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  1. Thanks everybody for all the feedback!!! To finish off the Big Southern, we have the UTFW Stampede. A relatively newer school, UTFW has done relatively well making a few playoff appearances, but they haven't ever made it to the title game. Other than the addition of a green uniform, the Stampede have had the same look since day one. University of Texas at Fort Worth Location: Fort Worth, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1970 Major Rivals: Dallas State, San Antonio
  2. The St. Petersburg Suns have never been a very strong program, but are always good for an upset every now and then. Up until 2003, the Suns were known as the Redskins, but they changed their name and logo while keeping the same colors from before. University of St. Petersburg Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Type: Public University Founded: 1890 Major Rivals: Bayamon, Florida State
  3. The Houston State Cowpokes are a newer addition to the Big Southern joining from the Frontier Conference where they weren't quite as competitive. The Cowpokes run a traditional run-first offense and regularly produce strong running backs for the pros. Houston State University Location: Houston, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1920 Major Rivals: Eastern Texas, Houston
  4. The Eastern Texas Broncos have had a rough past dropping football twice. The first time the program was cut in 1962 was due to budget constraints, and the the university didn't field a team again until 1979. The football program was also suspended in 2002 for one season when the rivalry game against Western Texas got so out of control, a riot ensued and a few members of the marching band were trampled to death. Eastern Texas University Location: Lufkin, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1936 Major Rivals: Western Texas, Houston State
  5. The Central Georgia Bombers have an interesting military history. Founded in 1905 as a military academy, it became one of the first flight schools in the nation, and up until 1947, it commissioned officers into the Army Air Corps. It still has a massive cadet population but also has traditional students. Central Georgia University Location: Forsyth, Georgia Type: Public University Founded: 1926 Major Rivals: Augusta, Central Alabama
  6. Up next are the Cyclones. The Central Alabama Cyclones have always been known for producing top-quality offensive lineman, but have been unable to produce a National Championship berth despite having a few undefeated regular seasons. The Cyclones are known for their flashy metallic gold on their uniforms. Central Alabama University Location: Calera, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1905 Major Rivals: Central Georgia, Mobile State
  7. Up next we have the Bayamon Dragones representing the island of Puerto Rico. They have a fierce rivalry with St. Petersburg who are also in the Big Southern Conference, but also with Manhattan State. The Manhattan State-Bayamon game is played in Yankee Stadium every year so it's like a home game for the Titans, but so many Puerto Rican fans come out that it feels more like a Dragones home game. Universidad de Bayamón Location: Bayamón, Puerto Rico Type: Private University Founded: 1896 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: St. Petersburg, Manhattan State
  8. Next we head to the Big Southern Conference, our penultimate conference. The Augusta Saxons have held on to their same basic design since the early 2000s, but there are rumors of a major uniform change coming up! The Saxons have one of the rowdiest student sections in college football with students dressing in Saxon "armor" and having foam sword battles all over campus on gameday. University of Augusta Location: Augusta, Georgia Type: Public University Founded: 1906 Major Rivals: Central Georgia, Central Texas
  9. Finally we finish out the New England Conference with Worcester. The Worcester Whalers have a classic look, but don't play classic football with a hybrid option/air raid offense that led to a 10-2 season in 2018. Worcester wears all white uniforms for select home games for "Worcester Whaler Whiteout". Worcester University Location: Worcester, Massachusetts Type: Private University Founded: 1886 Major Rivals: Mass State, Boston State
  10. The Vermont State Fighting Squirrels have a look similar to the Princeton Tigers, but wore it first. In the 1970s and 80s, the Squirrels wore uniforms identical to the 1970s Bengals but with "SQUIRRELS" on the helmet. They brought back the winged helmet and classic striped uniform in 1989 to celebrate the university's centennial, and have been wearing it since with the addition of an orange jersey worn for non-conference home games. Vermont State University Location: Barre, Vermont Type: Public University Founded: 1889 Major Rivals: New Hampshire State, Maine State
  11. I'll post one more before taking off for my lunch break... The powerhouse Stamford Chiefs have a modern look despite having a lot of history including a National title shot (runners-up) in 1988. The university has kept the name Chiefs, but has removed all "Indian head" logos from their branding. Stamford University Location: Stamford, Connecticut Type: Private University Founded: 1921 Major Rivals: Springfield, Connecticut State National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1988
  12. The Springfield Robins have a classic look that hasn't changed since they added numbers to the uniforms in the 1930s. There is quite a bit of argument between Springfield and Dartmouth over who had that helmet style first. University of Springfield Location: Springfield, Massachusetts Type: Private University Founded: 1892 Major Rivals: Stamford, Boston State
  13. Up next are the New Hampshire State Rams with their unique mascot. In the 1930s when the college first started the football team, their mascot, a ram, lost an eye in an unfortunate accident involving a fireworks display. From that point on, Lucky the one-eyed ram was featured on all of the school's branding. New Hampshire State University Location: Franconia, New Hampshire Type: Public University Founded: 1930 Major Rivals: Maine State, Vermont State
