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  1. I'm just gonna leave this here in case it ends up back here in the future. Tim Tebow will make it to the Majors, and will be a decent, contributing player.
  2. FYP
  3. Some entries into the "CFL Hall of Famer, NFL Practice Roster" group Henry Burris Ricky Ray Dave Dickenson
  4. Spoke to a Hillcats player on Periscope, and he confirmed that new colours and logos are coming next season. Said he didn't pay much attention to the name-the-team contest, but thought "Lamb Chops" and "Love Apples" were funny.
  5. Jose also never wore that jersey style.
  6. Apparently the Flames wore these for four seasons with Kiprusoff in net, but Google only turned up one image of them. He's so synonymous with the red jerseys, thanks to the 2004 Cup Final Run. Dion Phaneuf also wore these for one season.
  7. We have a winner
  8. Not that hard, Detroit.
  9. Aside from the mismatched logos, I'm slowly falling in love with this: Especially good on the orange unis, helping to eliminate the Syracuse look.
  10. Shooting is not a sport and should not be in the Olympics. I get that it requires mental strength and coordination, but I put it up there with NASCAR.
  11. Mine wins cheesiest retro logo and best explained update. BEFORE: AFTER:
  12. Adding some stuff to this list. Sports which are actual sports Football Baseball Soccer Basketball Ice Hockey Cycling MMA All Track & Field Tennis Badminton Rugby Swimming Boxing Olympic Wrestling Water Polo Skateboarding Snowboarding Skiing Martial Arts (karate, judo, etc) Surfing Lacrosse Handball Polo (with horses) Ultimate Frisbee Speed skating Squash Slamball ----------- Sports in which the human does none of the work Horse Racing Equestrian sports NASCAR Monster Trucks Iditarod ----------- Sports which you can drink/smoke while doing Golf Darts Bowling Billiards Curling Frisbee Ping Pong Hunting Fishing Roller Derby Celebrity Softball Bocce Orienteering ----------- Sports which are sports because ESPN World Series of Poker Competitive Hot Dog Eating Spelling Bee Daily Fantasy E-sports ----------- Not a sport WWE
  13. That's a double, because he's being checked by Larry Robinson on the Kings.
  14. With the recent issues surrounding Rio, and after seeing photo essays on empty and neglected Olympic Stadiums, I've been wondering why countries continuously bid and spend exorbitant amounts of money for the Olympics. If the feeling is that it is for the perceived economic impact (which can be debated), then I suggest that the Olympics settle on a permanent location (preferably Greece, which has the history and could use the money). Imagine permanent venues becoming shrines to the greatness of sport. Like Fenway and Wrigley, the Montreal Forum, Maple Leaf Gardens, etc. Olympic Stadium would be quite the thing to behold. Like when they used the original Olympia for shot put in 2004.