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  1. J-S Giguere, Montreal Canadiens
  2. Memphis redesign is by Studio Simon
  3. For the uninitiated:
  4. Which means we'll most likely see white helmets on the purple sweater, especially since purple is a tough custom colour to nail.
  5. Then we'd be looking at a Vegas-like trademark issue
  6. Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto. I love that the exterior has never changed. One of the most historic arenas in this thread. St. Michael's College School Arena in Toronto.
  7. I think the best example here would be a high school using the nickname of Bucks. I found a few schools that use it. (Before anyone jumps on this, Milwaukee did force them to change the logo) Though I did find one. (Yankton High School) that uses Bucks for the boys and Gazelles for the girls.
  8. BUT WAIT! There's more!
  9. Since I thought I'd missed it, I'm going to use the opportunity to get in now. 1. Bob Barker 2. Betty White 3. Harrison Ford 4. Peter Mayhew 5. Lindsay Lohan 6. Miley Cyrus 7. Donald J. Trump 8. Dr. Oz 9. Hugh Hefner 10. Gord Downie 11. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 12. Stephen Hawking 13. Jake "The Snake" Roberts 14. Stan Lee 15. Dick Van Dyke 16. Rick Astley 17.Tony Kornheiser 18. Dick Butkus 19. Stan Lee 20. Hulk Hogan 21. Chuck Norris 22. Mark Hamill 23. James Earl Jones 24. Angela Lansbury 25. Dave "The Hammer" Schultz 26. Super Dave Osborne 27. Danny DeVito 28. Angelo "King Kong" Mosca 29. Morgan Freeman 30. Johnny Bower
  10. Winnipeg's Phoenix throwback jerseys
  11. Well, changing the Boise St. ripoff would be a good start.
  12. I own over 30 jerseys and have not spent more than $50 on one. That includes an Islanders Fisherman, a Coyotes desert jersey, a Rangers Lady Liberty, and a Red Wings blank authentic. I purchased them at thrift stores, on Ebay, or online classified sites, after making sure they're all legit. There's NO NEED to pay $160+ dollars for a jersey, and there's NO NEED to buy fakes! EDIT: Just checked the online classified site, and they have a pre-Edge Avalanche jersey in large (unfortunately not my size) for $20, a new with tags legit Bernier Leafs jersey for $80, and an Avs burgundy COLORADO 3rd for $70. It's possible, people.
  13. I met McDavid after his first OHL preseason game which was played in my hometown. My list is ridiculously long (comes from working in media and hockey) Kevin Bieksa called me at home once while I was watching The Dark Knight Rises, and Cam Talbot is the nicest athlete I've ever met. Current NHLers: Cam Talbot Kevin Bieksa Josh Jooris Ben Chiarot RIley Sheahan Steve Ott Ryan Ellis Jake Gardiner Zach Hyman Jacob Trouba Connor McDavid Former NHLers: Ben Scrivens Jay McKee Ric Nattress Darcy Tucker Doug Gilmour Michael Peca Jason Ward Steve Thomas Ken Dryden Bobby Hull Johnny Bower Bob Baun Wendel Clark Steve Staios Travis Green Coaches and Management: Brian Burke Mike Babcock Jeff Blashill Media Personalities: Ron MacLean Don Cherry Jay Onrait I've gotten to where if I see someone I typically don't even bother going to talk to them anymore. I will waive that for Wayne Gretzky if the opportunity ever arises, though.
  14. I honestly don't care what I got under the tree. I got to spend Christmas with my grandparents, and I'm not sure how many more of those I will get. That's all the gifts I needed.
  15. Fact #1: It sure doesn't look like that!