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  1. It’s a helmet bumper. All teams have them. It’s just that Washington chose to make them yellow instead of a standard black, white, or grey.
  2. Wasn’t/isn’t it Bill Polian?
  3. Up close look at the helmet. Seems to be a different finish than previous seasons.
  4. I feel like we’re thinking way too deep into the uniform speculation.
  5. As much as these are generic temporary logos, they’re a great start to building a new identity. I have a feeling they’ll stay around with the new identity.
  6. I have an Arkansas Travelers hat because I had relatives who lived in Little Rock (they moved) when I bought it. I have a Pirates shirt because I visited Pittsburgh for vacation a couple years ago and really like everything about their identity.
  7. Rampage, San Andreas, & Skyscraper were probably his biggest gaffes, but even those at least doubled their budget. The man cannot lose.
  8. Not news, but a well done photoshop of a Buccaneers x Devil Rays uniform
  9. The Chargers gold isn’t the same. Or at least shouldn’t be. It’s darker than the others. the different shadeS of gold that LAC, NO, and SF utilize are far superior than the “gold” that GB, PIT, and WAS use. Also, isn’t “vastly similar” a bit of an oxymoron? EDIT: Apparently Washington and LA both use the same shade of gold. I don’t see it though.
  10. The point was GB, PIT, and WAS all use "gold" while LAC, NO, and SF all utilize far superior shades of gold.
  11. Washington fans (including myself) are huge sticklers when it comes to this. The team has always been burgundy & gold. It’s a real sharp pain to the heart when someone refers to their colors as “maroon & yellow”. Burgundy & Gold is even a team nickname. However, let’s be real... those pants are yellow and most definitely the same shade as Green Bay & Pittsburgh.
  12. Packers, Steelers, and now Chargers all have yellow pants. We can do without another addition.