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  1. Dude, somebody has stolen your work and claim it as theirs. and he's been doing this for quite some time. He steals form other also.


  2. High Tyler my name is Teo and I am teaching myself how to use Adobe CS6 in particular illustrator and Photoshop and came across some of your designs online and I absolutely love you r work. I am 47 years old so I am a late starter to the world of computer design but I have always loved to draw ,paper and pencil from generation. So the main reason for my question is I work at a public school and their logo is a Viking. Some of the coaches have asked about the possibility of using an alternate logo to the school’s original logo so as I was looking around on my spare time I came upon yours and decided to look into what you are thoughts are on the school using your design or a form of it if you would prefer if be changed to not use you exact design. As I said this is all new to me and to our school which started up a graphic arts class and I do not know much about the copy rights laws but most important we want to respect and credit your work . Please share your thoughts with me and I hope to establish a relationship with you that can be passed on to the students as a possible contact on how to pursue a career in graphic design.

  3. dgnmrwrw

    Spokane Empire (formerly Shock) of the IFL

    Like the logo, and the inspiration behind it, but definitely think it works better when it's a bit more simple, with fewer elements.
  4. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Agree 100%. I love the colors and the style is great, but it feels like there's not enough imagery in the OKC logo to function as a primary. Wordmark, however, is just about perfect.
  5. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Much better imo, though I'd like to see it with some of the orange highlights (just to compare). Flipping the orientation also helps a lot. But what you've got now is much more flame-like, and the simplicity makes it 10x more "iconic."
  6. dgnmrwrw

    NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Agree with this. The rounded corners are the problem. Drop both outlines (black and orange) and treat it like the Carolina Panthers did with their update: no keyline at all. Just display the elements by themselves on any background. On a red background, you could change the ball/flames to orange and the highlights to white.
  7. dgnmrwrw

    Florida Panthers Logo

    I tried something like this a few years ago: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96786-nhl-super-league/?do=findComment&comment=2165160 I think showing whiskers would be nice; maybe blue whiskers on the gold on the right, gold on the blue on the left. It might help break up all the negative space on the left side (his right) of the face. And like others, I think showing pads on the paws would be great. Lastly, if the white belly is illuminated--which it is, since we can see it--then I'd look at trying a few more highlights on the legs, feet, tail, and maybe left shoulder. Nothing crazy. I think the latest version nailed the eyes. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  8. I dont know if you read my message, but could you please send me an email at jmorgan.32896@farnborough.ac.uk I'm looking for permission to use your logo in a non commercial project for a stadium design, drop me a line please

  9. Hi, I saw your Las Vagas Scorpions logo and I was wondering if I could use it? I am designing a baseball stadium for Las Vegas (for a new MLB franchise) and need a team and logo. Obviously I would give you credit. Here are some of my stadiums www.morganstadia.com If you can, can you send me some more basic logo's like 'Scorpions' and 'Las Vegas' just as letters and also perhaps a slightly different smaller logo? I'm sure you could just lift them off the shirts you did...

    1. WokingFan


      ...It would look good to have various logo's around.



      Ps I love your work, it is excellent :D

    2. WokingFan


      I tried sending you a PM but i guess your inbox is full. Thank you! :D

  10. dgnmrwrw

    2016 MLB All Star Game logo

    Really like the color combo (loved it on the old Predators). I'd be thrilled if they went this direction. I'm fine with the drop shadow, but the keyline issue really bothers me as well. Anyone else think there's a kerning issue with the 1 and the 6?
  11. dgnmrwrw - tried sending PM, box is full I guess. Do you have a website for your services?

  12. dgnmrwrw

    Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils concept logo

    Really good start, and it's clearly a huge improvement. I agree with pretty much all of this. Also, I think it could greatly be improved by adding negative space to the A. Maybe try a downward pointing triangle? It might also be able to double as a highlight on the beard.
  13. dgnmrwrw

    Carolina Hurricanes logo concept

    It's definitely an interesting idea, with a nice homage to the Whalers (though I don't necessarily think that's needed or a even good thing). I think you could improve it by (1) adding a few more "arms" coming out of the C (hurricanes have many bands of rain, not just three or four); (2) adding a white outline, then a black outline that ends as it comes inside the ascender and descender of the C, but before it would interfere with the H; and (3) maybe italicizing the logo, for a more dynamic look, and since the winds from hurricanes tend to make things do that. (Not sure about that last one, but it would be interesting to consider.)
  14. dgnmrwrw

    OKC Thunder (updated 07/26/16)

    Every cell in my brain is telling me to dislike this, but I can't. Somehow it works. I think it's a case of the final product being greater than the sum of the parts. Very nice, and original, work. And I LOVE the colors. Wouldn't touch them.
  15. dgnmrwrw

    Reimagining the NBA... Raptors unis

    There is a thin silver outline on each. Interesting point about the scratches. I guess I always assumed the chevrons were supposed to evoke the "feel" of a claw or of claw-marks. But I'll go back and take another look.