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  1. I survived 47 seconds... do I get a t-shirt?
  2. Cap is this one. 59Fifty size 7 ⅛. Trying to get it up to a 7 ⅝ UPDATE: My neighbour runs a sewing shop, and I've given it to her to see what she can do with it.
  3. Half an inch of hair?? I couldn't even get that much if I shaved it all off!
  4. Ken Dryden wearing a cage in practice.
  5. I couldn't believe my good fortune yesterday when I found a New Hampshire Primaries cap (one of my whales) at Value Village. I don't think I've ever grabbed something off the rack so fast in my life. However, it's way small on me. It's a 7 ⅛, and I'm a 7 ⅝. Is there any way to make it bigger? Could I possibly turn it into a snapback that fits?
  6. This makes me happy. Figured you were above that, glad it turns out you are.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out if he was actually Steven Grant, or if he just used Grant's concepts as templates. His work in the Concepts section seemed below standard for what I'm used to from Grant, and he's seemed pretty normal in his posts on HJC. RollinsMan: Steven Grant:
  8. If the caption is correct, then this game is February 26, 1980, a 5-3 Washington win. The opposing player is listed as Peter Scamurra, which doesn't help at all, because he was with Washington for both seasons in question.
  9. They wore these in 2002 EDIT: Never realized how far off these really were from the real thing. Sock stripes, arm stripes, etc.
  10. Seattle Simians
  11. Exactly right. The "brand" is how the cattle are identified. The sports logo is a very good example of this. My personal view is that if the logo/uniforms change significantly, it's a rebrand. If not, it's a redesign. I'll use Toronto as an example. Redesign: Rebrand: Because the Raptors were a predominantly red team prior to their logo/uniform change, I consider them to be a redesign. If they had gone straight from the purples to the current red/black, I would consider it a rebrand.
  12. They just can't go to double-OT
  13. That was... interesting.
  14. I just got blown away that this was 5 years ago. I'm starting to feel REALLY old.
  15. Shots fired.