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  1. Where are these rumors coming from? A teal color rush uniform seems like the logical "next step" of a rumor after the obvious "no more two-color helmet"
  2. This is very possible. Been a locker room thing for a while:
  3. I would amend this to be white over white: 1 away burgundy over white: one home (1pm, late in season). 2012 was the last season Washington wore burgundy over white in the regular season. I think it's a great look for an October or November home 1pm game. I specifically recall 2012 vs. the Eagles as a time when it looked great. For example, would look fantastic this Sunday vs. the Vikings. On the subject of what to wear at home against the Cowboys, that aspect is honestly the biggest one that wishes they would wear white at home again. White at home for Washington is a longstanding classic look, but I don't mind burgundy jerseys (gold or white pants) for most home games. Only exception is when they wear burgundy at home vs the Cowboys. Growing up, I just loved knowing the Cowboys were forced into wearing their navy jerseys, especially after one or two "unlucky" losses to Washington AT Dallas while they wore navy throwback jerseys.
  4. I think it's really heartwarming to see that Washington has decided to stick with the burgundy pants look for all white-jersey games. Finally seems like they've found their set combos for home and road after six years of drifting since the introduction of gold pants in 2010.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I spy an AWL.
  6. Upon further reflection, I think most of my dislike comes from how the gold appears on a concept. Because when I look at the Ravens' color rush, I like the increased use a lot!
  7. Bizarre Athlete Endorsements

    Eastern Motors commercials were a staple of Washington football broadcasts for most of my childhood. Featured probably every well-known District player from the years before, during, and after the Gibbs 2.0 era. Ovi's inability to recognize the abbreviation "SUV" is the best part
  8. Just want to take a moment to appreciate Quinton Dunbar's football style. This cornerback wears a QB-cut jersey, baggy long sleeves, and a mock turtleneck like he's a Kansas City Chief posing for his headshot in 1984.
  9. First-time NFL uniform matchup coming up at 4:05. Redskins in white/burgundy Seattle in navy/navy. Seattle has only played in Washington since their 2012 redesign, both times featuring burgundy/gold vs/ white/white
  10. I really like the broad color combos you chose for the Ravens. I also really like the logo change. I really don't like the use of gold though. Really feels like a bad use of the gold, which I thought should stay relegated to tertiary status.
  11. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

  12. Gov. Terry McAullife has been very active in trying to secure the Washington Redskins' new stadium. If the 2017 Democratic nominee for governor Ralph Northam wins next month's election over Ed Gillespie, there could be a shift in the executive approach to sports in the commonwealth. Northam is from the Eastern Shore but his base of support lies mainly in the Hampton Roads area. McAullife, being based in NoVa, focused on that area's push for a Redskins stadium. Perhaps Northam's administration would shift some of that focus to a Virginian shore baseball team.
  13. @upperV03 did you really need one post for that? Maybe try to private message your thoughts next time instead of cluttering up the thread.
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    Both versions of the Diamondbacks current set make no sense to me. The colors don't go together at all. The logos are awful. The dark grey is nasty. Just a really bad look all around.
  15. Unpopular Opinions

    I agree with everyone that says the gold pants look good. I still think they should drop them. The Redskins introduced uniforms in 1970 that are very similar to the home uniform now in terms of color Shades, helmet logo, striping waist down. In 1978, they dropped gold pants and didn’t wear them again regularly till 2010. Time for a new cycle! 2010-2017 gold pants, and a new era of just burgundy and white (plus three more Super Bowls?) for 30 years.
  16. Unpopular Opinions

    It's time. The Redskins should drop the gold pants, just like they did in the 1970s.
  17. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    The Lions blue socks actually kill that uniform. Throws the color balance completely off. The blue is too something to be used that much unobstructed. They need silver or white striped socks to break up the kind of blaring amount of color.
  18. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Timberwolves uniforms are staggeringly bad. I don't have a single good thing to say about them. Everything is terrible. The color choices, the use of "WOLVES," the sailor striping, the awkward logo placement, the choice of sponsor, the font. Good lord
  19. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    Right I completely agree it wouldn't be a spectacular, close up view, but it would still be very nice. Going forward, I think Washington ought to build stadium on the former RFK site for football that could operate as a sort of "national stadium."
  20. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    Right, but there's nothing obstructing the view of the Capitol along East Capitol St. This is a view of RFK along East Capitol St. from the Capitol dome.
  21. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    You sure about that? With a totally unobstructed view, I think you could definitely see the Capitol and monument. Perhaps not from home plate, but from a not-too-high up spot they'd be very visible. This is a better shot of the area though, if only for the reason I can make out my house in this angle!