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  1. Curtis Joseph in the Oilers' blue/orange jerseys in his first season with the team. Weirder is the fact that he had already adopted the Cujo mask in St. Louis But randomly wore this Ron Tugnutt-esque splash mask. Tugnutt, on the other hand, left Edmonton two seasons before, and never wore an Oilers splash mask. Anyone know the story behind this?
  2. Found this one today. The WHL's Prince Albert Raiders wore Saskatchewan Rush (NLL) inspired jerseys in late November.
  3. He's referring to the leaked Hamilton Tigers fauxback alternate jersey.
  4. I always thought of it as the planet Saturn, with the skate blade forming the rings.
  5. Eeee... (Florida Fire Frogs) (Florida Gators)
  6. Here's a two-fee, guys traded for each other (1st and 2nd overall picks, no less) without ever playing a game.
  7. FTFY
  8. Confirmed today by a source within the organization that it will be the team's alternate jersey at some point in the future.
  9. For a fauxback of a literal "sweater" from nearly 100 years ago, they did a fantastic job. Now about those white pants...
  10. I was walking past the Bulldogs' offices on my way to the game tonight, and one of the staff left their light on. I could see through the window a number of jerseys, but this one especially caught my eye. Not sure if it's a one off, or if it's a new alternate, but it's the most beautiful jersey I have ever seen. I would buy one in a hearbeat. It's gotta be legit because it has the OHL and CCM patches on it, and if it was just a homemade contraption, it wouldn't. P.S. My first ever leak! I'm so pumped right now.
  11. So after the Cleveland Monsters wore Indians tribute jerseys, I was wondering about other cross-sport tribute jerseys. The Monsters also have also done a Cavaliers night. The Guelph Storm wore Hamilton Tiger-Cats jerseys on Grey Cup Sunday in 2013 The Regina Pats wore Blue Jays jerseys earlier this season
  12. Today's Laval Rocket announcement had me thinking back to the Toronto Roadrunners. Some digging found me these shoulder logos which are not on the mothership.
  13. Definitely going to be the Canaligator. They've had one (or three) as their mascot for a while now.