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  1. 2017 NFL Season

    I'll try to tread as lightly as possible as this is political, but as someone who leans right yet despises Trump and his co-opting of a large part of the right, just about everything about this whole situation has been eating at me. From the way our President throwing a Twitter tantrum about a team refusing to visit him at the White House to how Colin Kaepernick's original point in kneeling has kind of mutated in these protests, it hurts me to see the divide between both sides. I've always felt that, whatever one's views, standing for the flag was intended to represent unity on both sides and hope for a better country and world, regardless of political views, race, religion, etc. Instead, it's become "You will stand or you're not patriotic...Murica!!" from those who do stand to those who don't and "How dare you support this Presidency!!" from those who don't stand to those who do. In short, at least in my view was never meant to be a point of division but instead has become exactly that. It's that binarization (is that a word?) of this situation what irritates me most. The U.S. is far from perfect in terms of social equality, and those who want to kneel can in protest (freedom of speech and all) and those who want to stand can (freedom of speech and all), but live and let live, please. (If this is too far over the political line, mods, feel free to delete). Anyways, back to the games. Carolina is not who I thought they were, and neither is Denver. You can't overlook Buffalo or New Orleans (though I never try to count out the Saints as long as their core remains together).
  2. 2017 NFL Season

    I really hope this ends up working for San Diego, but there's no way the Chargers go back with the Spanoses owning the team.
  3. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 3 Thursday LA Rams at San Francisco Sunday Denver at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Minnesota Atlanta at Detroit New Orleans at Carolina Baltimore at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Chicago Kansas City at LA Chargers Seattle at Tennessee Cleveland at Indianapolis Cincinnati at Green Bay Houston at New England Miami at NY Jets NY Giants at Philadelphia Oakland at Washington Monday Dallas at Arizona
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    It's a start, but I'm really hoping that the offense starts clicking.
  5. 2017 NFL Season

    Gotta make up for playing in a 30,000-seat stadium somehow.
  6. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Sunday Chicago at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Carolina Cleveland at Baltimore Philadelphia at Kansas City New England at New Orleans Tennessee at Jacksonville Arizona at Indianapolis Miami at LA Chargers Minnesota at Pittsburgh Dallas at Denver Washington at LA Rams San Francisco at Seattle NY Jets at Oakland Green Bay at Atlanta Monday Detroit at NY Giants
  7. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    The ideal situation is that the Oilers never changed their name,* but since they've been the Titans for 20 years, I can settle with the Titans having a few homages to the Oilers. You know, stuff like a luvya-blue-dominant color scheme, reserved uniform design, white or light blue helmets, a little more red (though light blue/navy works for them too), the 60s number font,** and so forth. Of course, the Titans are a few steps away from that now (new number font, non-tapering helmet stripes, de-flame the thumbtack or de-thumbtack the flame, etc.). That said, we're probably going to get a navy monochrome home set with red trim and neglible luvya blue and the helmet stripes, logo, and number font will probably not change, but we can at least speculate and hope that the Titans organization has a little more sense than that. *IIRC Bud Adams wanted to keep it, but Tennesseeans (sp?) did not, hence the Titans name came to be. **If they insist on a proprietary font because all teams undergoing change seem to insist on a proprietary font; see Browns.
  8. NBA Changes 2017-18

    You know what? I do like the Jazz's gold alternates as a whole. As a 4th option behind Green, White, and Blue (or if by some miracle, Purple), they're not bad. However, they need work. Two-digit numbers (like 45) look a bit wonky and oversized but there needs to be some white on the note logos. My biggest concern is that there is no green alternate this year. Also, the yellow Utah is using looks a shade or two darker (redder?) than the other yellow uniforms.
  9. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 2 Thursday Houston at Cincinnati The rest to come later...
  10. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Me too. I love that concept of yours, @ColeJ. I'd love it if there's any way to incorporate more red (and maybe a little less navy) into a look like that (which was hard for you to do IIRC), that would knock such a look out of the park. I really hope that's the direction the Titans go, but I'm doubtful.
  11. Seattle Arena

  12. Seattle Arena

    I can't help but think if the Port of Seattle has been blackmailing Murray. Probably not, but it would make sense.
  13. Seattle Arena

    Horrible news (for the children), but maybe this moves the needle? Also, the guy's had 4 accusations. How does he stay on for so long?
  14. 2017 NFL Season

    I'm surprised Von Miller (or someone on Denver) hasn't channeled Dana Stubblefield:
  15. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 1 Ah, yes, the time of the year where I post my picks for the teams in (what should be) one of their colors has arrived again... Thursday Not that it mattered. I don't think anyone picked KC going into Thursday. Sunday NY Jets at Buffalo Atlanta at Chicago Baltimore at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Miami (PPD) Pittsburgh at Cleveland Arizona at Detroit Jacksonville at Houston Philadelphia at Washington Indianapolis at LA Rams Oakland at Tennessee Carolina at San Francisco Seattle at Green Bay NY Giants at Dallas Monday New Orleans at Minnesota San Diego LA Chargers at Denver
  16. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Kansas City at New England The rest to come later...
  17. NBA Changes 2017-18

    And that's a bummer. It almost sounds like Jazz brass is taking the Gordon Hayward departure to Boston juuust a little too personal to remove a green (a dark green at that!) option from the rotation. 🙄 😋 I have a theory that they went from purple to blue with the J-Note logo so as to not look too much like the Lakers (which is actually a fair point, as most pre-1997 Utah Jazz apparel is dang near identical to the Lakers, save for the logo, being primarily purple and yellow). Of course, this could be easily solved by emphasizing green as the secondary color over yellow with purple being the primary color, but Jazz management has a track record, though good overall, in getting juuust one or two things off in terms of team design.
  18. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Totally agreed. My initial point is that, as far as southern markets go, San Diego is near the top of the list. Houston, too IMO. Both cities have a rather extensive history of minor-league hockey despite their location and would be miles ahead of Phoenix and Las Vegas. But compared to Quebec? That's a no-brainer.
  19. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    You know what? I don't recommend most Sunbelt cities for the NHL but given their history with hockey and history of solid support (and with the right ownership/arena situation), I'd recommend San Diego (Houston too). Similar to Utah (though that's not a sunbelt locale), can't be any worse than Phoenix or Las Vegas...right?
  20. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    Maybe Salt Lake finds itself as #5 in the 5-city relocation sweepstakes of 2025, but given the history of this league, we all know Honolulu gets the team.
  21. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    Great timing for the Tampa Bay Rays...
  22. Go Stare at the Sun

    Didn't get to see the totality (still on my bucket list, thanks work), but I did get 90, 91% coverage in the greater Salt Lake City area. It did cool down. I'm hoping to book a trip for the 2024 total eclipse (plus an excuse to visit anywhere from Mexico and Texas to the Northeast), but in 2023 another annular eclipse is due to hit the western US again (like in 2012).
  23. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    At least the Suns have a purple road jersey. But it's another look that lost what character the previous set had.
  24. Minnesota Timberwolves

    No trace of green in either primary uniform? Opportunity wasted. But we'll see about the other two alternates. I like the bar, but the font is just too hokey for my liking. We might need to channel Tobias Funke and subtitle this and the Nuggets' threads "We blue ourselves."
  25. NFL 2017 changes?

    If so, baby steps, Browns, baby steps...