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  1. It looks like the Brewers are headed to Fresno:
  2. I just saw on Twitter (see, it has value) that the Colorado Springs AAA club will be moved to San Antonio for 2019, getting a Rookie League team instead.
  3. He wasn't saying there weren't teams who wear white at home, just that the reasoning given for white at home (i.e., that there is a heat disadvantage in wearing a dark colored jersey while in the sun) is not possible if playing in a dome.
  4. Seconded. At least.
  5. That's unpossible.
  6. Umm - 20 minutes in traffic on game day sounds wonderful. I'm sure I could be missing more to the story, but if that is the issue, it doesn't seem like much to me.
  7. The other part of this that bothers me is this - since you know you blew your whistle and you know it's loud, get your arms up in the air to signal dead puck immediately.
  8. It would work this time, but far more often it wouldn't. Just don't blow the whistle until the play is done.
  9. That ref was guilty of assuming. You can bet they'll watch the entire pkay the rest of tonight. Not that it helps that call.
  10. Yes.
  11. You spelled u-g-l-y wrong (it isn't spelled i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g) RE: branding/marketing - all I read in all of these responses is marketing speak. I'm not the intended recipient, but I look at a uniform and helmet as the team's look. I like the Dolphins' older looks better than their current one. While the old logo was definitely blobbish at certain resolutions, the current one strikes me as just a color streak. The startling lack of orange in the stripes and uniforms is off-putting. I don't understand why you have a mammoth aqua stripe flanked by a small navy stripe and a teeny tiny orange stripe that gets lost on anything other than a close up (heck - I had to scroll up to confirm which colors were there after aqua, because I wasn't positive).
  12. How about if the Yankees wore something other than red white and blue, like green and gold? Or if the team named the Jetsons dressed in wooly mammoth inspired uniforms. THAT name and THAT uniform are just at odds with each other. I don't dislike that uniform, but I do for THAT nickname.
  13. Over the last few weeks, I've gone back to the beginning of this thread and re-read it all, just for sharts and grins. 10 minutes or so at a time. Well worth the time.
  14. The man is a joke. Is he worth $500? Seriously - I don't know what sort of increase in traffic they get due to him. What's it been worth?
  15. 1 - No 2 - more money than anyone is willing to lose.
  16. Don't bully. Theft is totally ok, though.
  17. I just sit back year-after-year and enjoy the playoffs. I'll probably throw on my Milwaukee Admirals sweater at some point in the next week plus to watch a game (not that I haven't been watching all along this year). Go Preds!
  18. The white outline on the logo, where white ISN'T used on the helmet stripes, really grinds my gears.
  19. I didn't know that - wish I knew then as it cost me.
  20. I'll bet the Brewers would make that trade - Las Vegas for Colorado Springs.
  21. Are you totally sure about that? I was paid via PayPal for game operations for an indoor football team, and PayPal took their cut of the fee I was paid. For that reason, the only time I use it is for ebay transactions. If I'm going to get paid, I want the full amount I'm due (unless I have no choice, such as ebay).
  22. No they can't unless they buy the AAA franchise from whoever owns it.
  23. Without a long response, I'll just say that @Ferdinand Cesarano doesn't speak for me as a baseball fan. His assertions of what was and wasn't said in the past doesn't mesh with mine.
  24. arena football

    Money? No? Pass. Longer version - you can't fix this league, or any other version of indoor football, without sufficient owners with sufficient money to lose to make it happen. Given that people with money aren't inclined to lose money, this is dead in the water.
  25. Neutral party here - I got that vibe from it.