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  1. TenaciousG

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I would love it if Nebraska went to this century gothic-like font full time. Beautiful.
  2. TenaciousG

    MLS Kits 2019

    Its funny how high a standard we hold our crests to in the US, when you consider that Watford and Guingamp exist in two of the world’s top leagues.
  3. TenaciousG

    Why are the city edition uniforms getting replaced

    This is the one thing that is actually good, in my opinion. I’d kill for college football to wake up to this.
  4. TenaciousG

    New Travel (Trvl) Channel Logo

    I’m hoping this weird trend has to do with the 4 letter abbreviations in the channel guide, because otherwise it’s just silly
  5. TenaciousG

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Can you imagine anyone using this number font today? By the way there’s still 3 seconds left in the 1998 Rose Bowl.
  6. TenaciousG

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Yeah, so the Portland State/Idaho State game really was wild. This is one case where I actually agree with the penalty.
  7. TenaciousG

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Does this mean road teams have to agree to LSU wearing white?
  8. TenaciousG

    MLS Kits 2019

    I’m rooting for a Sounder Blue alternate for the Sounders. They haven’t had one since their inaugural MLS kits — long overdue. Sponsor-wise if it’s not XBox I’d actually put my money on Delta... that is if MLS allows another domestic carrier outside of Alaska to be a kit sponsor. But with Etihad on NYCFC it’s clear they will at least do deals with multiple airlines. But Delta has been working hard to pry local market share away from Alaska and they have a big sponsorship deal already with SSFC. Side note: It kind of bugs me Alaska sponsors the Timbers given their corporate HQ is in Seattle and SeaTac is their primary hub.
  9. The WSU logo is iconic locally and has been around since 1936, although originally it spelled WSC and not WSU. It’s untouchable in the eyes of Coug fans. We do have a good secondary logo in the “Cougars” script but our athletic department chooses not to use it for some unknown reason. They need to bring it back or draft up a new secondary.
  10. TenaciousG

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Bingo. I’m not saying they will either, but Thunderbirds is an awesome identity and should be present in pro sports. Sockeyes is growing on me. Interesting thing: when Seattle gets NHL should they become the Kent Thunderbirds? Heck, they could even be the Tacoma Thunderbirds since the Tacoma Stars play in the same arena.
  11. TenaciousG

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    WSU going full anthracite for their Gameday Game: Instagram As for some of the other unis: Oregon State needs to move to that branding full time. Gorgeous. Either that or the interlocking OS, which was criminally underrated. Navy looks great. No one is doing better design than Under Armour right now, especially since Nike will likely be spending the next two years making everyone’s uniforms into a vehicle for their gigantic numbers.
  12. TenaciousG

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    How were Thunderbirds not even included in the polling for the team name? I understand it is already “taken”, but so were Seattle Sounders by the USL team and we know how that turned out. I would also solve the color issue by using light blue and dark green.
  13. TenaciousG

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Pitt needs to go throwbacks full time. Absolutely gorgeous
  14. TenaciousG

    USL New Mexico is... New Mexico United

    This, for sure. We also need about a 10 or 20 year ban on new US soccer teams using “United”.
  15. TenaciousG

    2018 MLS Kits

    I think the intent was to feature the flags of the most prominent players since Nico Lodeiro is Uruguayan, Gustav Svensson is Swedish, etc. But the Mexico one is funny.