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  1. My last two times in this thread have given me a warning your video player is outdated. Both times from the mobile app. Close to giving up on mobile access.
  2. Sec19Row53

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    Title IX was the death of baseball at UW. Until you can figure out a women's sport to pair up with baseball for Title IX purposes, it isn't happening.
  4. You had me until the second sentence. Burn the blue pants.
  5. I know, which is why I said that I close my browser on the phone as soon as it happens. I'm more interested in making sure my phone isn't subject to a malicious website than in grabbing screen caps. Sorry.
  6. I've had 2 re-directs on my phone from this site only lately. Two different ones. Sorry, no screen caps, as I just close my browser window as soon as it happens.
  7. The new ballpark in Waukesha is anything but a done deal. Along those lines, there's also talk of one being built in Pewaukee. The two locations are MAYBE 10 miles from each other. Mequon is a 40 minute drive tops from either of those two locations (I was there all summer long as Official Scorer for the Chinooks).
  8. Sec19Row53

    Logo Design

    I got this.
  9. Sec19Row53

    NFL 2018 changes

    I don't argue this point, but I'm compelled to say 'what about the Steelers' roads?'.
  10. Two words: Joe Namath A thing either is unique or it is not. Can't be most unique, sorta unique, unique for now....
  11. Sec19Row53

    who do you think

    I was sort of expecting this to be a dup account, given the name seems to be taunting 'you' to figure out who it is...
  12. Wow - how were you NOT getting them before now?
  13. Sec19Row53

    Realistic NFL Helmets - 12/32 - AFC South Completed

    The Jets also had a design similar to what you did - only the plane was in profile, not from above....
  14. Sec19Row53

    Realistic NFL Helmets - 12/32 - AFC South Completed

    That's not a new design - they wore it in the 60s
  15. They're - they are There - that place Their - owned by them UGH
  16. Sec19Row53

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I guess I disagree. If it is the Jets color and the Jets striping pattern, it's the Jets' jersey. If a counterfeiter is going to make a jersey, they'll add a counterfeit patch or wordmark. Case in point - are you telling me that you don't see counterfeit Steelers' jerseys? They added the logo - shouldn't that have prevented the occurrence?
  17. Sec19Row53

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I'm sure many of us think that this is true, but is it really?
  18. Sec19Row53

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    They're already using their classic logo, just not the one you are thinking of (I'm guessing).
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  20. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    If only replay review in sports worked this well. Bravo.
  21. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    Points in his favor, as it's clear he wasn't trying to hide who that was.
  22. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    Or maybe we let this play out and there's a modification to the reinstatement rule. Creating a dup account of a dup account to whine about such things can't help, one would think. I get it - this sucks. But it's the rock and hard place that the mods were between. Check out the little dig that DDR made (and I drew attention to) in the CLEMENT banning thread to see the issue that was forced upon them.
  23. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    Nah. I get what you're saying, but in the interest of 'fair is fair -- there's no unfairness', the constant wink-knodding to his past had to come up in this series of bannings. I hope that the upthread dup account and sour-grapiness post doesn't discount the last however many years of good membership if/when a re-instatement due to dupiness comes up for the admiral.
  24. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    You shouldn't have to repeat that. In fact, your Ric Flair / Shawn Michaels should have said it all. It sucks - I hope The Admiral can return legally.
  25. Sec19Row53

    the admiral

    None of us has to be here, but if we are here, there are rules to follow.