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  1. I wish they went with the different logo instead. The old one looks like it took time to make, this one? a few minutes. I would think any firm would suggest getting rid of some elements to modernize it, instead all they did was go the sans-serif route by choosing plain ass fonts.
  2. Still not going to improve their tanking sales https://www.nrn.com/quick-service/papa-john-s-same-store-sales-fall-81
  3. Love it, much better than this years logo which is supposed to be the head of the statue of liberty, but looks more like a sun since its gold.
  4. Yea but the Canadiens have the best jersey in all of the NHL (the red), why would a fan need to wear anything else?
  5. Supringly though I'm surprised the replica is pictured with a front number. Lookin at other teams like the Nationals their replica's still don't.
  6. I still recall some episode of That 70's Show where they are eating a bag of M&M's with the urrent packaging at the time (early 2000s) Like is it really that hard to be time accurate?
  7. If I could time travel to any stadium it would be this Also would catch an A's game at shibe too.
  8. Defintely a crappy photoshop outline The replica looks better
  9. Phillies Road jersey is now up with the thinner outline around Phillies.
  10. Looked up a clip from this game.....literally not even 2 seconds in.
  11. Well, I know there was speculation whether the Phillies was touching their road uniforms, well they are wearing the same road pants at spring training. But who knows.
  12. Yes, it's at the bottom of their website. One target I passed, the roadsign was replaced with the lowercase logo.
  13. As long as the twins primary isn't this odd half red half blue C thing.