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  1. Thanks, guys! I'm looking forward to putting this series forward to all of you. Thanks! Good catch, I've fixed it in the post. Thanks, guys! This was just an initial list of relocations. I plan to add more as the series goes forward. I've got a few fun ideas for how the make Twins' identity work in the Carolinas. Thanks! Yes, I could almost call this series Milwaukee Madness! You'll definitely see the Milwaukee White Sox and the Brewers (former Browns) in this series. It'll be a bit of a challenge to make the different concepts look seperate from each other, but I think I can manage. Thanks! I too was surprised by how its scope grew in the planning stage. While you won't be getting the Bees, I'm hoping you'll like what I've cooked up here. That color scheme for the Tampa Bay White Sox is a good idea, as I assume they wouldn't have had the "we've finally found our identity" moment they had in 1990. It's also easy to work white into that design, for obvious reasons. Anyway, it's time to shine a light! BOSTON BEACONS, PT. II - Lighting the way to the Bay State When looking at the visual and nickname history of the Boston Braves, one can see a relatively inconsistent identity. While the Braves name was the most consistent (1912-35, 1941-52), they also adopted nicknames like Red Stockings (1876-82), Beaneaters (1883-1906), Doves (1907-10), Rustlers (1911), and Bees (1936-40). The Bees were the longest-lasting replacement for the Braves name, coming about as a result of team president Bob Quinn holding a renaming contest (won by Arthur J. Rockwood). When the Bees name failed to produce a winner, the team-owning syndicate opted to switch the name back to Braves. However, what if things turned out a little differently?1 Instead of going back to the old name, the Boston NL syndicate looked out from Boston University’s campus PD headquarters/Nickerson Field to Boston harbor. While peering into the distance, they found inspiration in the various lighthouses of Boston and New England. They opted to adopt a new name, “Beacons.” It was a two-syllable name that had alliteration with Boston, and in proto-Nike speak, was a symbol of the franchise gaining a guiding light to success. Their design took inspiration from the uniforms worn by the 1929-35 teams, with a logo incorporated into text (which would be a modified Rockwell by the modern day). The team also chose to make Columbia Blue the prominent secondary color (alongside the Bees’ gold color), as it reminded the syndicate of their days on the beach. The uniforms take inspiration from the 1929-35 and 46-52 Braves, using a co-dominance of Navy and Columbia with gold accents. The primary logo occupies the sleeves, while the wordmarks feature the “beacon” above arched text. The cap logo incorporates the beacon into the letter “B.” It may be a bit Rays-ish, but I’d like to think it’s a bit better executed. Rockwell NoB’s appear here, alongside Wilson Varsity numerals. The home/road alternate is a navy version of the home uniform, with no white outlines, as they’d clutter the design. The fauxback alternate is a “Beacon-ized” version of the 1914 Braves’ home uniform, complete with a color-appropriate patch. I added the “block B” to the cap, for an extra flourish. The jacket has a similar design to my Braves jacket, albeit with gold shoulder inserts, the “Boston” wordmark, and the tertiary logo on the back with an “Est. 1871” wordmark. This connects them to the long lineage of the club, predating the National League. Also, I’ve got to give a shoutout to @pcgd and his Beacon Hill of the America League series for inspiring this concept. If you want to read about the Boston Braves’ history, here is an excellent SABR article. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next: “For want of a Busch, two unexpected relocations occurred.” 1LeMoine, Bob. “Boston Braves Team Ownership History.” SABR. Accessed June 8, 2018. https://sabr.org/research/boston-braves-team-ownership-history.
