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  1. Didn't they start out that way?
  2. Uh... let's get back on track.
  3. Wouldn't be the last time that happened. The University of South Alabama was left out of NCAA Football 13.
  4. He could become dual Reds/Yankees in the future, or possibly dual Reds/Cubs depending on how well his Cubs stint is remembered.
  5. Might as well do one of these, since all the other major sports have one.
  6. Tim Tebow
  7. That actually brings up a good question. Would you play as the early-2000s Devil Rays in OOTP?
  8. Photoshops don't count.
  9. 1966 Broncos
  10. For the NFL to ban monochromatic bullcrap and abolish Color Rush.
  11. The Colorado/NE matchup was brutal on the eyes. I wouldn't like to see that repeated.
  12. A Deion Sanders quadruple feature: (As for Cincinnati, you can definitely argue he's right-team/wrong-uniform there, but he's primarily remembered as an Atlanta Brave.)
  13. IMO, Maddox has two right teams, same as He Hate Me whom I mentioned on the last page. Within the NFL, the Steelers are his only "right" team.
  14. He Hate Me is an odd case of wrong league, but right team within the league. His true wrong uniform is probably this one:
  15. An underrated gem