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  2. That won’t work since they race their back up car for the 500 for it, they need time to repair it if something happens to both cars
  3. What country was the wolves one for?
  4. There was the dolphins removal of navy, but even that was after 2-3 seasons so doubt there is anything they can do for the next couple seasons.
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  6. Like how you put the blue sleeves back on RSL. Third kit is solid. Took me a second to see it but I love the change kit. I love the pattern and the colors, tight. also love how the fade leads into the shorts as it gets more solid. Clean touch, big fan. Looks tuff. With Portland, dig the home strip but the Green and Gold is class by itself, like the simplicity and the wood-grain around the crest is nice without being too much. I do think the away kit if it had black instead of white would be rad, as is kind of looks just like if Nike made Ajax kits. Which would be tight, but the red and black was such a sleek look for them. Third kit I love the idea, and I don't know the Portland flag *super* well, but if you put the cross-section of the flag where the crest is that could be a clean look, also fits with the crest-centric design on the home strip. So love all of RSL's, and Portland's are super clean with high potential. Loving this series, makes me dream of the league with actual variation in the kit manufacturers. Also, all of Nike's NWSL kits have been tight this year, at least the ones they've announced, and if they went that hard in MLS, damn man that would be class.
  7. *Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct thread as I haven't posted on this site in probably over a decade. Wildcats Jersey design competition Australia's biggest and most successful Basketball Club the "Perth Wildcats"are asking fans for uniform concepts for the coming season. They'd been one of the best attended clubs outside North America too with a crowd ave over 12000. Was wondering if any of you would be keen of having a crack at designing a uniform for the competition. Their logo is in desperate need of an update or redo too. The Wildcats have solid colours but never seem to be able to nail it, often with poor and unrelated typography, chopping and changing every season over the last decade. Sponsorship placement has also been messy. They predominantly play in Red (the fan base is called the Red Army) since 2009. founded in 1982, they originally utilized the Western Australian state colours of Black and Gold. They introduced white in 1987 and red accents in 1989 (from a sponsorship of a local Brewery). In 1995 they dropped the Gold and standard white home Singlet for a Black home Singlet with secondary colours of Red and Grey/silver. They wore variations of Black till 2008. Since then, the club has really embraced Red at the dominant colour though there's some nostalgia for the Uniforms of the late 80's to mid 90's. *Some of their Singlets over the years. Championships in 2, 4, 5 ,7 (7 is the current Singlet). 8 and 9 being city round and indigenous round one offs. They suit a more dynamic modern design than a standard traditional block letter Basketball uniform. They have almost always worn V neck Singlets. They have also often had the front numbering offset or above the team name (like in Euroleague basketball). Colours: Red Secondary colours (or away) colours: Black, White Accent (or alternative) colours: Grey/Silver, Yellow/Gold Portland and Toronto uniforms would be in the ballpark.
  8. When you have a name that's so unwieldy in two languages that it goes by one letter, then yes. There's also an argument for using a different color than the OHL's shade of blue, but that's tough because Quebec should have dibs on blue. I do like the idea of the three component leagues of the CHL being color-coded.
  9. It was better as a bathroom
  10. Look up Europeon hockey teams. A couple of examples.
  11. Some of these have promise. I weirdly like the suns jersey, has a fresh energy. I like the raptors one as a Rockets concept lol. But the Twolves is blasphemous.
  12. this color combo is also a cool yet vibrant reset on the navy and gold era. If they went in this direction it would be one of the more fresh unique brands in the league.
  13. Yup, just a slight thickening that I have yet to see translated to fan replicas- Funnily enough, a lot of the alixpress knockoffs emulate this change a bit more closely (aside from the general wonkiness of it)- Switching back on topic...changing from a gradient fill to a solid fill is a bit more of a noticeable change, but the NFL seems to be trending more relaxed rules in regards to uniforms, so who knows?
  14. Another question via a PM: Don't add effects. Make it flat. The goal is to see the design, not your ability to add filters and effects to your submission.
  15. I received a couple of questions via PM regarding the Super Bowl winners. I will point back to 2015 where the same question was raised and answered: You are correct. The event has to have taken place during one of the years mentioned in the original post. In your example, Super Bowl XL takes place in 2006 for the 2005 season, so it wouldn't be valid. Since the Super Bowl happens the year after the season (for example, Super Bowl XXXV was played in 2001 to crown the 2000 Season champion), it would not be a valid event. If you wanted to celebrate a Super Bowl win, it would have to be one that took place in one of the years mentioned in the original post. If you wanted to celebrate a season, then you would not be able to use any art from the Super Bowl crowning that season's champions either.
  16. I much prefer the original lighter shade of teal. In the age of HD, vibrant primary colours should be used. Especially if the secondary colour is black or a very dark colour. Love the grey shading on the shark as well as the original triangle.
  17. You're right idk where I thought it was Labor Day. Stupid me lol Still, I think Labor Day Weekend is a good championship date for the Cup Series in my opinion, even if the regular season would have to be pretty rigorous.
  18. All it does is highlight the absolute absurdity of their new uniform scheme.
  19. Oh no, why? The steel logo on the helmets should always be the only place on the uniforms blue and red should EVER appear.
  20. How predictable shall I be? Way too many Wisconsin sports anniversaries this year.
  21. Week one of the NFL has been the week after Labor Day since 2001.
  22. And here are the Angels: Logos Inspired by @SFGiants58, yellow takes over as the secondary color in place of navy, which remains as a tertiary. The "spikes" in the sides of the letters are removed to distance from the Rangers, while staying true to the team's earliest aesthetic. Uniforms The single yellow stripe on the socks is meant to represent a halo. These yellow accents are also found in the middle stripe on the jersey and pants. The red alternate now has white letters for improved readability, and when worn at home, it can be paired with a white cap, on occasion. The Cooperstown Collection is based off of the PCL Angels, complete with UCLA stripes and a wordmark from @SFGiants58. The Spring Training goes all-in on the yellow. That's it for the Angels, the LA Dodgers will be up next. Thanks!
  23. Before I go on with the next team, I would like to thank y'all for the appreciation and suggestions you gave to me. We're trying our best to live our normal lives in the toughest times like these. I have already created logo concepts for the Cavs and the Mavs, but I'm not yet decided if I'll give 'em updates/tweaks (whether on the logos, uniforms, or both) or nah.
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