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  1. Boy oh boy did they get it right with these:
  2. Preseason numbering shenanigans
  3. It’s a fairly long video. Hope this helps or are we talking about Henry changing from 2 to 22? That’s just a uniform rule once preseason ends.
  4. (yes I know we all have our own opinions)
  5. Hope this tickles your fancy:
  6. A subtle change for the Raiders now that they reside in Las Vegas would be welcomed: Apparently it’s pretty hard to find any photos of the current Cowboys helmet with a different colored facemask Since the Giants CR was unveiled, I’ve thought this was the better helmet in comparison to the regular:
  7. The only change I would ever really be okay with would be a black facemask, but in the end it’s clearly not needed.
  8. I’m in my 20s and I cringe every time the emoji is used to describe something as being good. I have a friend who’s a couple years younger than me and when I posted the Madden 20 mockup shot of the Saints throwbacks needing to be their default home uniform, his response was, and I quote “Black jersey with gold pants is straight flames ”
  9. Fixed it for you. While I agree with the pants statement, I’m very pro-orange jersey as well. The orange jersey in the 2015-19 set will have a special place in my heart.
  10. Love both New York and Dallas. I think the orange alt for the Towers would look good if you placed just the NY logo (without the shield shape) on the helmet
  11. This is a very unpopular opinion, but looking back at the inevitable former Browns uniform set, they really weren’t all that bad of a modernization attempt on a traditional uniform. It was arguably poorly executed with the “BROWNS” on the pants and the overstretching of the sleeve stripes among other things, but by no means was the set terrible beyond repair.