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  1. Week 6 Fixin’s: NY Giants @ New England Giants wear their new aways with red socks to eliminate too much blue in the matchup. Carolina @ Tampa Bay Panthers get a pants change. No other changes. Washington @ Miami Classic looking matchup between two classic teams. I kept the normal helmets for the Redskins for this reason. New Orleans @ Jacksonville Saints stay in all white, but with CR + throwback socks. Jaguars get all teal w/ black socks Cincinnati @ Baltimore Simple sock change for both teams. Seattle @ Cleveland Seahawks go all grey. Browns go orange. Philadelphia @ Minnesota Pants change for the Eagles. Houston @ Kansas City Texans keep emphasizing more red. Atlanta @ Arizona Cardinals unfortunately go with CR to avoid white pants vs white pants. Can’t really get any better with these two teams San Francisco @ LA Rams Both go CR with sock changes Tennessee @ Denver Matchup gets a balanced look of white/color vs color/white Dallas @ NY Jets Jets go all green. Cowboys wear their new aways.
  2. Redskins just changed their Twitter profile picture to this, which confirms they’ll be in throwbacks this week:
  3. If they brought back the gold pants and wore them with the CR jersey, I wouldn’t necessarily be too upset about it. I honestly thought the gold pants looked decent, but their identity is black and purple first with a tiny perfect bit of gold. No need to overload it.
  4. Dolphins really missed a chance at wearing their aqua throwbacks for this week’s game. Washington-Miami would’ve been an incredible looking game.
  5. These would look better if the number’s inner outline was silver to match not only the helmet, but the pants stripe as well.
  6. Highly doubt it. If they can take the Vikings ‘06-12, turn them into what they are now, they can fix the Falcons.
  7. Somehow I skipped over 4 whole matchups! It’s now fixed in the post.
  8. Week 5 Fixin’s: LA Rams @ Seattle Against my better judgement, decided to give the Seahawks a needed break in all that green. Rams just get blue socks. NY Jets @ Philadelphia Philly goes all black. Jets go white with green socks. Jacksonville @ Carolina Black n Blue down in Charlotte Minnesota @ NY Giants Same deal as always, NY gets CR helmet and pants. Atlanta @ Houston Nothing new here. Texans showcasing the red. Tampa Bay @ New Orleans Just a “what should be” Buffalo @ Tennessee Titans go dark/light/dark to negate the WAH. Arizona @ Cincinnati Both being Reebok disasters, you roll with what you got. New England @ Washington Nothing to change here except the Redskins helmet Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Ravens go white/purple/black on the road Denver @ LA Chargers CR for the Chargers Green Bay @ Dallas Cowboys, you should know the drill by now. Cleveland @ San Francisco Browns get saved from all white with orange socks
  9. Playing Madden 20 and on a loading screen Earl Thomas popped up in a Ravens jersey, but it at the Seahawks number font. It actually looked really good? Next time it comes around I’ll attempt to get a screenshot and post it
  10. Speaking of Bengals CR, and due to the rule allowing use of CR elements with other uniforms, I don’t think this would be a bad combo:
  11. This would be wonderful:
  12. Is it just me or do the Colts pants look like a dull silver instead of white?
  13. Week 4 Fixin’s Philadelphia @ Green Bay Sock change for Philly. Nothing else to change. Washington @ New York Helmet swap outs for both along with the CR pants for New York Tennessee @ Atlanta Atlanta dons the CR with a throwback twist on bottom. Tennessee gets the light blue britches and navy socks New England @ Buffalo Buffalo dons their newly named “Rivalry Reds” (co-named with @BrandMooreArt) to be worn at home games against division rivals Carolina @ Houston Nothing new here to see. Red jersey and socks for Houston, Blue pants for Carolina. LA Chargers @ Miami Again Miami, stop it with the WAH. Tampa Bay @ LA Rams Why does LA insist on wearing their white uniforms at home? Minnesota @ Chicago Actually a beautiful game in real life... if it were a Minnesota home game. Those Chicago throwbacks get shelved for another time. Jacksonville @ Denver Biggest change out of the matchup is Denver wearing their CR with standard blue socks. Dallas @ New Orleans The all white CR is a good look for the Saints... in an away game. Instead, the Cowboys get the chance to wear the all whites Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh Couldn’t decide on a better look for the Bengals. CR jersey/black pants/orange socks or CR jersey and pants with black socks.
  14. It’d be interesting to see if this would effect the number of facemask penalties. Ideally, lowering the average.