  2. Not while this look exists:
  3. BOSTON BRAVES, PT. I - Classically Bostonian The Boston Braves have long been one of the more neglected defunct teams, perhaps because they were the first team to move and because one can best characterize their stay in Boston with these two images: Despite a World Series win in 1914, an additional NL pennant in 1948, and several pre-World Series pennants, the team was constantly losing money, losing games (5118-5598, .478 winning percentage), and drawing poorly. With it becoming clear that the team couldn’t stick it out in Boston, they moved to Milwaukee and kickstarted a large wave of relocations. However, what if things had worked out differently? What if the Braves managed to gain stable, wealthy ownership while in Boston? What if they were able to coexist with the Red Sox, or even drive them out eventually (Yawkey probably wouldn’t have gone for it)? Well, let’s see the modern Boston Braves! I figured that the team’s identity would take a similar course to that of the Atlanta Braves, wearing a modernization of their “classic” look. This would be their 1946-52 uniform set. I figured that the team would have worn it as long as they did in our timeline, albeit making some slight adjustments to the 1987 restoration. These would be the creation of a “Boston” script and the retention of the contrast-colored tomahawk. The roundel patch from the current identity returns, bearing the new name and the date 1871, as the Braves’ founding predates the National League. The cursive “B” is a far more prominent symbol for the club now, as it's in both scripts and has far more character than the “Block B.” The uniforms are my standard Braves concept with key adjustments. The road uniform uses the “Boston” script and the caps feature the new “B,” while arched NOB’s give way to an arc. I figured minor differences like that would pop up. The navy alternate is pretty much the same as my previous Braves redesign, while the home alternate is a new construction. I used the 1914 Braves’ “Block B” on the cap and jersey, to tribute both the 1914 “Miracle” Braves and the years in which the team wore a “B” on their home jersey (1907-09, 1913-15, 1921-26, 1937-38, 1940-44). It’s my way of honoring the pre-1946 identities. The dugout jacket is much the same as the Atlanta equivalent, albeit with the new patch. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, what if the Boston Bees hadn’t returned to the Braves name, but debuted a new moniker?
  4. Welcome to MLB: The Defunct Series! After spending last year producing Project 32’s myriad of redesigns and tweaks, I figured that I should apply the same philosophy to the defunct teams of the majors. Much like its predecessor, each team will have two to three parts. The first part will be the main concept, the one that I’m happiest with presenting/matches the historical trajectory of the team’s aesthetics. The other will be an alternate take, in which I can explore different identities and shirk brand equity to have a little fun. I’ve also got plans to include several attempted relocations, with a focus on deals that fell through at the last minute/pose the most visual interest. These will not have alternate takes since they are essentially alternate takes in their own right. The releases will go by chronology, starting with the Boston Braves. The only one out of order is the last one since the short lifespan of the said team leaves their visual history up for more speculation. TEAMS The Defunct Set Boston Braves (Boston Beacons) St. Louis Browns (Updated) (Oriole-ized) (Updated) (Update II) (Baltimore Orioles tweaking) Philadelphia Athletics (The Charlie O Touch) (Mini-Update) (Full Update) New York Giants (Updated) (New York Gothams) (Update and Mets Variants) Brooklyn Dodgers (Updated "Brooklyn" script) (Brooklyn Canaries w/ Los Angeles Canaries modification) Washington Senators/Washington Nationals (Nationals Update - new primary) (Twins-style Senators/Nationals) Milwaukee Braves (Update Explanation - Second Update Explanation) (Milwaukee Brewers I and Milwaukee Brewers II) Kansas City Athletics (Update Explanation) (Kansas City Blues - Update) (Kansas City Monarchs) Washington Senators II (1990s redesign) Montréal Expos (an explanation of why they left) (Explaining destinations) (Primary Design - French Canadian-centric) (Abstract Design - "eM") (Abstract design - "M-Fleur-de-Lis") ("elMb"/"eMb" updated/tweaked) Montréal Voyageurs Montréal Royaux Attempted Relocations and Failed Expansion - Organized by City Atlanta Atlanta Athletics The Carolinas Carolina Twins Charlotte Knights (ex-Florida Marlins) Connecticut Connecticut Colonials Dallas Dallas Athletics (Update) Denver Denver Athletics Denver Pirates Indianapolis Indianapolis Arrows Las Vegas Las Vegas Lizards (former Montréal Expos/Florida Marlins/potential relocation-expansion team) Los Angeles Los Angeles Angels - former Washington Sens/Nats or expansion team (Updated) Los Angeles Athletics (Update) (Kelly Green/Scarlet Red/Yellow-Gold Update) Louisville Louisville Athletics (Elephant Jersey) Miami Milwaukee Houston/Milwaukee Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers - former St. Louis Browns (Updated) (Project 32 Style) Milwaukee Athletics (Milwaukee update explanation) Milwaukee White Sox (Update Comparison & New Home Uniform Explanation) Milwaukee Brewers Prototypes Minnesota Minneapolis Giants, Twin Cities Giants, and Minnesota Giants Monterrey, México Monterrey Sultanes New Jersey New Jersey Stallions New Orleans New Orleans Athletics New Orleans Pirates Phoenix Phoenix Athletics Portland Portland Stags (former Montréal Expos/Florida Marlins/potential relocation-expansion team) (Update) (Red/Black/Sky Blue) Sacramento - Introduction Sacramento Giants Sacramento Athletics San Antonio San Antonio Missions - former Florida Marlins San Antonio Rebeldes - former Florida Marlins San Diego San Diego Athletics San Diego Reds (Updates) San Francisco San Francisco Seals - former Washington Sens/Nats or expansion team/s San José San José Giants San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan Expos Seattle Seattle Athletics (green/yellow and green/white) Chicago Athletics and Seattle White Sox Seattle Rainiers (former Cleveland Indians) Tampa Bay - The Sweepstakes! - Introduction, Outline, and Dramatis Personæ Tampa Bay Pirates Tampa Bay Tarpons (ex-Minnesota Twins & Washington Sens/Nats)(Tampa Bay Twins/Tarpons variants) Tampa Bay Athletics Florida White Sox Tampa Bay Cannons (ex-Texas Rangers/Washington Senators) Florida Panthers (Forest Green/Creamsicle Recolor) Florida/Tampa Bay Whitecaps (Seren Script with a triple blue palette) Tampa Bay Mariners Tampa Bay Giants - The Recreations Traditional font updated Floridian cursive Update explanation Tampa Bay Sting Rays and wrap-up Compilations Toronto Toronto Giants Washington, D.C. (and Virginia) Washington Nationals (Ex-San Diego Padres) Washington Nationals (Ex-Pittsburgh Pirates) Washington Nationals (Ex-Baltimore Orioles) Virginia Fury (expansion or former Houston Astros) Virginia Fury (former Montréal Expos) Norfolk Destoryers (former Montréal Expos) Washington Grays (former Montréal Expos with a different name)
  5. Congrats to the Caps! Well played, gents, well played. It's long overdue for Ovechkin and the team, and it was nice putting the first-year expansion team IN THEIR PLACE. I'm just wondering about the UrinatingTree video that will follow their win.
  6. Thanks, guys! I've got you covered: I've also got a few Giants/Seals options. The first is a Seals jacket with the San Francisco script and the second is a Giants jacket employing the classic "Giants" script. Thanks! The "Shamrock Series" experiment was kind of nice albeit a little divorced from Milwaukee baseball history. I think you'll like the next series (Milwaukee figures heavily in it). Thanks, guys! I could see myself doing an NHL series, once I get a bit more of an idea of what I want to do with it. If you want to know what an NFL series from me would look like, just check out any of @oldschoolvikings's threads. That's pretty much the aesthetic I'd employ, save for having the Broncos wear their current uniforms (modern classics that outlasted all of their imitators, IMHO). Anywho, the next thread will launch by the end of the week. I hope to see you there!
  7. He made dupes, so he’s not eligible (good). That rule also means that VictoriaGooner, various low-level trolls, and Louie can’t come back. It does mean that guys like McCall, FunkyBunky, and ICS are A-OK. Of course, that all depends on how the mods feel about them.
  8. Black and orange, with any number of color balances and accents (white, off-white, metallics, etc.): I like how it can work both with and without white outlines. It's really versatile, unlike some other color schemes.
