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  1. at-ing an athlete in a tweet is so lame and thirsty. And spelling out his accomplishments like that is just dorky. I don't know what other word to use. It's very "please come on my podcast". We're all from somewhere, we all have our teams, and he's allowed to like Boston's sports teams, but he has no awareness for just how tired the rest of us are of Boston. On top of the last 18, 19 years of nonstop elite teams and championships, the Red Sox and Patriots won the two most recent championships. He couldn't be more spoiled, and yet he won't stop bitching about the Celtics. His staff should get in his ear about this, but it doesn't feel like there's anyone there who's able to do that. The Ringer is basically a Celtics blog, they'll never live down "Patriots Week" in my eyes, and he says things like "so just because we've experienced a lot of success we're not allowed to bitch when things aren't going well? It's in our DNA to bitch." YES. Dude, you're the person who invented the 5 Year Rule. I guarantee next season when the Pats start their usual 2-2 he'll be lamenting the loss of Gronk and upset that Belichick didn't do all he could to keep and/or replace him.
  2. The Hurricanes are all drinking Michael's Secret Stuff. Confidence is a helluva drug, especially when you finally get goaltending that isn't complete ass. Would've been nice of them not to give Montreal a point, though. The Blue Jackets win last night was important. A loss would've ended the season. I still have zero confidence in them at this point and even if they pass Montreal their prize is a first round date with a team who's systematically humiliated them dating back two calendar years.
  3. Nothing. The Bengals have only played in Gillette Stadium 4 times and never had the good fortune to play a Patriots team as bad as New England Revolution. They beat the Patriots at home in the opening week of the 2001, which was the game before Bledsoe got hurt and two days before 9/11. They also beat them at home in 2013. I'd never watched a New England Revolution game before yesterday. It's very clear where Robert Kraft's priorities are regarding his soccer team. I don't like to comment on empty seats, but as a new MLS fan it was jarring to go from packed house in Seattle - packed house in Atlanta - packed house in Cincinnati - cavernous empty stadium in Foxboro. Felt like I was watching a Florida Panthers game. This place is awesome. I love how the supporter's section doesn't have seats. Am I seeing that right? What's the deal with the lamps? Are they having trouble growing grass in that part of the stadium?
  4. I wouldn't call it a stunt food, but I ate poutine in GABP's Machine Room restaurant* and it was great and the next year it was gone because I'm probably the only person who ever ordered it. *The Machine Room is rad because anyone can enter regardless of where their seats are. They used to have waiters and you could sit there the entire game. My go-to move used to be to buy the cheapest bleacher tickets and then show up early and hog a table with field views at the Machine Room, which is kind of a dick move, but I was 24. Now it's less of restaurant and more of a fancy concession stand with tables and stuff.
  5. The Blue Jackets are done. Even if they pull out of this tailspin and somehow win 6 out of 8 games or whatever they're going to get destroyed by Tampa.
  6. They have to work in those conditions and live in constant fear that their site will vanish at any moment. No wonder they're all so angry and everything on the site sounds like it was written by the same person - they're all on top of each other! I worked at a desk like that for six months and I came home exhausted every day because I was forced into constant socialization and eye contact for ten hours a day. I also didn't get anything done because it was loud and distracting as hell. I'll take my cube in Cincinnati all day every day. Not to get braggadocios, but it's about the size of two of those desks. RE: The Pardon My Take guys, while not as bad as the rest of Barstool, are problematic because they've become the friendly goofy face that acts as the gateway drug to Portnoy's bulls***. But they also have a huge audience and I don't begrudge Charlotte Wilder for having them on her web show. I think maybe if you're a woman trying to work in sports media the best play might be to cozy up to the PMT guys and get on their good side. Capital J Journalist Rachel Nichols doesn't seem to mind them. My biggest issue with the story is not that it's sponsored content. I'm not even certain that it is SponCon (which is a really annoying portmanteau. It sounds like a terrible convention. Just take a second and type out both words, people.). I think Wilder was probably like "hey can I go do my foodie thing with one of those weird ballpark foods?" and the editor was like "yeah go for it, you're our biggest star right now for some reason!". My biggest issue with the article is that it's hack AF. The local news does a story on the crazy new ballparks foods every spring, people tweet out the crazy new ballparks foods every spring. You know why the ballparks all have chefs make crazy new foods you wouldn't expect to see at a ballpark every year? Because the local news does a story on the crazy new ballparks foods every spring, and people tweet out the crazy new ballparks foods every spring. And every year I skip over them because I know I'm never gonna go to the Reds club section and spend $20 on a gourmet cheeseburger that has a full wedge salad under a red bun.
