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  1. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 9. Giant Anthropomorphic Eggplant that s Grenades There is no end to the tacos. They just keep pounding the anthropomorphic eggplant into submission when his supply of grenades runs out. 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself 13. Harambe There is sinking depression that Robin Williams killed himself, but then there is the sinking depression that Harambe was senselessly murdered. s out. 3. PBJ the Size of Maine 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship Nothing phases Bill Belichick. In fact, a simple Google search reveals that he literally has the same expression on his face for 99% of photos. He'll just grimace and get to work. 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 7. Goro Need a quick cure for depression? Try fighting/running from Goro. Nothing cures depression quite like Goro. GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 9. Accidental Curly Fry Nobody ever started a bench-clearing brawl over an accidental curly fry. Long live the Moose. 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion 13. The TV Guide Channel The TV Guide Channel has seen it all. From Hot Pants to Bloomin' Onions. Old Faithful has never backed down from a fight. 3. Nostalgia Boner 6. Breakfast for Dinner I had cereal last night. After 6:00 pm. It was nostalgic. 2. THX sound before movies 10. Tangled Slinky Missed the THX sound before the latest movie I watched because I was trying to untangle a Slinky. Complicated little devil. Sentinel Prime Memorial Region 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 9. Ancient Aliens' Robot Osiris Though defeated in the past election and last year's GTOV, the Eagle remains resiliant and pecks the robot into oblivion. 4. Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot A skating buffalo or a Jewish guy sitting on a bench. How many skating buffalo have you seen? 3. Russell, MB Goalie Beer Thief 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue I was intrigued to find out that there is a equally freaky Albert Einstein statue in Washington DC. Don't make your statues out of poop, kids. 2. OG Aaron Burr 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy It had a smiley face on it. A FREAKING SMILEY FACE. Bernie Kosar Knows What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 9. 1974 Winnebago 16. Kellyanne Conway's Next True Statement The 1974 Winnebago has proudly survived since Kellyanne Conway's LAST true statement. 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 5. Detroit If the Darwin's Disciples were based out of Detroit and not the West Coast, the Motor City might not have the problems it does. 6. Real Life Sharknado 14. Russian Dash Cam Nobody believed the reports of the real life Sharknado until the Russian Dash Cam footage was released. 10. Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants I wonder if KO would be so indignant if he had to wear hot pants...
  2. Everything about this picture screams CHAMPION: -His smile (He knows what's up) -The quote on the wall behind him -THE MOOSE LEG
  3. Brandon Dubinsky playing for his hometown Alaska Aces during the 2012-13 lockout.
  4. Google.
  5. That's because the helmet he posted isn't the Jets ripoff. However, they have worn Jets ripoffs at some point.
  6. They actually look better with the colours switched. Though I'm actually surprised the State of Colorado hasn't taken issue with it:
  7. Yes. I believe @twi actually owns one.
  8. /thread
  9. I'd like to thank the Majestic XII... Ah, crap.
  10. Can we put an entry in the GTOV for envelope fails?
  11. Not sure if UNLV keeps this one unique. And not Division 1, but Bemidji State and Minot State are also the Beavers
  12. Curtis Joseph in the Oilers' blue/orange jerseys in his first season with the team. Weirder is the fact that he had already adopted the Cujo mask in St. Louis But randomly wore this Ron Tugnutt-esque splash mask. Tugnutt, on the other hand, left Edmonton two seasons before, and never wore an Oilers splash mask. Anyone know the story behind this?
  13. Found this one today. The WHL's Prince Albert Raiders wore Saskatchewan Rush (NLL) inspired jerseys in late November.