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  1. What better time than a pandemic to get back to it? The Breakers
  2. Back to work with the Oakland Invaders! I've had a few people reach out to me about this project (and some others in the past) and offered to compensate me in order to get these out more frequently and I've finally decided to create a Patreon. I'll still be posting everything here regardless of if I get any patrons, but I wanted to add in some extra perks for supporters. Don't feel obligated to sign up, I just wanted to toss it out there! You can check out my Patreon [Here]
  3. I will at some point soon, I've been busy with work that I get paid for.
  4. Michigan Panthers - When you get a great scan of an official doc containing this over-the-top logo
  5. Birmingham Stallions From what I can tell, the team used 2 different helmet decals, I'm not 100% sure on when each was used.
  6. Most likely was due to the fact that their specified gold is a Pantone Metallic color which doesn't usually translate well to flat fabrics, and I'm strictly using the Pantone specs in making these since otherwise there would be too much guesswork. Anyway, here's Pittsburgh --
  7. Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars
  8. Washington Federals & Orlando Renegades Bonus Renegades logos --
  9. New Jersey Generals with bonus large logos --
  10. Pantone Metallic colors tend to appear darker when converted to RGB, in reality, it would appear much lighter with reflections and whatnot.
  11. It's now time for the USFL, starting with the Los Angeles Express.
  12. Varsity Block B from Eriq Jaffe's set, it was the closest match based on the photos I could find. Finishing up the WFL --
  13. Here's a few more, almost done with the WFL.
  14. After I post the rest of the WFL things will slow down for the USFL as I'm still working on putting them all together.