  9. Dodging satanic freeway traffic is plenty of justification for the name. Still, the 1958 relocated teams’ names would work better in opposite locations:
  10. Whoopsy-doodle on that one. I'm not always the "Mellow Midori" after all.
  11. Thanks! I thought it had a bit of a Winga Dinga/Flavourtown touch (perfect for guys at cruise nights, showing off their C3 Corvettes) and tied in well with the Braves' old feather sleeves. THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. IV: NL West Chicago Cubs - The 1930's Modernization - This one is a revision of my first jacket, albeit with the jersey scripts and a different cub. Denver Zephyrs/Purple & Light Blue - I decided to feature uniform-style striping and the fauxback script on the back. Side note: the purple/powder blue version is my preferred color scheme/jacket. Houston Astros - 1994-99 gradient - We've got some lovely gradient sleeves and collars, for that extra 1990s touch! Houston Railmen /Revised - I turned the tertiary logo into a badge, with sleeve inserts designed to allude to the "track" pattern. Los Angeles Angels - The standard jacket features the asymmetrical UCLA-style stripes, while the throwback is a "Brooklyn-ized" version of my previous Dodgers jacket. Milwaukee Brewers - Rescuing the Germanic Style - The one follows the template of previous Brewers jackets, albeit with modified 1994-99 logos. I made a green version for that specific update (I'm not keen on the whole "Shamrock Series" look, but it's decent). St. Louis Cardinals - 1956 Modernization - It's an adjustment of my previous jacket, featuring the "STL" as the insignia and the Swingin' Cardinal on the sleeve. San Diego Padres - Surf's Up in Navy and Brown/Light Blue/Yellow - This one uses trim stripes that mimic the cap logo. I've made versions for all of the color schemes, including brown/yellow and brown/orange. San Francisco Seals - I featured the seal logo on the back and bronze in the stripes while revising the "Gotham Day" jacket to fit with the different orange shade and "Giants" wordmark. ...and that's the ballgame! Thank you for tuning in to this addendum to the series. What's next for me? Well, I'll give you a hint! Thanks, guys, and I'll see you guys soon!
  12. Don’t forget about one of the city’s four universities!
  13. The team even remembered to use the Packers-style "5." I like that attention to detail.
  14. THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. III: NL East Atlanta Firebirds/Update - It's similar to the main Braves jacket, but with a few added touches (e.g., the WINGA DINGA arm flames). The throwback uses the 1976-79/80 road script, for added throwback-iness. Cincinnati Reds with Fancy Block, scripts, and black highlights - This primary adds black to the original jacket, while the 1940-styled option mimics the color balance of the throwback cap. Florida Flamingos/Update - I opted to use the "Florida" wordmark, along with pink sleeves and the alternate logo on the back. Montréal Voyageurs/White Pine Tweak - I added a bit more red to the Expos' jacket design, while also employing the Bill 101-friendly "Voyageurs" script. New York Mets in Black and Pink Windowpanes - The primary jacket has a pink/white version of the modified 1987 script and Mr. Met on the back, while the alternate features Mr. Met as the primary crest. Philadelphia Phillies with Blue and Gold, a keystone, and William Penn/Update - The primary jacket modifies my throwback design for the Phillies, while the 1970-91 style uses a racing stripe and my modded "Phillies" wordmark (no swirl, as I don't like it). Pittsburgh Pirates with Tuscan Font and Updated Pirate/Update - It's a tweak on my first Pirates design, albeit with the new "P," different trim stripes, and a new set of logos. Washington Nationals with salvaged beveling/Update - This one uses asymmetric trim and the "W" logo on the front. I figured that the jacket would be the perfect place to emphasize the particular mark. Coming up and closing out the series (again), the NL West!
  15. I'm curious, what was the motivation behind adding an appeals system for banned users?
  16. THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. II: AL West Anaheim Angels' Navy/Red Revival - It's a recoloring of the first Angels jacket I made. Phoenix Snakes/Update - This guy is a tweak of my original set of Diamondbacks jackets, albeit adjusted for the new name. I made a new alternate logo with the 1998-2006 "D-snake," while adding the TATC snake graphic on the sleeves. Chicago White Sox' Greyscale goodness - This takes the first White Sox jacket and recolors it to black/white/grey (I'm sure @the admiral will enjoy it), and I made a new piece of outerwear for the 1959 alternate (with an appropriate road wordmark). I thought it was redundant to repost the 1917, as its the same as the first one. Kansas City Royals' Royal Blue + Metallic Gold - I again recolored the first jacket, using the "KC" logo to avoid a Dodgers comparison. Twin Cities Twins/Update - I based it off of my previous Twins jacket, albeit with new logos, more of the secondary color, and the "Twins" wordmark. Oakland Oaks/Update - This one uses the tri-stripe pattern on the trim and a one-color "Oaks" script, to avoid redundancy with the road alternate. Seattle Mariners' Royal/Yellow - This one modernizes the early Pilots jacket, with the nautical knot appearing on the white sleeves. Dallas Chaparrals - I used the home wordmark on the black jacket, while using blue stripes on the shoulders (to mimic the bird logo's coloration). Up next, the NL East!
