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  1. The third installment will drop right now. GLORY STAGE This template was found on ESPN for a bunch of World Cup of Hockey graphics. I loved how it looked so I templated it. It's more of a minimalist design, so don't use it for any real gigs, just for fun. I am probably going to make this a sub-series, with every sport with this template style. Who knows? Enjoy. Here's a retro Finland concept. What do you want next?
  2. The blackout and whiteout looks are perfect for the Ravens.
  3. Loving them. Fauxback is spot on. Thanks for getting rid of the dumb piping, you've saved us all. Keep em comin!
  4. Well I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd grace the boards with something I've been working on. I always thought that NCAA Hockey uniforms look way too similar to one another. I began to redesign the top 25 and decided to make it a series. I never finished it, but I got some of the better ones done. So here's the first one! This was probably one of the best concepts I've done in a long while. The striping is the exact same on both uniforms, with slants and a navy outline on two red stripes. The half and half numbers were a last second addition and I thought they complimented the set nicely. How does it fare with the audience of the boards? May post more, leave your thoughts below!
  5. It's always baffled me of how these colleges don't have football. It's logical that some teams don't but I still find it odd. I love North Florida.
  6. I had to look ecru up because it and was such an interesting word. Neat.
  7. Excited to see the uniform part. You always do great work in these areas of design, I'm sure this will be no less of what we've seen already. Great work, that is. Keep it up. Will be following this.
  8. I saw the updated thread title.... The image started to load... I finally gazed at my clubs beautiful uniform... MAN, we look good.
  9. Ah I think I need to start looking for players now.
  10. That moment when I have almost as many points as GM Points. Still first in the league, though I also have a suggestion for the standings @BostonStrong13 I think you should display the record as W-T-L because that's how soccer does it and I think a lot of people are used to that. When I see 5-0-2 for Toronto, I instantly think I have two losses. Just a tip. I love the standings, though, keep it up.
  11. @~Bear better get ready for two weeks, Seattle. #BucksVOrcas
  12. Looks my Moog and Vanbeisbrouck are ripping up the crease. Atta boys.
  13. JCR asked me to run Stockholm until we can find another GM. If anyone wants to take it, I'd be glad to oblige. I think with a new job coming up, school, and family issues, one is enough for me. I'm just an acting manager.
  14. Great game for 99! Let's keep this streak going!
  15. YEAH BUCKS! Gretz recovered nicely. Hell of a game for Murphy too! Still need to find a remedy for Stockholm though. Kudos to Helsinki and Halifax.
  16. Decent start for the Bucks. Hopefully Gretz can find the back of the net tomorrow! Good game to Chicago. As for Stockholm, bad loss but we'll rebound. Rough go for Cologne, though. That blows.
  17. Sorry. Should've been clearer about this. Is there like a "tournament centre" or something? Someplace we can view all rosters and trade and view standings, matches, and such?
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