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  1. I’m actually curious to know if it’s present in any sports logos
  2. Tebow is almost certainly just a camp body and quite honestly... more than likely a publicity stunt by Jacksonville. I get the why. The Urban Myer connection, but this would’ve made a lot more sense if Myer made his way to Jacksonville after Del Rio got canned in 2011. Football Jesus is 33 years old. Absolutely zero reason to return to the NFL as any other position besides QB.
  3. It was known a little while ago, but Washington WR Adam Humphries will wear 19
  4. All look great! I’d love to see your take on the Frederick Keys
  5. I like the Nashville uniforms, but I’m still not completely sold on the “Generals” name
  6. Threads are normally like this. Sure there’s an overarching topic, but there’s always going to be some type of semi-off topic debate. There’s also the simple fact that even a week after the draft, new numbers for players are still being issued/picked out. Which makes sense. It’ll take time. All the way up to Week 1 of the regular season. FWIW, I’ve been on your end before. Being frustrated like you. It’s not a fun side to be on.
  7. I mean, the NFL doesn’t particularly care about players wearing untucked shirts so why care about a strict numbering system?
  8. I’d rather a QB wear 2 than 1. IIRC, Cam Newton wanted 2 when he got drafted, but Jimmy Clausen refused to give it up.
  9. I once saw a NBC Sports Washington graphic that depicted the team with a white facemask and normal helmet stripes. Didn’t look half bad grey>white>gold>burgundy
  10. Cool graphic featuring all the paint schemes for today’s race-
  11. Jets Rookie QB Zach Wilson said in an interview he’s most likely sticking with 2 as his number and some people have decided to treat his decision as Wilson being the second coming of Derek Jeter in New York.
  12. The Cowboys actually wearing this at home for 8 games a season against whoever they play- (Side Note: Kinda surprised the NFL allowed this matchup to even happen)
  13. They’d look better with a grey facemask. One of the few teams I’ll ever say should absolutely have it.