  17. Thanks, guys! @Paul Lucas, here's the Pirates jacket (based off of these Dock Ellis images). Here's the first part of the alternate take jackets! THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. I: AL East Modern St. Louis Browns - I emphasized the bronze color on the sleeves, while placing the shield logo on the back and emulating the sock stripes on the trim pieces. Forest Green + Red Sox - This is a recoloration of my first Red Sox jacket. Modern Seattle Pilots - I emulated my Carolina Pilots template, with the addition of the Seattle colors and logos. I also modernized the classic Pilots jacket for the retro set. Cleveland Guardians - This one was me having a bunch of fun with the striping pattern and emphasizing the "C" insignia. I also made a navy/red version from the update. Bengal-ized Tigers - Like with the striping on that concept, I just went crazy with the tiger stripes on the sleeves while placing the "Tiger escaping the D" logo on the chest. Dugout Script + Red Accent Yankees - The first modernizes this jacket, while the 1927 set uses this logo on the Buck Showalter outerwear. Tampa Bay Rays "of Light" - Both the primary and fauxback sets have jackets, with the primary logo on the back and striping on the trim. The fauxback features the interlocking TB. Salvaging the Black Jays - I emulated the logo's colors in the sleeve striping, with a plentiful emphasis on the light blue and the maple leaf patch. Up next, the AL West!
  18. He was a few pictures of dead vermin (paired with ominous messages about vermin murder) away from really ascending into CCSLC lore.
  19. Fun fact: that “T” is asymmetrical! The right side of the top bar is shorter than the left. Have fun unseeing that! Also, to throw my hat into the ring: This one is just a compositional mess, in addition to the bulbous script. The underline appears in only a few other places in the identity, the wordmark and Liberty Bell compete for attention, and there isn’t enough “breathing space” for each of the logo’s elements. I feel like we don’t talk enough about this mark’s problems.
  20. Thanks! I figured the shield might be a controversial choice. So, I've presented both options you suggested. I like the first one, but I'm not thrilled with the second jacket. Still, it was a fun experiment. Thanks! I think I might implement a facsimile of that script. It's more "Pirate-y" than the 1990-2000 "Pittsburgh" script, I'll give it that. Anyway, I've got a few alternate take updates! CLEVELAND GUARDIANS, Adjustment - Fixing the stripes and recoloration. I've done nothing radical with the reissue of this concept, outside of fixing the stripe on the jersey backs. I also made a navy/red/tan version of the concept, for fans who prefer that color scheme and to avoid alienating the fans and 100+ years of navy/nearly 80 years of navy/red. Navy/Red: PHOENIX SNAKES, Adjustment - Back in the Matrix This is another little fix. I used Eriq Jaffe's old Diamondbacks NOB font for the vintage "Snakes" wordmark, and it predictably looked iffy. Since I downloaded Matrix Bold for my Flamingos concept, I figured it'd be good to redo the wordmark in that style (as it matched the 1998-2006 wordmark font). I also fixed a minor logo sheet error on the home/road uniforms (a miscolored Batterman). ATLANTA FIREBIRDS, Adjustment - Dropping a bit of shadow This one is a minor tweak and something I should have realized while designing the original. Colored lettering should not have white drop shadows on a dark background. I dumped the original alternate cap in favor of a new one, while also redistributing the colors on the black jersey. I also made the inner part of the Northwestern striped socks thinner. The Dugout Jackets will soon follow!
  21. Make an addendum: white/yellow face masks are for white/yellow helmets only, and even then a team color or grey are preferable.