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  1. Fiesta colors would still be better than bad camouflage.
  2. The thing that sucks is that just like the broncos they probably aren't going to change anything about their white uniforms and will have it still with navy numbers.
  3. Their first jerseys were their best, just has been downgrade after downgrade ever since. Some cleaning up of that jersey and it would still look decent. Also nothing says busch league like unveiling your uniforms at what looks like a grade school gym.
  4. I saw the jets fan too during wrestlemania. Here he is.
  5. Don't get me started on the anti-serif fad of the past 10 years! Awesome ad btw.
  6. Only if Nike knew how to make jersey's shiny like reebok did.
  7. Alot better than their now old uniforms, black is just ok, green never contrasts good with black.
  8. I could care less if Lukas thinks its photoshopped or not. His opinions is usually crap and is a very pessimistic man, hell read his blog yesterday and it was about these cool fictional uniforms in a lottery commercial, of course he just had to make it a point how he hates lottery commercials and how stupid they usually are.
  9. Now that I'm seeing this on a laptop I can see a faint outline of the outer football shape of the logo on the helmet,
  10. Also the Phillies roads striping on the sleeves is a bit thinner too.
  11. This may be one of the best nike redesigns, grats jets, much better than the old uniforms.