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  1. Other than "they don't want to pay for it themselves" why can't the A's just build the new stadium in the parking lot while they play the next two years at the Coliseum?
  2. Beating Cole, Verlander, and Greinke seems like a tall task. I think the Yankees are done for. Not to be that guy because everyone in the AL East played them the same amount, but their record was inflated thanks to the Baltimore Orioles. They're one of the worst 103 win teams we've had.
  3. She's really weird. On top of that, at one point, I think it was 1995, the Cincinnati Reds had the third highest payroll in major league baseball. Imagine that now. Same person who wrote those checks was livid the team won the 1990 World Series in a sweep because she didn't get the revenue from the extra games. My dad worked for WLW in Cincinnati and dealt with her directly every season. His words, "Even ignoring the racism, she's the worst human being I've ever met. She was both mean and stupid. If she was mean and smart you could've dealt with her on an intellectual level. If she was nice and stupid you could've dealt with her on a personal level. She left millions of dollars on the table through sheer idiocy and pissing off local advertisers. If there's a hell I know she's in it." I always felt bad for that dog. Had to go to loud baseball games and on astroturf. Couldn't get him a nice patch of actual grass.
  4. People were generally pleased because she was a literal monster, but she was different because despite being overwhelmingly loathed and an idiot she both owned the team when they won a championship and sold the team before she died so her reign of terror wasn’t so terrible.
  5. That's the wildcard and that's why everyone's waiting for the old man to pass away. She and her nitwit husband have basically had the majority of the power over the team for the last 3 or 4 years already, but it remains to be seen though how much her father is holding her back and if this becomes a Wirtz Blackhawks situation where the old man was the problem and the kid is more savvy or if she's the same stubborn, stupid manager as her dad. Much more likely that she continues to cut corners and run things as the same shoestring "9-7 is the goal" operation they've been running since Paul died, but the unknown is more hopeful than the known at this point. As for selling the team, I don't see it. This is their family business and their cash cow. If they sell that's a one-time payout. Granted, they'd get a billion dollars and be good for genarations, but that's not how these people think. I do know when Mikey boy croaks it'll be awkward. The guy's going to die and people are going to celebrate. When Dan Rooney passed away people in Pittsburgh, actual adults, cried actual tears. When Mike Brown passes away people are going to line up to spit on his grave.
  6. yeah I don't get this mindset either. The Marlins were in year 5 when they won it all, the Dbacks year 4, but there were still diehards who took great pleasure in those championships. Yeah they weren't long-suffering Cubs fans, but once that fanhood takes root in a person it doesn't take long to cement itself. Source: me and the Columbus Blue Jackets. And what was a 30 year old person (now mid 40's) from DC to do in 2005? They're lifelong Capitals, Redskins, and Wizards/Bullets fans. Of course they're going to pull for the new team in town.
  7. A lot of chatter locally, perhaps because the team is 0-6 and that type of performance tends to bring up a lot of doom and gloom, is what the Bengals are going to do in 2026 when the lease at Paul Brown Stadium expires. It's early and I'm already dreading the local politics, the team coming to the city and saying "we need at least X number of dollars for upgrades or a new stadium" and people telling them to f*** off. If the team still hasn't improved by then I'll be the first to tell them to kick rocks. This presupposes a few things like will Mike Brown be alive by then? Will his daughter be as difficult as he is? Will the team still be as miserable on the field by then? Where could they even move to at this point?
  8. Teams have been wearing alternates in the postseason for so long that I've just kind of given up on being crabby about it, but it is a shame that we'll never get to redo the 2016 World Series again or the Cavs winning the championship in black t-shirts or the Raptors in their silly NORTH uniforms. The biggest moment these teams will ever have and they did it in blank blue jerseys or already retired alternates that were intended for like 5 games a year. I do think the league(s) should make rules about alternates in the playoffs to protect the teams from themselves.
