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  1. Yeah layers are great. Illustrator has them and so anyone with an AI file will have an easier time swapping stuff in and out.


    I got home, took some pictures of my USA kit and here is draft one of my new template(which I will name at some point)! I'm calling it the Caillou version since there's so many colors.


    I built it sort of big but bare with me. The seams and dashes are 100% opacity, which will create a clear division between panels of the kit. I built the thing without a collar, which you can swap the however you want with the cross hair being a good center point to use. Each collar will have a fill that you can change, since it won't necessarily reflect the pattern you place it over top. I used a geological pattern on the sleeves to help create a sense of realism as well. The band seams are loose, so you can move them up or remove them. Finally, in addition to the paneling on my file, it has clip groups so you can easily throw in patches.


    All said and done, here's what a concept looks like.


    I think this is a fair representation of the Nike and Adidas kit I took pictures of. I'm going to create an Adidas version now to test that out, but I don't imagine the shape changing much. Then I'll make a back, which will be easy since I don't have to remove a collar.

    Let me know what you think!  Down the line, I'll upload my file to a drive and you guys can play with it and let me know how it tests in case I'm missing anything.

  2. 2 hours ago, OlavoP said:

    I do like the base of your template, and have been using an adaptation of it for personal use for quite some time:

    Love this, glad i got to see what that sort of looks like first. There's some good aspects of it, but it probably is too blocky on second thought. I think something along the lines of mostly straight with the sides being curved might be the way to go.


    The collar comment is great and I think that's how it's going to be.


    1 hour ago, NoE38 said:

    Not sure if your old one has this, but could you make a .png version of this new template? Not sure of any other suggestions on how to improve, It's a very good template.

    This is just a matter of exporting it at a pretty large size, which is no problem!


    48 minutes ago, Duck_Duck said:

    I love that you're taking the time to work on this!  Your original template is very good and I actually like the thick lines and slightly curved sides.  It feels like a good graphic representation.  The thing I'd love to see is a front / back view of the shorts, instead of (or in addition to) the side view. 


    I wouldn't do too much though, it's already very nice.

    Good suggestion! My thinking was that the details are on the sides more than the front, but i'm willing to try it out.

    I know a lot of people have modified the template to be more vertical than horizontal like I had done, so that'd lend itself to the front facing version.

  3. Hey guys, sorry there's no actual concepts but I felt like this discussion was worth having before I spent a lot of time on it.


    If you're reading this, you frequent the concept boards. If you frequent the concept boards, I'm sure you've seen my soccer template. It's been THREE YEARS since I built it, so it's probably time to create a new one.




    It's such a widely used template I want to make sure I'm filling the needs of designers of all kinds. I certainly have my own opinions, but want to make sure a template I spend a few hours on is easy and sharp looking. One thing I want to do is make the lines thinner, make the side lines straight, or at least diagonal. I also want to make the collar as interchangeable as I can.


    I have some kits from last year, so that's what I'm going to base the seams off of. 

    Any other suggestions are welcome! Feel free to share some templates you've seen that have good features that I could possibly include.

  4. good interview with Ward and Ebersol.


    does anyone know how the owner model is working? Does the league own all 8, or are there 8 owners? I imagine they’re league owned since most startup leagues tend to skip paychecks.


    also I hope the fields are painted for the teams and not for the Alliance like the scrimmage games were. The XFL and the UFL were if I remember right.


  5. On 1/21/2019 at 3:51 PM, raysox said:

    The states in this tier include:






    New Jersey



    Bumping for ideas for these states(also comment on the other stuff I posted above.)


    arizona’s one curling club is very flag heavy and the pics of the teams I’ve seen has the flag design so let’s avoid that.


    Indiana I’m thinking Checkeds obviously. Maybe a Hoosiers themed one.


    Pennsylvania i don’t want to do just Pittsburgh colors but I’ve thought about a huge keystone design on the jacket.


    iowa I have no clue but thought of Real Salt Lake colors.


  6. I mean I get why Boston would consider the name. But there's been maybe 30 team names all time in NLL, you think they'd consider a few more before repeating. It'd be like MLS' new team in Austin naming themselves the Fusion.

  7. So i think I let it sit  long enough. Here's some more stuff I did for Bonspiel. 



    The event logos were killing me because nothing I did fit the simplified black and white brand quite like I liked. Then I created these.


    I also have the Grand Prix update I'm holding on to, but I feel like 6 tournaments that aren't anything other than a regular season could get away with simple templated logos. Plus, adding "Presented by Coors Light" underneath would add a bit of flexibility.


