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  1. Last night the Mavs wore new alternate white jerseys with "Mavericks" diagonal (like the Rangers). I was wondering if anyoe alse caught that and/or could post any pics.
  2. Anybody got ideas as to which team it might be?
  3. 'think you might know him Oh ya. I do. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, pic isn't coming up.
  5. I would love to see the Isles go with these sweet designs. I apoligize for not giving credit to whomever made these awesome logos, but I have not yet been able to find a name. Great job though! Credit to GhettoFarmBoy.
  6. Sorry, but these scare the living out of me. I really don't know why.
  7. I know that Oregon is getting a baseball team started again this year. College baseball isn't for a while yet, but i was wondering if anyone knows what the uniforms will look like yet. Any information?
  8. The Leafs look nice in those new 3rds tonight against Detroit. On Versus if you wanna see them in action.
  9. I think that Sens jersey would make a great 3rd. I'm not a huge fan of the "SENS" idea. I would love to see the "O" logo in action like that.
  10. Senators Looks real (not photoshoped)...
  11. I am doing some work on NFL uniforms and was wondering if there is a good website to use to see the different styles, colors, etc. I use for help with my NHL work, so I assume there is something similar to this for NFL. Any good sites?
  12. Bmac

    NFL Concepts

    Great job! I love the Bills and Rams the best. Nice white helmet for Buffalo.
  13. Huh? You might be thinking of another league or you're taking your Bettman hatred too far. Sorry, I do have a bit of a problem with Mr. Bettman, really just a personal thing. However, I really didn't think that any teams would be allowed to have more than 3. Maybe it's that evil Reebok I was thinking of!
  14. Does anyone have any pics of the yellow helmets from last night's game?
  15. So it looks like all the teams have dates set up to unveil. Can't wait!
  16. How are the Habs getting away with more than 3 jerseys? I'm suprised Bettman is allowing this.
  17. AWESOME SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the dbax one too. This site is a great place to see the history of the team. nice job! I miss the teal tho...
  18. Aren't the Sharks supposed to be unvieling soon? At the fan fest or something?
  19. I think the center ice logo is great. As everyone else, I think it should cover the entire circle. The logo itself is great though.
  20. Just got LA Kings black. Great deal!
  21. 48 is a large? Is this true?
  22. A gold alternate is available for the Rams in Madden.
  23. I think this is good. Interesting, i doodled somthing very similar to this earlier today. Anyway, I think you should make the helmet a little smaller, it kinda looks like darth helmet from spaceballs. Other than that, it's great. Gold and black for the colors would be good, I agree.