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  1. CDixonDesign

    Thrift Store Gems 2016

    Willing to sell this guy? Shoot me a PM if so.
  2. CDixonDesign

    New Yahoo Logo ?

    Source? This can't be legit.
  3. CDixonDesign

    The Hockey News new logo

    They could have just removed the outline and it would have made a big improvement. The H, and N seems a little too gothic compared to the rest of the letterforms in the new one. It seems unbalanced that way.
  4. CDixonDesign

    A new terrible buffalo logo

    It's a solid logo. My only problem is the balance of the position of the head, but other than that, it's solid.
  5. CDixonDesign

    Sports branding design speak

    While some of the points made do make sense without little thought, some of them are simply laughable.
  6. CDixonDesign

    Name That Font!

    Mayhem is Wide Latin. The Numeral font looks like a standard Russel Athletic style font.
  7. CDixonDesign

    Jeep Wrangler Trailcat / Dodge Hellcat Logo

    Two birds, missionary. I'm sorry. You'll never be the same.
  8. CDixonDesign

    New Swiffer logo

    This one feels like a change for change sake. The "swoosh" portions on the previous logo had much more of a vibrant feel, and the new font choice is a bit wonky. Notice the awkward space between the S and w on the new one. I noticed it immediately.
  9. CDixonDesign

    2015-16 College hoops

    That OSU Cowboys script is a thing of beauty...
  10. CDixonDesign

    2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    Class move by Jerry Richardson, he's paid for every Panthers employee from his staff down to interns to make the trip to SB50:
  11. CDixonDesign

    Best Number in Each City

    From memory, Charlotte between the Hornets/Bobcats/Hornets and Panthers would probably be #1, with Cam Newton, and Baron Davis.
  12. CDixonDesign

    College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Duke's throwbacks would have looked much better with the old "Duke" script, however, Nike probably phased it out when they unified the brand a few years back:
  13. CDixonDesign

    2017 Final Four Logo Unvieled

    The system is the brainchild of an legendary lineup of sports designers in Todd Radom, Joe Bosak, Skye Dillon, Frasor Davidson, and TJ Harley. ...and those guys have produced a system that is superb. This one is a home run. I thought I loved the Houston logo, and this one tops it so well.
  14. If Bowling Green had combined the car logo with the roundel, and gave it a bit of a tweak, it would be infinitely better than the basic "BG".
  15. CDixonDesign

    St. Louis University's New Billiken Logo

    I don't have any problems with the head at all, I actually think it's pretty solid. It's forced into the shape of the entire logo, and the type isn't that great. The head logo by itself is great, IMO.