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  1. Okay then...
  2. So, does he score us negative points in the Fatal Forty now?
  3. Um, no? He pointed out that they are a) knockoffs, and b ) the poor colour/quality of them.
  4. I wanna see Vegas put their affiliate in Atlantic City... because, you know. From today's Toronto Star:
  5. Too late for the Vegas Krypton Knights?
  6. Where's my swinging BlueCat??? You'd think the "pros" would know how to design a good identity, but alas...
  7. This is a stock logo. This looks more like an NHL logo than the Vegas one does.
  8. I think this is a shoulder logo we're looking at. Too simple for a primary.
  9. I was just coming here to say this. Las Vegas Bounty Hunters!
  10. If London had problems with Knights, and Army had problems with Black Knights, couldn't Clarkson have a problem with Golden Knights?
  11. The levels of inception just get deeper. Now we have real Maple Wings.
  12. Bringing this one back with that time Mike Myers decided it would be cool to have a cameo in his own movie, and to bring Kayne with him. (The Love Guru, a wasted 1:45 of my life)
  13. Pensacola Blue Wahoos would have to be in there too. Honourable mention to the new Rochester Red Wings as well.