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  1. Stadium art/banners

    Look at the penn state student section. Always loaded with puns on player names
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    And: do the federations pick the kits? Do the players pick? Or does the governing body in fifa pick
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Is there any rules on what jerseys the teams have to wear? I know the regulations of international kits I’m asking like are teams forced to wear their main one for x amount of games and the change kit for 1? Or does it not matter and teams are just supposed to clash?
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    The logo they use is the single color version. Their profile picture is still the gold jag though. I hope they drop gold minus a few small accents and leave the logo how it is. I prefer the current jag head to all the other logos they’ve ever come out with. and if they drop gold completely, surely teal has to be the prominent color, right? There’s no way they keep an all black and white scheme with only teal accents, RIGHT? edit: they are still using the current font. Is it here to stay? Or am I over analyzing a simple Twitter post
  6. TNF Color Rush by bbb

    Chicago- as long as the nfl is cool with the small numbers, I’d say great job. Both jerseys no complaints. packers- separate the pants stripes on the white to match the shoulders. It’s an unnecessary difference I think. I know I keep saying stripe consistency but it’s a real thing when the stripes are actually THAT similar. Green looks good too. Not sure about the white jersey helmet, but it’s a nice change of pace for sure. Great job on these two
  7. TNF Color Rush by bbb

    Shoot i apologize for missing this series earlier. you asked for some C&C and ill give you an essay- Overall- wish the color rush logo was smaller and toward a sideline 25, like NFL thanksgiving always is, but a cooler logo than they usually use. Endzones look great, no complaints on any so far Chargers- wish it was powder, but if youre gonna go yellow, thats the way to do it. yellow facemasks work with it, and the two color outline? yes. The pants lightning bolt needs white, whether be another outline or color the inside white. Theres no white down there. away uni- not sold on the helmet numbers in the NFL, just a personal opinion, but man that jersey is legit. I would take the yellow out of the helmet logo as well since you removed it from the uni. The chargers have the best brand in the NFL that just isnt right. they need tweaks, but their logo is great, jerseys need to be colored correctly, and the colors are almost right (switch the dominance of navy over powder). That away jersey is special. Now, i wouldn't want that as a primary away, but for a one-off game, thats a killer of a jersey. Great job. Raiders- yup. nailed it. i would make the helmet for the black uni the helmet for both. Its really good. And the only thing i'd do is add a small black outline to the pants on the white so it matches the numbers. Otherwise, perfect. Broncos- Yes. that helmet is fantastic. Orange jerseys, crushed it. (see what i did there?) haha okay im kidding but those are exactly how they should be. Going off my earlier mention, im not a fan of big nfl helmet numbers. make the white jersey helmet be the same as the blues, but with a white logo instead of the orange. You have different fonts on the white jersey which wouldn't fly well. id keep the normal font they use today, since its unique and not gimmicky, but in solid blue like you have there. make the pants stripe match the helmet stripe, aka choose if you like a single stripe or double stripe, then make them match. these are so close to being stellar, but a great job nonetheless. Chiefs- red name&numbers on the yellow jersey. It has to be, nobody will be able to see the white ones well enough. Otherwise, great. the yellow facemask is a nice touch. And i would make the outline of the arrowhead yellow, since black isnt existent anywhere else on the uni (i know how it isnt there in real life either but its a concept here, so lets fix their wrong). and the white uni- no complaints. its similar to what they have now, its good. I would make the field reflect your changes to the jersey (midfield logo should match the helmet's and the wordmark in the endzone should be red instead of white, like the numbers) Good job here. Also- Alex smith may not be the best choice anymore.... Jags- Thank you for choosing teal. It is a scam that we get the crappy gold in real life. I know you didnt change helmets but thats the only thing hurting these designs. I wouldn't go fauxback, we dont really have that deep history like most teams do. I wouldnt use the shield logo on the chest, id just use the jag head. Great job though. White jersey is great. Wish there was teal but hey, for one game, its a solid look for sure. As long as the saints or steelers dont look like this too? its a winner. Great job here too. Colts- your first miss. the green is a stretch. id say change the green to their blue, and youve got a winner. i like their logo on the helmet sides, not small on the back like that. Otherwise great. The gray elements would make it feel like a new uni as opposed to their usual with colored pants. just the wrong color but the uni is a good design. Texans- perfect red. actually no complaints. I wish they adopted these helmets full time and changed the decal based on the uni selection. White- maybe go with no red and all blue and white? idk just a thought. make half of that helmet logo red though if you leave it in. Hit it out of the park on this one. Oilers- (oh shoot i meant titans)- Great job, but youre not designig a uni for the titans. Someone mentioned it before, i think you need to use titans logos and wordmarks, but an oilers-inspired design is okay. im not a fan of the roundel on the chest though, not a football thing imo. Id re-do this one for the sake of the series, but for an oilers jersey? beautiful. everything is spot on. Giants- red facemasks on the red uni. Done. Game over thats a killer. Make it say giants on the helmet though. White jersey. spot on. zero complaints, maybe make the red stripe on the sleeve a touch thicker but thats it. 12/10 here Eagles- Shut up and take my money. great change of pace from the current look, it utilizes their unique color, and throws it back but still keeps it modern. make the sock stripe be the same as the pant stripe, youre missing a touch of silver there otherwise, no complaints at all! Cowgirls- Hate this team but just invert the colors of that white one for the blue, and remove the number outline (or at least thin it out) and its a winner. This team, of all teams, should not use volt blue. Im not a fan of the mismatched helmet and pants look they have right now but the color rush should be done right. Redskins- Id make the unis burgundy since you already have some gold/yellow ones, and the players dont like em. Just invert the burgundy and yellow. and make the pants stripe look like the white jersey with just the right colors. and add the "red" in the wordmark. Great work on the white, its just correct. Great start. Excuse the length, i had to get it all out, i struggle to get C&C for my stuff sometimes too. It happens. Keep em coming
  8. i love this series because htown is making the jerseys i see in my head when i argue that we need modern stuff, and its just making me feel even more right, which may or may not be a good thing, idk yet
  9. Atlanta Falcons Logo Concept

