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  1. not according to his doctor he won't. Being reported right now actually on ESPN that he will not clear Owens for the Super Bowl. Here's the link for all to see: Owens expected to test ankle Wednesday but of course that's today's news. tomorrow he probably will be cleared. Either way, i still believe it's going to be one hell of a game
  2. i dunno..they just didn't look that good in XXXI. now XX thankfully i can't remember. talk about a mismatch
  3. oh yeah...that's so much better looking and so very correct as well
  4. yeah i know...what were they thinking
  5. ok bucfan, i don't know how to do the reposting of a message but to respond...a lot of us try to forget that Super embarassing it was
  6. actually they wore their whites in XXXI with the loss to the packers
  7. definitely falls under the "interesting " catagory
  8. Hey i just saw something. Might just be how it was stitched onto the hat but did anyone look at this year's Second Season Hat?? if you look at the Cardinal Head you can see at the back black wavy-ish lines denoting feather lines or something. Could that be the minor change to the logo? Now the only reason i doubt this is because one can look at last year's Second Season/Sharktooth Hat: Me i love the Sharktooth design and definitely have a Patriots one...which ironically i bought in Arizona. But just something i noticed while looking at possible Cardinal things to buy before everything changes lol
  9. i agree. I hope that they keep the actual Cardinal head but tweak the uniforms and maybe the helmet to coincide with being in Arizona now. Keeping the logo would keep the ties to being in Chicago and St. Louis but a totally new Jersey/Pant scheme would show that they have moved on to their own identity.
  10. Thanks B-Rich. Yeah those are all pretty cool. But the one i came up with was just a thought i had and decided to go with it. And of course wanted you guys' opinions. as for the Snake name thing, (Copperheads) i dunno, i just don't see it fitting in with the current NFL teams. All the other names seem to speak about a significant historical basis (Patriots, Steelers, 49ers) or some dynamic animal that represents speed, power, swiftness and even fear (Panthers, Falcons, Eagles, etc). Seeing something associated with a snake though..i dunno just doesn't seem to fit in. And I just see it as the team would've been like the outcast of the teams in the public's eye. C'mon in the Super Bowl who would've you rooted for? The St. Louis Rams or the Tennessee Copperheads (hiss) lol. i dunno, just a little personal thing i got i guess. But maybe i'll try to come up with a primary for a Tennessee Copperheads that goes away from the Derrick (unless THAT's already been done too )
  11. What they might've done is become something like the Tennessee Hounddogs or the Nashville Hounddogs. Like that possible Memphis Expansion that never happened. Personally i don't like the Copperheads cause it sounds more like a snake-type team and that copper-bronze helmet design just looked blah to me. Didn't like it at all
  12. too bad i'm no longer in Virginia or I might be able to visit Richmond and take a look at the historical stuff around the close area, but as a thought i submitted "Rebel Capitals" you know since Richmond was the primary capital during the Civil War. But i doubt it'll catch on ya know?
  13. Hey all, this is my first time posting and would like to say how awesome of a forum this is and such. I came up with this thought while watching an old AFL Films show on ESPN. What if the NY Jets had stayed the NY Titans back in the early days of the AFL? and i thought what if the logo had changed to go along with it? Now please be patient what with the fact all i have to work with is MSN Paint but i think it came out alright. Please post opinions and feel free to pick me apart with this as much as possible. Hopefully the image will show thanks for your input. and be gentle, it's my first time Edit: Alright i finally got around to finding a template that i can work with using my limited abilities and was able to make up some uniforms, both home and away. Lemmie know what you think