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  1. ElwoodCuse

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    This is kind of overstating it because it's just going to be some post-production stuff after the fact Also I will say that the glow puck was a good idea that was ahead of its time, the technology just wasn't there
  2. ElwoodCuse

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    A 0-0 tie between Army and Union in ice hockey
  3. ElwoodCuse

    Who gets paid for defunct team merch?

    The Big 4 sports leagues own a variety of trademarks. The only notable exception being the Dallas Cowboys, who are separate. Your Browns hat was split between every MLB team.
  4. ElwoodCuse

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Thank you. I have a Nike Heat city edition and while I'm not thrilled with it quality-wise it's good to know these would be better. Might pick one up on black friday (I've already seen them as low as $90 on sale)
  5. ElwoodCuse

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    That's how it always is. The teams get stuff made here, the fans get stuff made overseas Hockey jerseys went to crap when only the teams got ones made in Canada
  6. ElwoodCuse

    Same Surname, Same Number, Different Sport

    It bugged me that the Pirates didn't have Bobby Crosby wear 87, they were leaving money on the table there with jersey/shirt sales Justin Morneau wore 66 for his month and a half in town in honor of Mario
  7. ElwoodCuse

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    M&N has Swingman NBA jerseys now. Has anyone picked one up? I always wanted some of those 90s jerseys but didn't feel like spending $300. Is the quality similar to the Nike swingman jerseys?
  8. ElwoodCuse

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    I knew a guy who had a Champion replica Rae Carruth jersey
  9. ElwoodCuse

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    Aeropostale was a sponsor of like, the Big East Tournament for a while too
  10. ElwoodCuse

    Rocket City Trash Pandas unveil logos

    Wheeee another cookie cutter Brandiose logo. Just like the Dreamworks Sneer on movie posters. It's OK, as long as MiLB can sell a billion dollars worth of hats while paying the players minimum wage
  11. ElwoodCuse

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    I've seen tons of people whining about "salt potatoes" but I'm sorry minor league teams being named after local foods is completely overdone at this point and I'm glad they didn't let it be a specialty thing like the Scranton Yankees pierogi hats or something
  12. The NHL playoffs would be 100% fixed if they made division champs 1-2 and used conference standings for 6-8. The division stuff is garbage The rest of the sports are fine, tbh
  13. ElwoodCuse

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    Champagne celebrations in baseball are banned unless you won the World Series
  14. ElwoodCuse

    International Football 2018-2019

    Leicester City won the title in year where every big club underperformed Watford is not pulling that off against the PL's Warriors, Man City