    I like it. Personal little rant- I just think their new logo really isn't all to bad. The old one really isnt THAT great. I will never understand the board's adoration for old logos, especially the falcons. i think what you did is a really nice update on a classic, but it doesnt have that "bird of prey" feel that the current one does. It isn't "mean" enough. Even the cardinals bird looks mean. I think you need to add some more of a beak to it, like make it have an open mouth. Also, it doesn't look like an f anymore, it feels almost forced. I think moving the bottom part of the wing more left will help, and make the head a touch longer. You absolutely nailed the body of the bird, and the wing design. I think the overall logo is a nice update, but i kind of wish it was more a blend of their current one. Great job though, its close.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    White jersey, teal numbers, teal pants on the road? Count me in
  11. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    @team USA if you can even qualify.... i like the font for England. Obviously lots of teams will get the Nike standard but I like that England one (which is usually its own thing) nigeria, idk, the green base design you can get away with but the zebra on the sleeves is a dagger. Good effort on being different though! At least people will remember that team now
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    This. He’s got it. Not just in color but design. And this. Can’t complain, as long as it is black and only black
  13. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I will say the finish on notre dames helmets are great. Teams like Memphis with their bengals like chrome helmets or Louisville’s red chrome just look absolutely terrible
  14. beautiful. a fresh and modern look for a league for a league on the up and coming. well done. if you made kits i hope they are similar to the new heat unis, with the pink and "powder?" accents. Great job here, maybe fill in the word miami to make it really pop? well done regardless
  15. Super Bowl LIII Logo Concept

    Looks great. Not too big a fan of the logo on the blue, theres too many thick outlines. for promo stuff and eveything else, it looks great. Def beats the templated design
  16. College Football uniforms- 2018

