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  1. https://www.fox29.com/news/sixers-michael-rubin-announces-plans-to-produce-masks-hospital-gowns-to-help-in-fight-against-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR3lzC4WPzJwExPbPnZgC4upkkSwKhEsmRx3AT1OcCCtBVbJwdP4WrO4EXc Phillies are letting their fabrics be used for gowns and masks.
  2. I just wonder if they are using it since the people on the bridge are far apart from each other, like social distancing.
  3. I like that the curve is less pronounced, looks more like a lightning bolt.
  4. Looking at their logo transition video, there is also an alternate blue & white version. Here is said video.
  5. That is defintely the biggest example of "Teal for Teals sake"
  6. It's like the old ravens 96 logo, it don't exist now.
  7. At first I wanted to hate they used that logo for so long. But I am digging the art deco font, and blue & green is pleasant. I always figured if they ever changed their logo the sheild wasn't going to say rite aid anymore, since it makes it say it twice on their signs.
  8. Red Robin is pretty good, I enjoy it. It's ok to like some chain restaurant's. No way in hell I am eating in one or any restaurant until this goes away, and even then a month or so afterwards.
  9. If anyone doesn't like the logo, then its simple, don't select the uniform! Don't have the throwback uniform if you're not going to have it accurately. (And the phillies 70s ones need zippers!)
  10. I myself have never cared for the lions current set, I think the previous was better (yes even with the black accents). The thing is, there seems to be certain guidelines all the teams along with nike abide by. For a while it seemed like no outlines was heavily pushed, but now outlines are a bit back. But since the trend is if you have outlines they have to be thin, when some try to do double outlines like the dolphins, it looks like cap. The Bills really did nail a great look.
  11. I don't disagree with his opinion on the matter really, jI mean take any logo or uniform unveiling, there is plenty of stupid ass terms used to describe them, is anything worse than the lines at every aspect of a logo trying to tell a story about it? Hell you KNOW the Bucs are going to do it when they unveil theirs (The angles the new numbers are cut are like he planks on a pirate ship, etc). It's just that last week he seemed to just go on and on about it,and I just thought it was odd to do over that one term. but yea it's his blog and I won't continue to derail a thread stating my opinion on him. This is the last I will talk about him,(PS the Dave Meltzer comparison is really good as well) Back to talking about the Bucs. If these look like the mockups, it will be very disappointing. I'm hoping that perhaps the pics that were seen were crappy blurry low res pics. The ONLY good thing though is it seems they will have a full pant stripe, but again only a mockup.
  12. Such a creepy lookin dude, his latest thing has been whining about teams/players saying they have a blue collar attitude. How its offensive to blue collar workers and it offends him, Umm you never worked 1 day in your life at a blue collar job either lmao.
  13. Their red jersey looks like a cardinals jersey. Is double outlines not allowed anymore?