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  1. I just saw this in my Twitter feed. It's a neat article talking about the old tailoring that used to take place to get a team ready to play.
  2. I get boxing match, not soccer match, from that graphic. It looks too much like the stare down after a weigh-in.
  3. Because it is an NFL Network broadcast. I'm not saying that they are equivalent, I'm just saying that is the assumption that someone has made (if it isn't, in fact, Color Rash).
  4. Yep - me and the NHL. I only want good playoff action, and don't care who wins.
  5. Under that same theory, he could be the one who teaches Luke that the dark side ain't all that bad, and that it can be used to balance the force.
  6. So - that's blue italic font, which is supposed to be internet obvious sarcasm. Yes, I'm busting your chops with this. But don't post "I have something coming soon!". Just post what you have. To be fair, I'm not looking forward to it as the best advice (slapshot, CS85) that you've been given in this thread has seemingly been disregarded.
  7. Icebox used to be in the vernacular. Throw that one around and see what looks you get. As for you being in the minority, it may be a singular minority for agreement with your entire argument.
  8. I saw the same thing.
  9. Spoken like someone with no kids. It doesn't always work that way.
  10. Yippy.
  11. So the Brewers wear Milwaukee at home and Brewers on the road. To quote a professor of mine from long ago 'da hell?'
  12. Yippy, back from Banlandia
  13. Woohoo - I'm a 5%er. Only cuz I'm 52 :-(
  14. That's funny - I read it (originally) entirely the way you MEANT to say it.
  15. After how many iterations do you just throw an IP ban out there? That's a rhetorical question.
  16. Surprised these two haven't come up:
  17. Why? One brand has no following in half the country, and the other brand is missing out on the other half. Changing your name in half of your markets just to have one name isn't their problem.
  18. How about not wearing a jersey that reads "Milwaukee" when you're at home? That just strikes me as wrong. 3 games I attended this week. 0-3. Ugh.
  19. I thought I had posted this one - I guess not:
  20. Nitroseed's Cardinal makes an appearance:
  21. So maybe this will be good for you, and not like what everyone else says. Live your life, decide if YOU like it. Just because someone on a message board is all 'call center jobs SUXOR' doesn't mean it can't work for you.
  22. they also sell ice cream in the sundae cups - I just had some two nights ago. It might not be at all stands - not sure about that part.
  23. He probably wasn't qualified :-) Just the other day someone I work with said he wondered if Lynn Dickey would try to photoshop his name on the Lambeau wall once 12 gets retired.
  24. Understood - but when Nike-speak leads to such doozies as 'The jaguars helmet fades from black to gold to indicate the jaguar springing from the shadows as it hunts' when the REVERSE is what those colors depict in real life (black ought to be behind as it leaves the shadows) shows that they create Nike-speak after the fact without regard to the crap they foist on their uniforms.
  25. I posted this in Brandon's thread, but here, too: Just saw this - Graphic Design intern position with the Packers: