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  1. MBisordi

    2008 Pro Bowl

    The NFL always uses the same design two consecutive years... except back from 1995-97 when they used the same design, which IMO were the best pro bowl jerseys ever.
  2. MBisordi

    2008 NBA All Star Jersey

    Those are gaudy and the back of the East looks white when it's supposed to be silver/gray.
  3. MBisordi

    NFL Divisional Round Preview

    You were saying?
  4. MBisordi

    NFL Monochrome MADNESS!

    You know the sad part about that is that I meant to crop Garrard out the final picture and it wasn't until just now that I realized I never did that. My bad... Actually, if you look behind Reggie, is his teammate. You can tell by the black socks, since Buffalo has red socks. So there would still be another teammate in white pants in the picture.
  5. MBisordi

    ESPN is at it again...

    Granted their schedule isn't THAT easy, but consider they played the Colts without Harrison and a few other key players... Harrison being the most important, seeing that he plays well against the Patriots. The Chargers are far from a good team and the Steelers have losses to some pretty poor teams as well. The Cowboys are the best in the NFC, but c'mon, it's still the NFC no matter how you look at it. My team? Well my team neither sucks nor is good this season, although they always have the Patriots number, 'tis a shame they don't play eachother this year... and barring some sort of collapse on the Chargers part, they won't meet in the playoffs either.
  6. MBisordi

    Guess what's back? Back again?

    Are you kidding me? That alt was horrible, so plain and boring for a team that had been in Colorado for less than 10 years at the time and they bring in a 'retro' jersey, NO NO NO! They USED to have the best jerseys in the league, until Reebok took over and destroyed them. Awful, if you ask me. I have no idea what they'd do for the Avs, but I hope to God it isn't a re-hash of the previous alt.
  7. MBisordi

    ESPN is at it again...

    ESPN really needs to quit shoving the Patriots down our throats. We get it, they're playing well, but due to one cakewalk schedule and a porous league this season, they may go undefeated. I hope Miami beats them, and I know it's probably not going to happen, but hey, we can all dream.