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  1. Should MLB Spring Training teams have their own brand?

    No because it's still the major league teams. It's just their preseason, no different than any other sports preseason. They're just forced to different locations because of the time of the year. Why would they change the team name for preseason?
  2. Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

    Bay City Rollers, "Saturday Night"
  3. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    How can a logo that hasn't been used in what, close to 30 years, be responsible for their winning now? And how can said logo be "running through their veins"? And how does you eliminating the history of 1993-present in your mind have an effect on what's going on this year? Do you actually believe your some sort of star-trident Jedi or something? I seriously think he's lost his marbles now. I used to think he was just a troll, but it appears he is actually out of his mind.
  4. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    You are literally saying that each one of us "knows" it's their best logo when everyone has repeatedly disagreed. That's called delusion. You're making stuff up in your mind because you can't handle the truth that no one else likes something you do. They factually sucked when they wore it and have won or at least had their best years in the current and better identity. No player on the team has the trident-star running through them. They could care less. Move on.
  5. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    Then why are they using a logo that belongs back in the '70s?
  6. 2014 MLB World Series / Postseason Logos

    i am waiting to get the world series champ t-shirt..........hope i donĀ“t have to go to Africa to get one, i heard this is a bad time to visitHmm, I thought you were a "Rays" fan. Or is that just the name of your suspended account?
  7. 2014 MLB Season Thread

    Once they update the logo, then maybe we will.
  8. Anyone wanna ask Davidson if he feels it's a rip-off?
  9. Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

    So... it's like being married to a woman. You probably could've just stopped at woman.
  10. Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

    At first he might be a little shaken, but not stirred.
  11. 2014 MLB World Series / Postseason Logos

    They've been using just "Angels" or "Angels Baseball" on merchandise in places where other teams use their full names since they switched to LA. When I ran the Team Store for the Springfield Cardinals, all my catalogs for merchandise said one of those, never included either location.
  12. Minor League Baseball Affiliations

    Brewers supposedly to Colorado Springs.
  13. Minor League Baseball Affiliations

    Baseball Trade Rumors says the A's Triple-A affiliation is going with Nashville.
  14. MLB Expansion realization

    Olympic Stadium is only "good" because it's a still standing MLB capacity stadium. It's completely obsolete by today's standards and is, with all due respect, a complete dump and is in a terrible location. Montreal has the population, corporate support, disposable income and many other factors that would make an MLB team work. However, the only way it will is if there's a downtown ballpark built. As IceCap has repeatedly pointed out, and seemingly repeatedly fallen on deaf ears, the anglophone population of Montreal has vastly decreased over the years and the francophone demographic that now greatly makes up the majority isn't highly interested in an MLB team returning.