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  1. Omaha has added a new red cap this season. It's listed as an alternate option to the regular black cap. As far as I can tell the Mavs only have two jerseys this season; the cream homes shown below and the black jerseys from previous seasons.
  2. St Patty's Day cap design this year:
  3. Pirates should be unveiling their new alternate cap any day now.
  4. Last year was the gray sweatbands and inside fabric, which is probably what he's remembering.
  5. Much to my surprise, the new jerseys are actually navy: (Ignore the hat, it has nothing to do with the WBC.)
  6. I've always loved that cap logo, but it seems too thin to use as a chest logo on a pinstriped jersey.
  7. According to the research from Colorwerx, black was used first (as early as 1959,) navy was used from 1961-1966, and black returned afterwards.
  8. The single color treatment allows that font to be what it's meant to be. It looks great.
  9. Bmac

    NHL 2017-18

    The fact that my favorite hockey team has such a horrible name will always bother me. The identity is great, and I love the team, but I cannot stand having to reply with the word "Wild" when someone asks who my favorite hockey team is.
  10. These only overlapped one season. The Rangers switched to the tie down collar look the following season. This match up only happened one season: These match ups existed two seasons:
  11. What's the deal with downtown Phoenix at this point? The Suns want nothing to do with them?
  12. These uniforms would only co-exist one season: These overlapped two seasons: And this is just super rare:
  13. I mean, the Blues weren't even supposed to exist in the first place. St Louis only received an expansion team because the Blackhawks forced the league to do so, and they've never really been financially stable ever since. It's amazing they (and the NHL, for that matter) have lasted so long.
  14. The champs have new uniforms with the switch to Under Armour. Pretty disappointed, personally.
  15. I've seen those Blues concepts before but I just now realized the harmonica playing figure is a human in one mockup and a cat in the other.
  16. This will be used in batting practice but apparently not Spring Training.
  17. Interestingly enough, that logo only exists because of the All Star Game! They liked the logo from the ASG so much that they kept it. I think that's the only time that's ever happened. Although the Twins did adopt gold after using it in the ASG.
  18. Yeah, I don't think a D-League team would draw much of a crowd at this point. Ralston Arena is the best bet if they can share dates with the Omaha Lancers.
  19. There's quite a few new BP caps this year. Interestingly enough I just found out recently that a few teams have scrapped plans for new BP caps that I saw earlier. KC and Arizona seem to have changed their minds.