying?
  5. New Here

    Also, a picture I can do after I get off work.
  6. New Here

    A place called "Pilates on the Coast" as a Pilates Instructor. ... ok... At least... that part is true.... next question: What's the major shopping mall in San Mateo? Hillsdale
  7. New Here

    Might want a little more proof. Like what? Where do you work? A place called "Pilates on the Coast" as a Pilates Instructor.
  8. New Here

    Well I understand that, but I haven't done anything like that. I just came over here and introduced myself and all of a sudden people are jumping all over me when I can't defend myself, since I wasn't around at the time.
  9. New Here

    Might want a little more proof. Like what?
  10. New Here

    After reading through the entire rest of this thread, I'm amazed. Why would you people think I'm not really me? Is it the two facebook accounts? Want an explination, forgot the password to one so just made a new one, they both belong to me. I can't believe that anyone would think I'm not me, I mean it just makes no sense to me.
  11. New Here

    I hope you guys don't expect this every day. I'm just bored at work and have nothing else to do (although I should be organizing the appointments).
  12. New Here

    It's okay, but I do believe we should tell him not to drink the Kool-Aid.
  13. New Here

    Ah...it's McCall's fault...yes. Nothing to do with the Big 12 choke job they pulled. Oh geez. The decency level here has really gone down the... And what's the over/under on simply Renaming the Babe of the Week thread after her? (OMG, I should simply be temporarily banned for about an hour, for my own good...... but pleez, no. ) Ya know, a cold shower will fix that problem.
  14. New Here

    What's the "Babe of the Week" thread for? I mean I get the general idea, but there are actual nominations? The nomination process is very informal. It consists of: 1. Post a picture of a random attractive woman 2. Refer to Step No. 1 No actual voting takes place. Absolutely shocking! And does it count if I find the thread myself and beat everyone else to the punch?