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  1. there are so many little things wrong with the jersey, thats what makes it bad. browns on the pants. cleveland across the chest. the orange stitching. orange numbers on the brown jersey. i dont have a problem with anything else on it though.
  2. i cant agree to these more.
  3. At the end of the day, it could've been a lot worse.
  4. My take: vegas actually looks good and the slate is a great color to have in the league
  5. What changed for Calgary, Washington, and Ottawa?
  6. So about Ottawa....
  7. Is there a stream out there?
  8. Flyers draft hat has white and black stripes. Do we know if the hats are for the waists or the sleeves?
  9. "Pages." We've killed this thread and it will only get worse
  10. Does a minor tweak mean a same jersey...???
  11. Phantom yoke remains for the ducks
  12. I doubt we will see any teams keeping the exact same look. Who knows though.
  13. I said this the day they announced the revealing of them all in one day
  14. Got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I've got nothing to do but watch this awful show just for the uniforms
  15. He's right, it's hard to see but it's there
  17. if someone has an in with a uniform designer for these teams, send them this link. i love all of these. id love to suggest penn state obviously and just keep up the great work. great presentation, and the concepts are very nice on top of it all
  18. Am I the only one seeing the even darker blue sublimated stars in the pictures?
  19. AIA might be the best sponsor out there. its so simple and looks pretty good. Yes, im disappointed as a spurs fan that these are a bit bland, but hey, ill take them over the PSG monstrosity. Could be worse. Sometimes plain is better. SEE PENN STATE FOOTBALL. overall, ill take it. Beats the 2014-15 set for sure
  20. awesome, except i would give monaco its own unique logo, not looking templated like the others since it is, well, you know. anyways, they all look great, and the font is a great choice. Great work!
  21. that duke jersey is sick. well done on all 3
  22. thin stripes work for them... just wish the adidas stripes were the same width on the shoulders, or that they extended all the way down the sleeve. regardless, we can all agree the red back is bad. they look like theyre on opposite teams if they face opposite directions.
  23. every rams uniform is bad if it isnt royal blue and gold like the super bowl winning uniforms... the only reason they lost to the patriots is because of the jersey change.... just saying
  24. i like that burnley isn't copying a west ham or aston villa look this year. buuuuuut its a bad kit, too much shoulder going on with the gradients
  25. the twins logo can be used in almost every sports, see above for an example of a perfect hockey jersey using it (Minus the phantom yoke). Great work, these look awesome!