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  1. They could get rid of that stupid gap in the D at the middle of the S.
  2. Why must the N's have stupid notches? All the comments on their site is calling it stupid and not neccesary. "it sucks. great for a pharmaceutical company, though."
  3. Looks like a kids book club now. All lowercase is bad for a name like sam's club.
  4. I figured you meant that, tho still I feel like they got the idea to go to one logo a few years ago when they did tha (it was a big deal 2 years ago or so even doing the anniversary logo like that)
  5. Also to add more to the Flyers single logo, it reminds me of those mid 90s nhl games that for some reason got the Flyers logo wrong and just put one logo like how it is now.
  6. It's not the first time in flyers history. But it's a shame, a real shame, had a bad feeling when the Canadiens ditched their double logo last year the flyers may get the stupid idea to do it. I like some single and double logo's and it is always nice to have variety. And it just suited the flyers the double logo.
  7. Philadelphia Phillies: Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia Flyers: Philadelphia 76ers: I know, how could it not be the one prior to this? Cause that was the earlier sixers jersey I remember, and its soooo bad, I love it. This one, I ever cared for the number font's and that odd outline that encompasses SIXERS.
  8. Yea, doubt this is happening next year... .....I hope.
  9. This is easily the worst thing uniform wise MLB has ever done. Trash.
  10. The last one I recall. I'd say the Dallas Stars, but their numbers suck since its not outlined.
  11. Yea, lets just have boring, sterile 2d logo's with just 1 or 2 colors. No thanks