  14. The Mass State Panthers have a long tradition of hard-nosed run-heavy football. Though they haven't played for a National Championship under the current system, they are perennial contenders for the New England Conference title. Massachusetts State University Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts Type: Public University Founded: 1900 Major Rivals: Worcester, UMass
  15. Thanks everyone! I would give a kidney at this point for another NCAA football game... Up next we have the Maine State Hornets. The Hornets have a classic three way rivalry with New Hampshire State and Vermont State for the Maple Syrup Jug Trophy. The competition for the trophy includes all varsity sports and is awarded at the conclusion of the football season. Maine State University Location: Brunswick, Maine Type: Public University Founded: 1899 Major Rivals: New Hampshire State, Vermont State
  16. Now we head a little further north up the coast for the New England Conference. Our first school is the University of Dover. Up until 1996, the team was known as the Indians. They re-branded to the Flyers inspired by the major Air Force base in Dover. They were originally a member of the ECC, but switched over to the New England Conference in 2003. Although they use the silver helmet and pants for most games, sometimes they will wear all white as well, even at home. University of Dover Location: Dover, Delaware Type: Private University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Norfolk, Raleigh
  17. To finish up the ECC, we head to Utica. The Utica State Buccaneers have, with the exception of the addition of a red jersey and addition of the name on the back, had the same look since day 1 of the football program. Utica State University Location: Utica, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1945 Major Rivals: Central New York, Bronx
  18. Up next we have the Raleigh Bluegills. Though they have never played for a National Championship, they are a perennial powerhouse with only a handful of losing seasons in the last 30 years. Raleigh University Location: Raleigh, North Carolina Type: Private University Founded: 1936 Major Rivals: Norfolk, Dover
  19. Up next we have the classic look of the Philadelphia State Maroons. An older college, they have had essentially the same look for the last 60 years, with only minor changes. They have had a major rivalry with DC Tech since they came onto the scene playing for the Ben Franklin Trophy. They also have a heated rivalry with New Jersey State. Philadelphia State University Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Type: Public University Founded: 1873 Major Rivals: DC Tech, New Jersey State
  20. Next we head up to the North Country for the Northern New York Bucks. The Bucks play their home games in Watertown, New York, but also play one of the service schools annually on nearby Fort Drum. They do pretty well recruiting Canadian players due to their location close to Ontario and Quebec. Northern New York University Location: Watertown, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1890 Major Rivals: Central New York, Syracuse
  21. Up next we head to Norfolk, Virginia home to the world's largest naval base, which is the inspiration for the team's name, the Captains. The Captains were a powerhouse throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and are on their way back up finishing the 2018 season ranked number 3 behind the National Champion LA State Breakers and Runner-Up Kansas City Yellow Jackets. They have a major rivalry with the University of Dover that is well attended by members of the Navy and Air Force. University of Norfolk Location: Norfolk, Virginia Type: Private University Founded: 1906 Major Rivals: Dover, Raleigh National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1967
  22. Next we head to Manhattan for the Manhattan State Titans. Though they haven't done much in the playoffs, the Titans are notorious for their bitter rivalries with the Bronx and non-conference Bayamon, which have been known to include all-out brawls. Manhattan State University Location: Manhattan, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1892 Major Rivals: Bronx, Bayamon
  23. Up next we head to the District of Columbia for the D.C. Tech Americans. A newer school, the Americans haven't had the same success some of the older programs have had, but still field an exciting team every year. Though they haven't accomplished anything in the playoffs, D.C. tech has a habit of upsetting highly ranked teams who were expecting an easy win, and have the interesting distinction of being undefeated against #1 ranked schools winning games in 1977, 1982, 1983, 1991, 1999, 2012, 2013, and 2017. They wear uniforms inspired by Evel Knievel due to their nickname of the "Daredevils" for how often they run trick plays and wild offensive formations. Technical University of the District of Columbia Location: Washington, DC Type: Public University Founded: 1961 Major Rivals: Philadelphia State, Baltimore State
  24. Next we head to Connecticut for the Connecticut State Destroyers. Up until 1999 they were known as the Mohegans, before a student vote was taken for a new moniker. The Destroyers beat out the Royals (from New London), Cutters (Coast Guard), Eagles (Famous Coast Guard ship), and Warriors by a large margin. Connecticut State University Location: New London, Connecticut Type: Public University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Stamford, UConn
  25. Up next are the Central New York Bengals. The Bengals had a very bland script logo and an overly realistic tiger head logo for several years along with 1980s Cincinnati Bengals knockoff uniforms until the school rebranded in 2008. Central New York University Location: Cortland, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1933 Major Rivals: Northern New York, Utica State
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