    When will chrome not be a thing? It’s such a terrible “color” and only matches when you put those shiny numbers on unis which also look terrible. My goodness why do teams like wearing mirrors on their heads? And I’d imagine it’s a nightmare for equipment managers to keep them polished so smoothly?
  17. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Back to the madden people- what is the need to have them be moving? Does a picture of the player suffice? The madden people don’t even remotely look like the player they are supposed to represent and it’s really just weird...
  18. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    So is the weird earthquake shoulder stripes Nike template not a thing? I thought I saw mockups that featured those... I could be wrong though
  19. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Throwback Thursday’s would be awesome. Allows for teams to keep a modern look but still giving those traditionalist fans a taste of the past. I think throwbacks are the way to as opposed to color rush. But heres what I think- color rush is a good idea. It’s just bad execution. The jaguars don’t need gold unis. Let them wear teal. The dolphins don’t need orange. The bills don’t need red. Seahawks don’t need blinding green. Keep the color rush idea, but let teams wear uniforms that they actually wear regularly. The bills don’t look like the bills in their red unis. Maybe it’s just me but why not let them wear all blue? And don’t schedule teams that have too similar colors for Thursday nights then you don’t get the mono white looks. You pick terrible games already so it doesn’t matter which teams you pick. but honestly, get rid of TNF entirely. It’s just unnecessary. And you can do the color rush and all gimmick stuff on Monday night football. Thursday’s suck for fantasy, watching (Thursday nfl, Friday high school and college, Saturday college, Sunday nfl, Monday nfl) it’s just too much. AND THE HELMET RULE IS RUINING THESE LOOKS. You can’t tell me that the monster business nfl can’t get extra help to test out a few more helmets for each team. Ridiculous
  20. 2018 NASCAR Paint Schemes

    Not to advertise for another site but jayski (now a part of ESPN unfortunately) has always been on top of these schemes, they have pics of every car. And the contingency decals are interesting. I feel like NASCAR is opening up the sides for teams to put big sponsors since money is starting to become an issue for lots of good teams. Eventually we will see the numbers on the rear quarter panels. I mean I hate that they won’t be on the doors in a few years but if it’s the only way to keep the series running like this, then so be it
  21. Super Bowl LII Field

    what about a giant logo enlarged where it cuts off the top and bottom a little bit, but keeps enough to where it is still obviously recognizable, and then conference on one side, helmet on the other, or none of that and just the logo? this years' teams would look great with this design imo
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I just complain that teams can’t all look the same but different colors. There is no point in these forums if every team is a carbon copy of each other. Some teams like the 49ers who have a long history should be keeping their basic look. But a team like the jaguars are establishing an identity right now, so they should be creative with it. I’m not saying be buccaneers overboard but not every team can look the same. Do I think the current look is perfect? No, but a few tweaks (mainly the helmet) and it’s better than if we just went back to the 95-96 unis. There just needs to be a difference between teams outside of colors and helmet logos. I argue the font needs to be not block, because it is one part of a uniform you can be creative with and not hurt the overall design entirely. It doesn’t have to be extreme but just don’t be simple and “traditional” because you are the most modern new identity besides the Texans.
  23. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Jags logo is good. I really hope they keep it. The font is great with the current unis keeping that slanted line feel. So either they keep that theme or switch entirely and go back toward the original numbers that weren’t standard block. I’m a jaguars fan because of those unis. But I think the black-teal-black look will forever be my favorite. And the black white black roads are great too, but the teal numbers they have right now are fantastic.
  24. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    May I ask- what is with the obsession over standard block numbers? This is almost the freshest identity in the league, a new team with no huge tradition just yet. I think the font they have now is actually pretty good, as long as the uniform matches it. Do we really want to premier league this and make everyone wear the same font? I’ll pass there, let the one team that very well could keep it difffent and not wear the standard do that
  25. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Kill me. A gradient. WE WEAR WHITE SHORTS IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE this is awful