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  1. I'd actually like to see the Eagles keep midnight green, but eliminate black; it would effectively make silver & white its supporting colors. Jets need to return to Kelly Green.
  2. Toledo themselves have already accomplished the none school colors look already with UA. Toledo chose it, not the company.
  3. I know this isn't indicative of what they'll be wearing this season, but here is some UCLA practice gear with Under Armour.
  4. Arizona dropped the ball with this set. Gripes I Have: Numerals too large; font too similar to West Virginia's abysmal font. No outlines on the numerals; solid red looks bad on the navy jersey. Should've been white outlined in red. No striping on the pants or helmet. Design has nothing unique about it or memorable.
  5. When will they learn that asymmetric looks aren't for everybody? Put the cardinal on both sides, please.
  6. I really wish Temple would settle on one design element. I'm not too fond of the gradient and diamonds being on the same uniform.
  7. Post has decided to go into a new direction with their branding for Honey Comb. Any thoughts? Front View (Old v. New)
  8. Utah completely missed with the pants. The stripes are fine, but the bottom insert completely ruins a solid new set. I would've like to have seen them go in a direction where they used the fauxback uniforms as a basis. The numbers on those were beautiful.
  9. I would've liked to have seen something like this, but I wish they avoided the roundel altogether.
  10. If it were already safe to use, it would make sense for the Raiders to use it. Solid tie-in with The Black Hole.
  11. ACC: Split between Clemson and UNC. Love that both teams utilize their unique shades in a way that fits them best. B1G: Tough pick, but Michigan. Maize & Blue plus winged helmet, near unbeatable combo. XII: I'll give Kansas State the nod. They keep it simple and let the colors do what they do. Pac-12: Utah. Their current set is great, love the colors. Probably have the best retro look, complete with the logos and number font. SEC: Another tough choice, I'll go LSU. Love their look, and rarely have bad alternates when they have them. AAC: Navy's the easiest choice. C-USA: No question, Louisiana Tech. MAC: Ohio, by default. MWC: Air Force. They have a great current set, and have had some alternate looks that are fantastic. Sun Belt: UL-Lafayette. Hard to argue against a clean look. Independents: Notre Dame. Classic look.
  12. I feel if the Lions were to used Chrome, I feel the best route would be brushed chrome. Kinda like Tampa. Rather see them in a set similar to their 90s set, just modernized appropriately.
  13. Anybody have anything on the 2017 All-Star uniforms yet?
  14. Seahawks should keep those endzones though.
  15. Really wish that Colorado had dressed in Gold/Black/Gold. Definitely would've been complimented by the sunlight.