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  1. Minnesota needs to set their helmet for Wumbo and you have yourself a decent gold Washington helmet
  2. I was thinking of cutting a lower portion of the circle out to make an abstract “A”. Thoughts?
  3. So, it’s not perfect and I’m not totally sold on the font, but I’m looking for C&C on this design.... American “Electric” Motors- OLD-
  4. Dez Bryant as a member of the Ravens AND wearing 11 He’s listed on the Ravens website as No. 88 and supposedly yesterday he was playing the role of Steelers WR Chase Claypool (who also wears No. 11) at practice yesterday
  5. Kyle Larson has signed a multi-year contract with Hendrick Motorsports and will drive the No. 5 car. Meaning the the race team has officially shelved the No. 88
  6. If only they were sensible enough to at least give the numbers a gold outline
  7. He has a deal with Columbia Sportswear and Root Insurance just released a commercial featuring Wallace in a race car. I’m wondering if CashApp will follow him as well.
  8. I noticed they looked off on Saturday. Like the painted flag was too small/smaller than it should be.
  9. I’m just gonna be the one to say it... The Falcons don’t look terrible.
  10. It’s not confusion. Just weird to see it amongst players wearing 70-79
  11. Left Guard. Per the Cowboys website, its Connor Williams [G]
  12. An O-Lineman on Dallas is wearing 52
  13. But in all seriousness, I get your points. In reference to the teal jersey though, I was a big fan of Jacksonville electing to not repeat number coloring on the three main jerseys