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  1. This, the problem was the logo and name. Those 2 items are fixed. Anyone still complaining, which would only be on social media is grasping at straws at this point.
  2. I wonder if they'll ever do any faux-backs down the line. Like a vest with the G-wing logo where Wahoo would've been.
  3. Because its absurd, and you're wrong. In 2008 they reintroduced the block C hat for the road & alt's, and while THAT was bland imo with the jerseys, from 2008 and onwards made that their identity. And now the Guardians are picking up on that but now added an outline to the C and evolved the shape a bit. And now they can have an actual logo again. It has just as much substance that a whole crazy new identity would've had. They didn't need to change the colors, its better to just smartly transition away from the previous identity where all it has left was just the "Indians" name which is now Guardians.
  4. Oh there definitely is. This is one logo that benefits from the WWE logo change since in the original, is that WWFrestlemania?
  5. And yet the baseball scripts most people like are the ones with oddness to them. That's why I said perhaps in the newer font they have Guardians it would be interesting, cause yea looking at the cleveland script it is kinda goofy looking. The one they are going with isn't too bad I will say for a block script.
  6. I do wish this stayed or at least in the script font like Guardians.
  7. This, also people saying "Look what the Indians did in only 1 years time!" are forgetting this really was more a 14 years of the Indians chipping aspects of their identity away. 2008: Introduce road & alts that use block C hat. 2014: Change primary logo from Wahoo to Block C 2019: Wahoo logo is eliminated everywhere. What did the Washington do again prior to changing to WFT to ease the transition again?
  8. The new C is better than the old block C and more importantly IT FINALLY HAS A WHITE OUTLINE! All in all this was the best route they could've went and I am digging it. Don't care for the main logo.
  9. The hats beings the same color on both teams seems pretty stupid to me. The navy uniforms are kind of interestin, but overall these look like crap the 3 letters behind the team logo's look dumb.
  10. The umpires have their ad patches on their left sleeve and front of the shirt.
  11. Yea it's like Lukas doesn't "Get Itâ„¢"
  12. Bottom of the barrel would be if the flyers does a black or silver version of those early to mid 2000s alternate jerseys.
  13. The Lightning will probably now never change their uniforms since they won back to back cups in these uniforms.
  14. Make the numbers on the blue set solid, remove the dumb "Los Angeles Rams" patch from the front of the jerseys, have tv numbers on both (and again, great that the white jersey's numbers are the same font as the ones on the front). And they would have decent uniforms.
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