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  1. This doen't look quite right, The swords are a little off. I don't know why it looks so odd. I will try to fix this. But for now, here it is. Just a somewhat modified throwback logo. (Believe me or not, I created this logo before the 3rd jersey was released)
  2. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills Logo

    Compare to this: I sharpened the buffalo itself. I also separated the eye from the horn. Those ar the most noticable changes. Not much change.
  3. Does wearing white at home count as an alternate jersey date? Is there a limit as to how often that can happen? There seem to be so many different rules and I'm getting a bit confused.
  4. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills Logo

    I am trying to work from photobucket, but it is not allowing me to post it.
  5. Thanks, that's a great picture. Please keep an eye out for any more!
  6. Does anybody know when the Sabres 3rd will be worn? I'm dying to see it in action!
  7. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills Logo

    Sorry guys, I'm having trouble getting things to work.
  8. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills Logo

    Not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. No problem, I'm just trying to complete this "project" soon. Sorry.
  10. The only picture I could find is on Pitt State's website. It's not a very good one. Oh, and why are you wondering about UNO anyways? Northwest is where it's at . Pretty sure he is talking hockey, not football. Ya the title includes the word HOCKEY so I'm referring to hockey.
  11. Whoops...afriad not. I thought those Ducks' jerseys were technically a very dark green no? I thought they were black. Or an even darker shade of purple than the pants and stripes.
  12. Last night the Mavs wore new alternate white jerseys with "Mavericks" diagonal (like the Rangers). I was wondering if anyoe alse caught that and/or could post any pics.
  13. Anybody got ideas as to which team it might be?
  14. 'think you might know him Oh ya. I do. Thanks.
  15. Sorry, pic isn't coming up.
  16. I would love to see the Isles go with these sweet designs. I apoligize for not giving credit to whomever made these awesome logos, but I have not yet been able to find a name. Great job though! Credit to GhettoFarmBoy.
  17. Sorry, but these scare the living out of me. I really don't know why.
  18. I know that Oregon is getting a baseball team started again this year. College baseball isn't for a while yet, but i was wondering if anyone knows what the uniforms will look like yet. Any information?
  19. The Leafs look nice in those new 3rds tonight against Detroit. On Versus if you wanna see them in action.
  20. I think that Sens jersey would make a great 3rd. I'm not a huge fan of the "SENS" idea. I would love to see the "O" logo in action like that.
  21. Senators Looks real (not photoshoped)...
  22. I am doing some work on NFL uniforms and was wondering if there is a good website to use to see the different styles, colors, etc. I use for help with my NHL work, so I assume there is something similar to this for NFL. Any good sites?
  23. Bmac

    NFL Concepts

    Great job! I love the Bills and Rams the best. Nice white helmet for Buffalo.