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  1. The more I look at this, the more I just don’t like it. Yes, it’s better than the “B”, but it’s still objectively bad itself.
  2. Speaking of which, aren’t the Packers the only team left that uses Ripon instead of Nike jersey material?
  3. There’s no blowhole either. I’m a bit worried he has insufficient breathing capabilities.
  4. Miami Dolphins rebrand that puts an emphasis on grey/silver while mixing old with new Thats the best description I can give. EDIT: added pictures from link
  5. Shoot. Slipped my mind. Thanks for the check.
  6. Which is why I asked if it would be a viable option on the condition the team utilizes logos that mimic the temporary ones they currently used. If Golden State can still use “Warriors” with a bridge logo, why would “Renegades” with an adjusted roundel “W” logo be any different?
  7. I feel as though most people struggled to accept the uniforms because it was a relatively big risk from their previously traditional-esque set from 1981-2003 this- to this- The stripes on the jersey went from contained and streamlined to free-flowing while the pants saw the overall stripe essentially becomes a tiger stripe itself. Including being the first(?) to not reach the bottom of the pant leg. As well as being one of the teams in the Reebok era to include the paneling. In a vacuum, it’s a pretty solid uniform that has held up for 16 seasons.
  8. Oh no... not the BENGALS using TIGER stripes I fail to see the “excessive” amount of striping you claim to see. There’s a tasteful amount of it all around. Now, if they went bonkers with it on top of the shoulders, down the sides of the jerseys, and on the socks, THEN there’d be an issue. FFIW, I do agree with the removal of the side panels and an alteration to the number font.
  9. Not sure if it really means anything or if any other teams have done it, but the Washington team store on NFLShop.com doesn’t have any official Nike Men’s jerseys available for purchase (other than discounted Haskins).
  10. I’ve noticed a lot of people, usually 40+ yrs in age, in the surrounding DC area still use the old name. Most younger fans have accepted the new temporary name. Overall it’s been a pretty decent and easy transition. Obviously there's been resistance, but the vast majority have welcomed the name. As far as a name starting with R? I’d wonder if an identity involving Renegades would be accepted on the condition that it mimics the current temporary logos For the uniforms, I love the current style, but if they want to focus on team tradition and history, I’d suggest do a little bit of merging between past uniforms. The team should consider over the shoulder stripes similar to this- Bring back the helmet stripes and swap the numbers color to white like this- Always have three stripes on the pants. Including a new pair of white pants to match the gold pants. Relegate the burgundy pants to an alternate away option-
  11. The more I think about it, the more I’d love a TB-CLE Super Bowl with either of these uniform combinations However, obviously Brady & the Bucs need to get through New Orleans and the Browns are currently clawing their way back against Kansas City
  12. That was a blatant illegal helmet-to-helmet targeting hit, but alas I am no NFL referee.
  13. KC-CLE is such a beautiful matchup of warm colors. Very classic style game.
  14. It just looks really bad either way. I’m probably in the minority here and it’s definitely an unpopular opinion, but the same goes for the Bears logo when applied to the helmet. I’d much rather they go with their throwback helmet introduced last season full time