  7. Two things. First of all, calm down, Deadspin. This article is more self-indulgent than the article it's about. But Second of all, I don't care about the hot dog or Wilder's puff piece about the hot dog, and I don't care about Deadspin trashing Charlotte Wilder because I actually kind of agree with them when it comes to her - I must admit I find her sweaty and not a particularly deft writer and can't believe she landed a job with SI. Her article about the Patriots Super Bowl win read like a 2 am last minute paper for a freshman writing class. I don't understand her appeal, but Deadspin is far too cynical and nobody should spend too much time there, and they are being ultra grouchy here. I'm mostly posting this because it reminded me of something I noticed a while ago and it's growing and I hate it - It's this brand of online writing and podcasting where in substitution of having an actual personality, the entire schtick, the joke, is that you treat very trivial matters as if they're very important, like the breadth of how much you love a stupid thing is the joke. "I LOVE bad action movies, I wept during the latest Fast and the Furious movie, I waited in line for 3 days for John Wick 2 isnt that hilarious????" No. Don't misunderstand, it's not "never talk about trivial things" it's more like please stop acting like it's so WACKY that you went to Arizona to write about a hot dog and if you are gonna do that please write some jokes into the article. This is essentially The Ringer's entire bit. In conclusion, calm down, Deadspin, you're not in a position to have a moral high ground, but also let's find some new angles besides "isn't it so funny how much we like this very dumb thing?".
  8. I forget where I saw this, but I knew things were gonna be bad when an anonymous team executive said the best return on investment was not winning the World Series, but winning between 78 and 85 games because the team still plays compelling baseball, people still come to the park and watch on TV, but you don't have to spend on the massive contracts for the types of players that get to the next level. For a lot of teams the math of being average is more cost effective than shooting for it all, which SUCKS SO HARD. I love the actual game of baseball and will watch a random Tigers-Rays game if the mood strikes me (usually with music on over the announcers), but they need to stop focusing on the pace of play that isn't actually a problem and worry more about the damage being caused by so many of the sport's teams choosing to be non-competitive. It's every bit as damaging to the integrity of the game as gambling or steroids.
  9. If Trout continues to play at God-pace for the majority of this contract he'll be underpaid by year 6 of the deal.
  10. we should do a joke graveyard thread where we bury online bits and memes and twitter joke formats that have become tired and hackneyed. Anyways, Burfict got old, fat, and slow while maintaining his problem child ways. He was no longer good enough to put up with his bullshirt. He's also had a million concussions. If Paul Guenther at the Raiders or Mike Zimmer with the Vikings want him they can have him. I don't know who else would take a chance on him. He might work well with the Steelers because cheapshots like his are legal when you play for them.
  11. The Bengals released Vontaze Burfict. Glad that's over.
  12. I spent five minutes yesterday trying to adjust my TV because the orange on FCC's unis looked pink. The royal blue, however, looked vibrant and really tasty. I still don't like how the stripes on the front are made up of diagonal, thin orange lines, which creates this flashing effect. I studied my friend's jersey yesterday and even up close that part looks like a bad decision. In photographs it looks like the right color so it was probably just my screen. I never did get it right.
  13. Incredible game! Very UnCincinnati to have a sporting event with so much buzz that actually rises to the occasion and exceeds expectations. I think that's why you saw so much exuberance in the stands. People were actually rewarded for buying a sports ticket and any holdouts still left in this city were won over yesterday. This team is different. If you would've told me 3 years ago that Cincinnati would A. be in MLS and B. selling out Nippert Stadium for games I would've bet all my money against it. The Bengals and Reds should be taking notes and be worried. This is a brand new surface and they said the turf would take a few months to even out, but it did look really bad. I hope nobody gets injured on it before that happens. Nippert Stadium rules. It's really too bad they can't just play there forever because it's a great venue and kind of already perfect for soccer. I went to see Ohio U play there last fall and it's awesome how it's smashed right into the heart of campus. Aside from the big modern pressbox and suites it feels like you've gone back in time. I hope that when they move to the new stadium it doesn't upset whatever ingredient in this lightning-in-a-bottle cocktail is making this magic work. The new stadium as far as I know will be a giant spaceship dropped into OTR. It'll look cool, but it won't match the neighborhood at all . I can't tell if you're joking. You expected them to have more people in the stadium than tickets sold?
  14. That's easy to say, but they really are different than, like, Colts or Vikings fans. I can't articulate it. No it really is different. Please trust me. Steelers fans are the worst people alive. Browns fans are the same thing, but they don't have the last 50 years to around about. We're about to see a dormant volcano of annoying go off and you guys have no idea what you're in for.