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  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Capitals go into Baltimore in the near future once Baltimore's arena is done. Given the recent trend for closer affiliates, here's the current landscape. Teams that the parent has relocated are noted. Anaheim = San Diego (relocated 2015) (119 miles) Arizona = Tuscon (relocated 2016) (127 miles) Boston = Providence (relocated 1992) (51 miles) Buffalo = Rochester (76 miles) Calgary = Stockton (relocated 2015) (1,294 miles) Carolina = Charlotte (relocated 2011) (168 miles) Chicago = Rockford (relocated 2007) (89 miles) Colorado = San Antonio (933 miles) Columbus = Cleveland (144 miles) Dallas = Cedar Park (relocated 2009) (189 miles) Edmonton = Bakersfield (relocated 2015) (1,743 miles) Florida = Springfield (1,416 miles) Los Angeles = Ontario (relocated 2015) (36 miles) Minnesota = Iowa (relocated 2013) (244 miles) Montreal = Laval (relocated 2017) (19 miles) Nashville = Milwaukee (568 miles) New Jersey = Albany (relocated 2010) (148 miles) Islanders = Bridgeport (relocated 2001) (63 miles) Rangers = Hartford (relocated 1997) (124 miles) Ottawa = Belleville (relocated 2017) (168 miles) Philadelphia = Allentown (relocated 2014) (61 miles) Pittsburgh = Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (relocated 1999) (265 miles) St. Louis = Chicago (297 miles) San Jose = San Jose (relocated 2015) (0 miles) Tampa Bay = Syracuse (1,266 miles) Toronto = Toronto (relocated 2005) (2 miles) Vancouver = Utica (relocated 2013) (2,909 miles) Washington = Hershey (128 miles) Winnipeg = Winnipeg (relocated 2015) (0 miles) Teams needing affiliates: Las Vegas Available AHL cities: Binghamton, St. John's, Abbotsford Farthest teams by distance over 300 miles: Utica (VAN) 2,909 miles Bakersfield (EDM) 1,743 miles Springfield (FLA) 1,416 miles Stockton (CAL) 1,294 miles Syracuse (TB) 1,266 miles San Antonio (COL) 933 miles Milwaukee (NSH) 566 miles Bottom 5 AHL attendance from 2015-16 5: Utica (VAN) 4: Binghamton 3: Albany (NJ) 2: Portland 1: Springfield (FLA)
  2. Going with failure. Empty seats, gimmick teams, injuries, seeming lack of buzz. With the Olympics there is such an overarching sense of national pride that you get non-hockey fans watching games and actually caring. This event has failed to attract non-hockey fans, and if I dare say, even hockey fans.
  3. Omaha Lancers, USHL
  4. I would actually have loved to see Minotaurs, combining the Roman Sens identity with Bulls.
  5. Belleville Senators... coming 2017.
  6. Bulldogs are also already advertising for their PIR night on Oct 23.
  7. From the waist up, the Pats look perfect (okay, could use TV numbers, but very close to perfection). Also could use a white helmet to go with the white numbers and stripes.
  8. While I love the red look for the Pats, one must remember that the Patriots were fighting the Redcoats. It seems almost counterproductive
  9. They are also the only team in the SPHL that includes the trademark sign on their logo in the header.
  10. Mississauga Reps
  11. They have quite the expansive logo use policy/request system. And terms and conditions
  12. For all you watchdogs out there, it's the team that everyone thinks is in Ohio, but is actually located in Georgia.
  13. I looked at the Leafs' new jerseys and immediately thought "Tampa" That's not a good thing. Panthers jerseys are gorgeous, and it's the only time I will advocate for white/gold right next to each other. The limited contrast on the chest stripe helps set them apart from Montreal. Other than the stupidity of the army patches and shoulder numbers, it gets a resounding YES from me.
  14. So I was thinking about a CFL where each team had a unique colour (specifially helmet). Hmmm... this might be worth a concept. BC: Orange Calgary: Red Edmonton: Yellow Hamilton: Black Montreal: White Ottawa: Silver Saskatchewan: Green Toronto: Navy Winnipeg: Gold