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  1. I'm more pumped for Assassin's Creed than I have been for any movie since The LEGO Movie, and that includes The Force Awakens. It'd better be good.
  2. Had a cake the other day that had these as the decoration. In moderation, they're quite enjoyable.
  3. So it took you two hours to walk from your car to the store? That's an impressively large parking lot. 10 metres, maybe.
  4. They had me until this popped up. Brett Hull Unused Blues Jersey The way the light hits those numbers looks very much like the material used for knockoff numbers. The guy also admits they're customs.
  5. I believe that pretty much any of either parties' recent losing candidates would defeat the other party's current candidate easily. Romney vs. Clinton, Romney wins. McCain vs. Clinton, McCain wins Gore vs. Trump, Gore wins. Kerry vs. Trump, Kerry wins. The only reason there is any race at all is because of how extremely polarizing both candidates are. I've never seen so much venom spewed from both sides.
  6. Haha, tell her that her local team (the OJHL's Cougars) are in the OHA, and watch her brain explode!
  7. Bobby Ryan in one of his 14 games with the Iowa Chops
  8. The Hamilton Bulldogs did that with the Oilers (1996-2002) and Canadiens (2003-2015) The Oilers moved their farm team to Toronto to become the Roadrunners, and the Quebec Citadelles (Montreal) moved to Hamilton to become the Bulldogs.
  9. The Panthers' new logos and uniform set have grown on me. I now prefer them to the originals, especially the logo.
  10. Bumping this with a gem from Michael Nylander
  11. EDIT: Beat to it, but pic is new. New Leafs banners replace action shots for headshots, and change the number font
  12. I was the official scorekeeper for my first NHL game (Toronto vs. Detroit) tonight, three weeks shy of my 24th birthday!
  13. Hockey players wearing white helmets and dark pants with white jerseys, but baseball teams wear coloured caps with white jerseys and white pants, football teams can do the same, and basketball players wear white shorts as well.