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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    This. Not gonna happen as the NFL seems to think it's KEWL, but yeah.
  2. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    You are thick and oblivious to think that the league cares about this problem that virtually no one outside of out little slice of the internet cares about.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    No, but it isn't the ok-est thing, either.
  4. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    I presume he is chagrined that his attempt at jacking your idea with his own list thread has been so slightly commented upon.
  5. You May Like

    Autoplay ads? Ugh - that could be the end of times.
  6. Star Wars Movie Thread

    But this time, the student turns to the dark side?
  7. The Sports Media Thread

    But ... you should never apologize 'if you were offended'. Someone was offended. Just drop that part from the apology. I chuckled when I learned that "route running" is slang for guys chasing chicks. If that is where he was really going, trying to make a sly joke, it's kinda funny. I get that it was offensive, but that makes it kinda funny in my mind.
  8. New Orleans Saints - A Uniform Odyssey

    Interesting. Philadelphia did this for 1969 (Green at home and white on the road IIRC). Had this happened, I wonder if the NFL would have accepted this as a thing. Very neat study. I look forward to this. To all - please leave this thread alone regarding the Saints, much like @leopard88 did above.
  9. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Never heard of him.
  10. NFL 2017 changes?

    Got it and co-signed.
  11. NFL 2017 changes?

    Facemasks have been swapped out before to work better with alt/throwback helmets. Green Bay and Chicago both, at least, have swapped in a grey mask at times. I believe the NFL would require the entire team to wear the same color facemask (I'm not sure if that was your actual comment with mix and match facemasks), so no concerns there. Decals have also been allowed for a quick swap (Rams horn color, color rush chrome logos for the Jets), so it probably is as limited as 'you can't eff with the shell'.
  12. You May Like

    So I'm getting "normal" ads now. Just me?
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Just curious - why do you think it ought to be a satin finish? I personally despise non-polished finishes on helmets (or overly polished [i.e., chrome] finishes). Put another way - sell me on why satin, matte, or chrome finishes aren't just the 2010 version of the leisure suit.
  14. Not arguing with you at all, but neither jersey in this case was an alt. The Bears look bad in all navy, and the Packers just added white pants to the set.
  15. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Matte helmets are an ugly fad that should remain at the level of college, high school, and semi-pro football. No helmet will ever look better as matte or chrome. [get off my lawn] - not directed at you :-)
  16. Celebrate Yourself Here

    I spent the last half of last week in San Diego watching my middle son graduate from Marine Boot Camp. Ooh rah!
  17. 2017 NFL Season

    'Decent stats' is far from 'went out on top'. For grins, he was ranked 17th of 30 qualifiers in Passer Rating. 30th in wins. 6th best among interception percentage. 26th in completion percentage. 30th in yards per game. 13th in TD percentage. I limited this just to qualifiers, and tried to only look at equalized stats (i.e., per game or ratings of one sort or another), as he played fewer games and would therefore have lesser total numbers. I don't see these as being 'decent'.
  18. 2017 NFL Season

    Kaepernick went out on top? Is that what you're saying? I'm not seeing that. He was 1-10 as a starter in his final season.
  19. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Why the seriffs only on the I? They bug me - I'd go sans seriff there as well.
  20. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    No, it really isn't :-)
  21. WHite over navy for Seattle at Lambeau It's not letting me upload a pic
  22. Stolen Work

    I'm surprised that the "Hoop Dreams" fiasco hasn't made an appearance here @Conrad. @CC97 I jumped into the Twitter bashing of the guy - why not?
  23. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Oh, i know the ground on which I tread. However, flat out saying that a 5+ hour drive invalidates the ability to go to a game can also fall apart quickly. So saying that 'people aren't going to do it regularly' isn't due to the drive time, it's due to getting shat on. Those are two entirely different things. No, I don't expect NEARLY any San Diegans will attend games for the LA Chargers - but it isn't due to the drive, it's due to getting crapped on by the team.
  24. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    If I were to drive straight to Lambeau Field on a non-game day, I'd be looking at a drive of right about 4:20. On game day, HAHAHAHAHAHA in making it round trip in that time. I don't miss a game. 5 hours+ round trip on game day 8 times per season is not a problem IF you want to go to the games.