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  1. NHL in Houston

    The Panthers, Hurricanes and the Coyotes were the exemptions to what I was saying. Aside from attendance spikes during playoff runs or new arenas, they've never really been successful. When it comes to growing the game more in traditional markets, I personally don't believe there are a lot of failures there at the moment (I consider a failure consistently drawing below an average of 16,000, unless you're Winnipeg since they can't draw that due to arena capacity). Most of the ones that do exist are due to either arena issues (Islanders) or consistent mediocrity (Blue Jackets), but overall nothing to cause major concern yet (depending on if the Islanders get their new arena or not). As for being #1 or #2 in their city, that's something that will never happen for many teams, regardless of how successful they are because of the popularity of the NFL, NBA, and MLB in the US. I honestly wouldn't even be shocked to see it on the same level as the MLS in a decade or so due to the recent growth of that league.
  2. NHL in Houston

    I've noticed many people have said that Houston Aeros had good attendance, so that means they will be a decent hockey market. When it comes to market viability, using minor league attendance doesn't mean anything. Here are the yearly averages from the AHL Aeros (Note: they started playing at Toyota Center in 2003-04): Since everybody has been comparing Houston and Atlanta, here are the numbers for both the ECHL's Gwinnett/Atlanta Gladiators and the IHL's Atlanta Knights: The numbers for both cities are very similar. As a matter of fact, the Knights had better attendance numbers than the AHL Aeros did. There are obviously many other factors that can be used to look into it (economy, prices, etc.), but to just say "they had good minor league numbers, so that means they'll be a good NHL market", doesn't mean anything. For the record, I think they deserve a shot at a team. It's worth trying a new market out rather than keeping some teams that have been struggling for over a decade afloat forever. I don't have a problem with Sunbelt HockeyTM, but only if the markets have at least mild success (Nashville, Tampa, Dallas for example).
  3. Bizarre Athlete Endorsements

    Wow that's some bad green screen! At least Troy Aikman is a better "Acme Guy" than the last one...
  4. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Flint Firebirds Military appreciation jerseys: North Bay Battalion Remembrance Day jerseys: Oshawa Generals Remembrance Day jerseys:
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    This really sucks. As a Jays fan who grew up watching the team in the 2000's, I consider myself lucky that I got to see him pitch, both on television and in person many time. He was one of the only star players that the team had during those years and made game at the time exciting. This may be biased of me to say he will definitely be a Hall of Famer, but I honestly believe that he will be someday.
  6. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    The Saginaw Spirit wore their Military Appreciation jerseys the other day: Kitchener Rangers Remembrance Day jerseys, which will be worn on Friday:
  7. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    More Remembrance Day jerseys. Here is the one Owen Sound will be wearing next Saturday:
  8. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Remembrance Day jerseys starting to come out: Soo Greyhounds- Guelph Storm-
  9. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Looks like they've found it just as I'm reading this. 6-1 Dodgers.
  10. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Probably. Lots of people are cheap.
  11. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    At this point, I'm fine with any of the potential World Series matches. I have no issues with the Dodgers at all, and as for the Yankees/Astros, I'd of course like to see the Astros make it, but I personally have no issues with the Yankees. Anything is better than the Red Sox/Cardinals World Series we got a couple of years ago. I can't stand either of those teams.
  12. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    The glowing puck might be making a return soon.
  13. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Too bad they couldn't save a few bucks and just buy the old one from Brooklyn. Just spray paint it gold and nobody will know the difference.
  14. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    100th Memorial Cup logo:
  15. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Oshawa Generals throwback jerseys (I'm assuming they'll be worn on October 21st for Tony Tanti's jersey retirement).