  9. That's non-equivalent. This would make sense if the Cardinals had been leading 7-4 and in the middle of a home run ball's flight path that would've put the game out of reach, the umpire called the play dead for no good reason and then the trailing team used the unfairly delivered opportunity to comeback and win. Yeah it is. The fumble happened when the Jags were up 10. Jack returns it for a touchdown like he would've and it's a 17 point lead. Patriots won by 4. It was the difference between the Jags winning and losing. Why's this hard? They didn't blow a 17 point lead. They lost a 10 point lead that should've been 17 after the refs gifted the Pats those 7 points. They did what they had to do and the officials forced them to make extra plays, which when playing the Patriots is an unfair ask. It's like asking a major league baseball team to get 4 outs, WHICH IS WHY I USED THAT EXAMPLE. THAT THEY WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED TO GET ANOTHER STOP IF THE OFFICIALS HAD DONE THEIR JOB. It's on the officials. It's always on the officials. The Patriots won because instead of facing a 3 possession lead with 10 minutes left they only had to deal with a two possession lead. The next time the Patriots lose on some similar nonsense I'll expect you to be quiet about it. Myles Jack picks up a fumble, isn't touched, falls down, ref incorrectly blows the whistle dead. In what context am I not understanding this? Yes it is because that play should've never happened. It's on the refs. The Jags were hosed. Sorry that rocks your world. The good news is justice was served in the Super Bowl that time.
  10. Imagine for a moment the Astros get 3 outs in an inning, but for some reason the umps make the Astros get 4 outs. Something stupid like "didn't see the third out". Is it the Astros fault if the next Yankee up hits a home run? No, they shouldn't have been in that position at all. That's what happens in football all the time. The officials blow something, makes the defense make an extra stop, and then when they don't make it knuckleheads go "well they had a chance to make the stop soooo". They shouldn't have had to in the first place! Why do we only do this when it comes to football?
  11. "middle of the game", 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter with a 17 point lead. Yeah totally the same thing. So a bad call that impacts the game regardless of where it happens is okay if the Patriots opponent has enough time to overcome both the Patriots and the officials, but if a bad cal happens at the very end of the game and the Patriots aren't involved then it's not okay? A. The Lions and Packers game have nothing to do with the 2017 AFCCG, but the Packers similarly benefit from bad officiating in the same way. The Lions routinely see the boned end of the stick. B. This is what you're not getting - The Jags shouldn't need "plenty of chances to win despite that call." They did what they had to do, but bonehead officials kept the patriots in the game. The Lions also did what they had to do. If it's called correctly the Patriots likely don't win that game. You know this. No it isn't. It was a 10 point swing thanks to that one call. If it was any other team I'd have the same reaction. That you're defending it is only out of childish Patriots homerism. Do all of Pats fans a favor and admit you only won because you got lucky on that call. You're making them all look bad. It's not disingenuous to point out that being up 17 points at that point is better than being up 10. The "effort the Patriots put in to win" only got to put in that effort and the mistakes the Jags made to lose the game only happened because the Patriots were gifted that bad call. IT'S HARD ENOUGH TO BEAT THE PATRIOTS WITHOUT THEM GETTING HELP FROM THE OFFICIALS WHICH THEY :censored:ING DID.
  12. That's such a baby Pats fan response. Don't be that guy. We just talked about this - It's hard enough to win in the NFL, much less on the road in the playoffs, you shouldn't have to stop a team twice because the officials botched the obvious call. It is "it the Refs fault defense choked & failed to make adjustments" because if they do their job then there's no 3rd and 18 after that. That's a fact. Just admit you should've lost to the Jags and you got lucky. Do all of Patriots fans a favor and admit you should've lost to the Jags and you got lucky.
  13. I remember it well. Myles Jack wasn't down and some home town Patriots officiating handed them the game and everybody knows it. We should be sitting here going "remember when the Jags were in the Super Bowl recently?"
  14. Impossible for you to understand how certain I was that Matt Carpenter was going to go yard with the bases loaded with the score 7-4. I would've bet everything I own.