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  1. An unusual spin on the recent-transaction posts: normally, the new team is the one posted here. For the record, recent transactions probably don't belong by the spirit of the thread, unless there's a twist like there is here.
  2. WaH was definitely a trend in the eighties.
  3. I can confirm the Rams and 49ers had gold "fashion" jerseys in PS2-gen Madden.
  4. Back when he was still Mike?
  5. The CFL used to have one team named the Roughriders and another named the Rough Riders. Does that count?
  6. That's a Mandela effect of its own to me. I always remembered the patch only being worn Week 1, and the Chiefs played the Patriots that week (Brady injury), not the Raiders.
  7. More similar to MVP 2006 (the NCAA game), but nobody played that one.
  8. Sonics KD is probably "wrong team", even though it's the right franchise.
  9. The original Browns did pack up for Baltimore, though the league doesn't consider it a relocation. Also, they left their coach behind, which was a big mistake in hindsight.
  10. Didn't they start out that way?
  11. Uh... let's get back on track.
  12. Wouldn't be the last time that happened. The University of South Alabama was left out of NCAA Football 13.
  13. He could become dual Reds/Yankees in the future, or possibly dual Reds/Cubs depending on how well his Cubs stint is remembered.
  14. Might as well do one of these, since all the other major sports have one.
  15. Tim Tebow