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  1. Fantastic and clean concept. Love the identity. Definitely goes back to their roots
  2. Pengin.

    Minnesota Lynx New Logo

    The Lynx looks odd. Looks like its straight up a cartoon logo out of the 90s
  3. Pengin.

    NFL 2017 changes?

    it's a big improvement to the stripes because it doesn't look like a striped mess scrunched up with the modern unis.
  4. Pengin.

    Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    The last purple roads were one of the best unis in basketball. I can't believe they took everything that was good about the last jerseys and kept all the bad (the wordmark, the mismatching colors). The flames on the shorts are hideous. Why are their pointed stripes? Where's their buzz words for that? They also said that the arching wordmark replicates a rising sun. I think that's a huge stretch. Why are the numbers so huge? and why do the colors of the numbers offset with the wordmark? What's the symbolism with the horrible beveling on the wordmark other than keeping consistency with the horrible beveling on the logos? While the future is bright for the young Suns on the team, the jerseys mess up an already messy team identity. It's like they had 5 mins to mock up something and ran out of time to make a decent jersey. Arizona is most likely home to the worst dressed sports team in the nation. And that's not a hyberbole (Cardinals are a mess. Suns are a mess. and D-Backs are a mess)
  5. Pengin.

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Let's take all the personality that made the Suns jerseys great and arch and add bevel to the Suns hideous wordmark! At least they took the black away from the jersey but here lies a huge problem: The Suns' primary logo is ALL BLACK!
  6. Pengin.

    Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    I guess i'll hold judgment until i see them in a game
  7. Pengin.

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    I like the leaked jerseys considering its different from the rest of the league. It has basic elements that don't try to be modern. My only negative is that there is a lack of historical team elements that made it stand out.
  8. Pengin.

    Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    what a mess. I want the skyline and powder blues. Why go conventional with the navy? the yellow outline and white number makes it illegible on the navy. I'm pretty sure that the statkeeper will complain.
  9. Pengin.

    LA Lakers Branding Concept (Logos/Uniforms)

    I like what I see here. But, I don't really know what I see here. It does make sense to move the Lakers identity to reflect the glitz and glammer of Los Angeles. I think you grasp that concept very well. The identity you crafted here is very energetic, simple, and can market to the next generation of fans while retaining the fact that Los Angeles is a hot market for stars. However the elements in this identity makes me question what it is. I understand the theme maybe"shooting for the stars" but in my interpretation the direction screams "city of spotlights" to me which definitely works with the set of logos and wordmarks you got here. The primary logo: What is it exactly? Yes, it is regal which depicts the Laker's historic dominance of the NBA. But it looks like a futuristic military badge to me at first glance. At second glance, maybe its a spotlight to depict the market of stars that Los Angeles is always shown to be. The Secondary Logo: Again. It's dynamic, energetic, and vibrant. Which I applaud you for grasping those details for a secondary. However, like was stated before, it looks like it may be for the Pacers. In my opinion, it looks like a lightbulb, which can definitely work going to the theme of LA being the city of spotlights. I feel like you are in the right direction here. A lot of good elements working well with this identity. Yes, I think the wordmark needs work but it fits with this entire identity. If the Lakers went into this direction, it would gradually be accepted due to this great execution of the identity. Great job.
  10. Pengin.

    Grand Rapids Griffins announce new logo

    Wow massive downgrade. If they wanted to make the griffin more fierce then they should have had whoever did their previous logo do it.
  11. May have to put this concept on the back burner because I've been hung up trying to make the rebrand work with a secondary. It's been taking too much of my limited design time. Here was a secondary logo I was working on using reference's to Kendrick Kidd's WIP on dribbble. I like using the forest with the grizzlies concept because it lets me flex my creative muscles to spread my focus beyond a bear. It's something that I felt like I needed to personally grow within my creative skills. I know that M does not really fit within the rest of the identity and there should be some details in the empty space of the roundel element, but I feel like crafting this identity as a whole helped me develop skills necessary to become a better designer. I'll be returning to this project soon. I want to practice other things before I finish this Grizzlies rebrand. Hopefully the next concepts I'll post would help further develop my design skills. Thanks everyone!
  12. Pengin.

    Utah Jazz Concept

    i think there is a lack of a "jazz" theme here. A lot of potential as it fits the team's identity though. I just think that this would be ok for a secondary. Keep on playing with the elements that the team has to establish the "Jazz" identity.
  13. Pengin.

    Oklahoma City Thunder logos (updated)

    I agree with this post as well. I think the uniforms are a bit busy, but they are definitely unique.
  14. Pengin.

    Oklahoma City Thunder logos (updated)

    i agree. I do think they is executed very well. I love that it has a great color scheme and that its pretty clean. However, I think these are best suited as secondary logos. It's more soccer-ish or more for an MLB team as primary logos. I agree that the Thunder script needs to be the other way.
  15. Pengin.

    Niagara Purple Eagles Logo Redesign

    my issue is that the bird is blocking the "U" in "NU". It being the same color makes the initial look like NJ.