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  1. I will admit I am half biased since the Phillies won this, but even still I think this was one of the best ones (I also agree with the 90s ones being perfect)
  2. Are you comparing a navy blue baseball in a world series logo to people murdering each other? I didn't even disagree or agree, I just posted the logos. The 2005 logo would've looked better if it was a white ball (withnavy grid lines instead of green)
  3. I'd just rather them go back to a better design on the hats, the logo with wordmark or logo inside stinks.
  4. I think you posted this in the wrong topic, think you meant this for the unpopular opinions thread. Cause nah, KC logo >>>>> R
  5. True, the spring training place rarely gets much effort put into it.
  6. Here's a mockup of what it looks like.
  7. Phillies posted this from their spring training ballpark. They lazily just painted over their old logo on the scoreboard with their new logo in the field shape of their old logo.
  8. True, but the navy the past 2 kits have been glaringly generic and its a shame, time to go back to the center stripe next kit for the navy.
  9. I think pullovers with the button at the collar like the batting practice jerseys from the late 2000s would be fine, without the side panels tho.
  10. Also 1997 to Wrestlemania 14 is my favorite time period for WWF easily like others said 97 (and 96 too) just felt, no pun intended, raw with what they were doing.
  11. Also this high energy too
  12. Well all I know is Pearl Milling's pancakes can't be as good as Mrs. Douglas's pancakes , even if they are a bit chewy. [Even though I was born in 84, I have fond memories of Nick At Nite showing it when I was a kid, and even been watching it recently]
  13. I saw the hub bub yesterday on twitter with idiots trying to claim there is a whip in the logo, but they kept on showing an older logo (which, it still wasn't a whip just the line from the K looping to the R), this is the current logo that they changed to a few years ago. I think people are looking too hard into every little single thing to get offended at these days. On that note, I am fine with Aunt Jemima being rebranded, I think the name stinks, even Pearl Milling would just be better, but who is going to ask for "Pearl Milling Company Pancake Mix?" That is too much of a mouthful, don't they have a competent marketing department?
  14. I enjoy that the Phillies still use bags with their older, better logo.