    In addition to those, I was thinking that just putting "Team Fenson" only does so much in building recognition. Since technically teams will be competing, I created some branding logos for the teams I could find enough information for. Ideally every team would have rights to the logo mad for them for merchandising reasons. Since only one mark would be created, it wouldn't be necessarily difficult to create. Here's logos for Team Shuster(the defending Olympic gold medalists), Team Edin(Swedish, has a Viking on their uniform), Team Mouat(Based out of Edinburgh), and Team Carruthers(from Manitoba)



    Someone liked it when I tweeted these too!


  8. I think NYCFC is a great timeless logo, which looks like it's an 80 year old team. Cosmos are safe, nothing too outstanding to comment on but the bolder navy color does make it pop.


    With the Metrostars, I'm not sure why but I don't think it's strong enough. The revision above is an improvement with the addition of the team name. I think that the actual shape is what's hanging me up. I personally don't love completely rounded shields, but this feels sort of hung up on what it's supposed to be. Also what city is the skyline of? I don't think it necessarily works here with no distinct iconic buildings.

  9. EDIT

    Since I double posted by accident, I'll just continue here.


    In the logo exploration for a new brand executon, I thought I needed a font to use throughout. I was downloading a bunch of Adobe font families that had weights and widths. Titling Gothic FB was the font that worked the best, and I only realized it when I did the Bonspiel logo. Black and white somehow stands out more to me than the bombardment of colors I had used. Hell, I don't even think the colored stones is a idea I'd use any more. Here's some updates to the stuff I did.





    Nothing is final, but I wanted to share this hoping to get some feedback halfway through. I have a lot of stuff I want to do, but overall I'd like to brand curling better is my main objective.


    Especially since, you know...



  10. Oh boy you asked for it. So, I always have plans to make Behance project to expand my portfolio. For one, I love the creative outlet. Also once I complete something it puts my mind at ease. A few years ago I got into the World Darts Championship. The game of darts is good, but the crowd is LOUD and ENERGETIC and DRUNK. It sounds like such a fun party and adds a great atmosphere for such a simple game.


    Then I tweeted this without much of a background, just sort of threw it out there.

    Curling has an unwritten rule of sportsmanship and silence. Crowds quietly drink beer and cheer when there's good shots and that's sort of it. I think atmosphere adds more to a sport than the actual game at time. It's why I don't watch lacrosse on TV, since it feels like pro lacrosse and the high school lacrosse i played are happening at the same park.

    Curling takes a lot of concentration and communication by the skips and their team on when to brush and stuff. But it feels like a rule that was started and it hasn't changed because no one ever wanted to change? Pitchers pinpoint pitches with 40,000 fans, and Quarterbacks can run an offense in a hostile road environment. I read an article from the last Olympics about the Korean crowd cheering, and this quote stood out.


    “I think you could run a train next to me,” Edin said, “and I wouldn’t hear it when I’m throwing it.”


    So why not spice things up a little bit? Sorry to any curling elitists, but this was the genesis of all of the work you'll see below. Here's the logo i made when I tweeted that above.



    I put it down until recently, which is where I started. I have tons of spreadsheets where I plan concepts and larger projects out. I guess that's what I get for being a sport management major and a graphic designer.


    So I imagine the WLC being all about the fan experience. One thing curling doesn't have in it's favor is the ice being extremely manicured. You couldn't do back to back to back games on the same sheet like you could with a college basketball tournament. From what I've seen, most events have a long round robin with a small 4 team tournament to end the week. My plan is four groups of 4 playing three round robin games on a thursday-friday-saturday. The group winners move to a 4 team tournament with semi-finals at 4, then the finals at the center ice at 8. Once that's done, the winning team qualifies for the playoff tournament I'm calling the Curling Grand Prix(which I'll introduce later)


    This was a quick layout of what I'm thinking for a tournament. My ideas had changed slightly since then, but I'm imagining 3 sheets with a humongous bar running the length of the sheet. That's the prime seats. There would hypothetically be a low stage or open space on the left side for introductions and camera work. There could be enough space where the center sheet could have one of those robot on track camera to have low moving shots of throws. The center sheet would have the more premier match-ups, thus selling more expensive ad space than the two outside ones. I think humidity from the bar may be an issue in this format, but it's something I love thinking about. PLUS you could sell the ad space to some cheap beer company!



    I laid out a couple of mid-level arenas in bigger curling markets that could host a curling event. I made these with some color palettes to stand out on black.





    But the more I had these, the more I resented it. The crests felt templated, and the colors didn't represent anything. They read WLC Bonspiel Madison, versus Madison Bonspiel. Also there was no clean way to introduce a sponsor. The font wasn't dynamic enough either. I had a breakdown and it lead to me starting this US State Brier. Nothing was sticking and I had more trouble doing a cohesive brand than anything ever.


    I was playing around with a bonspiel concept and made this accidentally. I thought "heh, this looks like a sportswear brand"


    But the more i looked at it, the more I thought this is already a better brand than I could intentionally create.

    Welcome to raysox's Bonspiel.