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  1. ramsjetsthunder

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    Perhaps putting Lynchburg first skewed the logo goal of the league. Not every logo will have Christian imagery tied in. That aspect will be most prominent in the league logo, with the rest of the teams standard. Lynchburg simply had a cross because I couldn't think of much else to do for the city, along with the opportunity presented with the L and 7.
  2. ramsjetsthunder

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    Thanks for the commentary on Lynchburg. I'm still not completely happy with the Lion logo but I think I can work on that later. For now here's team two, Oklahoma City. First off, I did not include a wordmark and left the 3rd column blank simply to match the rest of the presentations. The primary OKC will also serve as the wordmark. The primary mark features an arrow to pay homage to the state's Native American roots. The alternate is the shield seen on the state's flag.
  3. ramsjetsthunder

    California flag using sports logos and colors

    I'd prefer they use that flag. Interesting idea
  4. ramsjetsthunder

    NFL REDESIGN (Bills 10/16)

    If I havent already said this, this is one of the greatest NFL uni threads ive seen on the boards in a long time. Absolutely terrific work!
  5. ramsjetsthunder

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    Lol I wish! Here I tried the white inside the shield but I think I prefer the original. Here is the first team from Lynchburg, VA. I forgot to mention, the team names in this league will just be the city name. Lynchburg has a purple and orange color scheme reflecting the "purple mountains majesty" seen in the city's geography and orange representing the town's famous sunsets. The logos reflect the city's Christian heritage. The primary logo is a lion, which I tried to do some highlights on but i think it needs work so I'd definitely appreciate suggestions there. The alternate features the mountains and sunset in the circle with the overlayed cross. Inside the cross is an L for Lynchburg and a 7 for the city's nickname "the city of seven hills." The wordmark is a simple script font.
  6. ramsjetsthunder

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    I will try to get some teams out within the next few days.
  7. I ran a fictional football league outside the boards from 2009 all the way through 2017 and I have decided to try my hand at it again. Beginning in the fall of 2019, I will launch the newest fictional football league the "Grace Football League." The GFL is composed of fictional post-college players who were not good enough for the pros. The league will have a focus on Christian Conservative values and will be based primarily in the southern United States. I am currently in the process of making each team's logos and will attempt to refine them will your feedback. But for now, here is both the league logo and slogan logo:
  8. ramsjetsthunder

    OKC Redhawks concept

    I love these simply due to nostalgia
  9. ramsjetsthunder

    OKC Thunder New Court Concept

    NO. as an OKC fan, I am too attached to our current court. Definitely one of the league's best.
  10. ramsjetsthunder

    College Football 2018-19: Santa Clara is that a way.

    The 2018/19 season is just around the corner, and im about as excited as one could be. I wanted to create this thread as a more specific place to discuss Big 12 football and how the teams are looking, who could win the conference, etc. Feel free to give your B12 winner prediction and your favorite team! I root for the Oklahoma Sooners The Big 12 winner this year will be the Texas Longhorns
  11. AFC East - Jets fan Its a toss up betwen Bills and Dolphins. Depends on the year NFC West - Rams fan Almost always the Cardinals West NW Division - Thunder fan This year it will be the Nuggets Big 12 Football - Oklahoma fan Kansas. Need i say more?
  12. ramsjetsthunder

    Non-sports logos that could be good sports logos?

    Now this is my kind of thread....
  13. ramsjetsthunder

    NFL Retro Helmet Poster

    Do you have a template for those helmets. I used to have one but cant find it
  14. ramsjetsthunder

    2018 NFL Redesigns (19/32)

    This is an interesting addition. I like it. However, this should probably be in its own topic. You can create a new one by going to the concepts page and clicking "start new topic" It seems you are new here, welcome to the boards!
  15. ramsjetsthunder

    Florida Flamingos C&C Wanted

    Use shadow on the flamingo. Looks a bit clip-art-esque currently