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  1. The throwbacks last season looked fantastic, but keeping the current font for the helmet numbers really dulled the look IMO
  2. It’s odd seeing Tannehill and Bortles on teams now that have franchise QBs set for the future. Albeit, Tannehill didn’t really have a choice due to trade, but if I were at least Bortles I would’ve tried to get a contract with the Giants or Patriots
  3. Blake Bortles is signing with the LA Rams to serve as Goff’s backup.
  4. The first team that came to my mind were the Cowboys
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the equivalent of Nate Robinson in the NBA
  6. Earlier this week, the Redskins were reported to make a big splash in regards to trading for a WR. There was a rumor yesterday stating that the Vikings were in negotiations to send WR Stefon Diggs to the Redskins, but the rumor has since been debunked. I can’t help but to be sad considering the rumored deal also included Josh Norman being shipped to Minnesota. This was all started by Diggs’ brother posting a picture of him in a Redskins uniform.
  7. How about just downgrading the brown jersey to alternate and making the orange jersey the primary home because it’s 100x better
  8. Ryan Tannehill has been traded by the Dolphins to..... the Titans.
  9. Word on the street is Landon Collins really wants to wear 21 for the Redskins and the Redskins may very well give in and allow it.
  10. I’m not upset with the new jerseys. It’s definitely apparent that when in need of a “clash” jersey, the teams just order cookie cutters, but I’m okay with that. It’s a new league and they have some growing pains. Learn from it and be better in season two, if everything works out in their favor.
  11. 9 (Eagles -both stints-) 5 (Rams) 4 (Chiefs)
  12. Redskins bringing back Adrian Peterson on a 2yr/$8M deal