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  1. ElwoodCuse

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    Sublimated printed hockey jerseys ruled and they were phased out because manufacturers got cheap, not because they were ugly or bad
  2. ElwoodCuse

    Game-worn jersey collecting

    I got a Victoria Salmon Kings from Meigray for like $150 that I wear whenever because a blank crappy replica would have cost me $125 when you could actually buy them
  3. ElwoodCuse

    Popular Defunct Teams

    No, because Winnipeg built a new arena and sold a buttload of season tickets. Hartford cannot build a stadium for a AA baseball team without it being a disaster, and the dump the Whalers left is still there.
  4. ElwoodCuse

    Popular Defunct Teams

    The Whalers had cool jerseys and Brass Bonanza. The team sucked, their arena sucked, and Hartford is too small for the NHL to ever go back there. Get over it.
  5. ElwoodCuse

    Real Madrid Goes All-Red For New Third Kit

    The best part of this is that for the photoshoot they included the guy who plays Alex Hunter in FIFA, because in FIFA 19 he goes to Real Madrid. They didn't say if they rewrote the story for him to be Ronaldo's replacement.
  6. ElwoodCuse

    Game-worn jersey collecting

    My favorite game worn is a Colby Armstrong Thrashers I have photomatched to a fight he had with Ruslan Fedotenko. I got to show it to him once and he was impressed that someone wanted it for their collection. He said he had a bunch of autographed Thrashers jerseys that he couldn't even give away to charity auctions or raffles or whatever.
  7. ElwoodCuse

    The Sports Media Thread

    Who listens to sports on the radio besides people in their cars, so what
  8. ElwoodCuse

    ArenaBowl XXXI: How To Lose and Still Win

    If you think the Arena league is a joke, there are a LOT of other indoor football leagues in operation you should check out. Like mattress stores, they have to exist for money laundering. One of them let fans call plays with an app
  9. ElwoodCuse

    Series of Portland NHL Domains Registered by Winterhawks

    The London Knights stopped Las Vegas from being the Knights but there's the Winterhawks, Kitchener Rangers, Lethbridge Hurricanes (who wore knockoff Capitals jerseys for a while, of all things), Chilliwack Bruins (defunct). Uh huh.
  10. ElwoodCuse

    Touchdown Celebration Appreciation

    Yes! In the one good decision the NFL has made in decades you can do pre-planned team celebrations. There have been some really good ones.
  11. Me a couple years ago: I am really freaking sick of every minor league team doing "Star Wars night" and wearing the same mass-produced jersey *monkey's paw closes one finger* yeah this is played out af
  12. ElwoodCuse

    Degenerate Gamblers Celebrate

    "Integrity fees" are a shakedown and are never happening without intense lobbying (you know, bribes) from the leagues
  13. Should have been the Killer Bees because Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin to F with
  14. ElwoodCuse

    What if the MLB had promotion and relegation?

    The biggest reason why this is a non-starter in the US is because the people who would enact it are the same people it would punish. Why would MLB (or anyone) owners agree to a system where a few of them are heavily punished each year financially? "Major League Baseball" is the collective of 30 owners. "The Premier League" is the top level soccer competition in England. The teams exist independently.