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  1. ElwoodCuse

    Say hello to the Delmarva Scrapple

    Me a couple years ago: I am really freaking sick of every minor league team doing "Star Wars night" and wearing the same mass-produced jersey *monkey's paw closes one finger* yeah this is played out af
  2. ElwoodCuse

    Degenerate Gamblers Celebrate

    "Integrity fees" are a shakedown and are never happening without intense lobbying (you know, bribes) from the leagues
  3. ElwoodCuse

    Staten Island Yankees now the... Pizza Rats?!

    Should have been the Killer Bees because Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin to F with
  4. ElwoodCuse

    What if the MLB had promotion and relegation?

    The biggest reason why this is a non-starter in the US is because the people who would enact it are the same people it would punish. Why would MLB (or anyone) owners agree to a system where a few of them are heavily punished each year financially? "Major League Baseball" is the collective of 30 owners. "The Premier League" is the top level soccer competition in England. The teams exist independently.
  5. ElwoodCuse

    Possible leaked Blue Jackets prototype

    The effect of horizontal stripes is far more subtle than the Patriots or that concept jersey but they definitely had horizontal stripes on their jerseys. Just do a google image search for game worn ones. I have a blank CCM white replica from back then and you can see it even in the white.
  6. "the NHL let Montreal have first dibs on all the French players" is hockey's "the 1972 Dolphins all get together to have champagne when the last unbeaten team loses" however, much like the NFL only "counts" Super Bowls, the NHL shouldn't count Stanley Cups before 1967-68
  7. Marc Andre Fleury, who had a sub-.900 SV% for the playoff years 2010-2015, has a higher SV% right now than Pekka Rinne did through 3 rounds last year. Yeah, that's sustainable
  8. ElwoodCuse

    Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    A couple years ago I went to see Real Madrid and Celtic in Philadelphia. A vendor asked me what team the "bwin's" were
  9. ElwoodCuse

    Lifespan of new-age arenas

    A big four team is never going to be contracted unless there is a completely ruinous economic downturn in the US. Like, probably past the great depression because 2008 didn't matter
  10. dang Robin Yount had a tiny head
  11. ElwoodCuse

    Should Clemente's #21 be retired by MLB

    The greatest athlete in a sport didn't play in said sport almost 100 years ago, sorry Babe Ruth made it possible for athletes to be celebrities and dominated his era. He also would never get that enormous bat around against any pitcher currently in the majors, so spare me the romanticism of the past
  12. ElwoodCuse

    Say it ain't so, Joe

    What a piece of trash Tom Izzo is. He has all this time to think about the horrors perpetrated at his school and he says "I hope they convicted the right person". Hey jagoff it's 100% clear Larry deserves to spend life in prison. The question is, who else from your school should join him. How about don't open your mouth at all if that's the kind of ignorance you are going to spew.
  13. ElwoodCuse

    Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    OMG Vegas is a load of crap. Almost every city in the NHL presents nightlife possibilities for young, rich, famous dudes. This is parity, plain and simple. The NHL is a couple of good teams, a couple of atrocious teams, and everyone else is in the middle. With the salary cap and the expansion draft rules there was no way this team was going to be the Capitals or even the Sharks or Senators.
  14. ElwoodCuse

    Could teams in the same city share one identity?

    St. Louis had the football and baseball Cardinals far more recently than the New York Giants
  15. ElwoodCuse

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Good god those Nike shirts for next year are terrible. Guess I'd better pick up a Kane shirt when they hit clearance this year. Or hope Real Madrid drops 350 mil for him